😱 What happened to Buy.com?

Besides becoming Rakuten some moons ago, it seems their inventory just completely vanished and now all you can buy from are third-party sellers?

I have to 😢 at the discovery because for the longest time Buy.com was my best kept secret for buying cheap mangas.

I was browsing just last month but decided to wait for a few more volumes to get released before batch-ordering them.

The website even remembers my search and the old prices:

But it’s like staring at an extinct animal now! Sad Hamster is sad.

Also, clean your Clarisonic! Who knows it can accumulate so much filth behind that ring?


❄️ 2015 Snow Miku ❄️

This… is just a random bragging post. Haha, no need to read unless you share a love for cute nendos.

The 2015 Snow Miku finally arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I actually saw it a couple of months ago in Japan but since I already preordered one, it didn’t make sense to lug another home.


She’s so adorbs! I love the attention to detail in this design: the bells inside each lily bulb, the dew drops on her skirt, the snowflakes everywhere. I can’t quite decide between this one or her 2013 incarnation, which is absolutely unique and beautiful in her simple elegance.

Hee, I posed her according to this fanart with decent success:   
I played with her all morning, but my mind’s already on the next nendo! Days before she arrived, my bff texted me a link to preorder the Harvest Moon version (bcoz bffs are horrible enablers), which reminds me of HQG’s silly drunk dance. I just had to snap her up too. That hairdo! And costume! And mooncake! My shopping ban didn’t have a chance of lasting 😅