Calling Glory of Tang viewers

I know full well what wiki says about the endings of these characters, but the drama changed this face:

 to this face:

so I have hope yet! and I need someone to tell me that this drama is not heading to irreparable tragic land. Pretty please?

I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself because watching this drama has been a gold panning exercise​. I sift through hours of unhappiness for 5 seconds of sanity-saving scenes. Like really, producers, throw us a bone. I’m on ep 50 of S1 and needless to say tons of shitty shit had already happened to the poor babies. Is there any hope at all in finishing and going to S2 or are we heading to the abyss of doom regardless? Why is this drama even called Glory of Tang? Where, I ask, is the glory?

5 thoughts on “Calling Glory of Tang viewers

  1. It’s funny how I visited your site after debating what to watch or read lol and this popped up. Not sure whether I should watch 90 episodes… I’ve read up Zhenzhu’s bio … uh… maybe the show will take creative license?


    • I would’ve been okay with her real ending had the show made her life happier up to that point. But show has been really stingy on that front and both OTPs suffer so much separation that I’m slightly irritated if we’re still heading to tragedy after everything they put us through.

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  2. I am quite nterested in this drama, too. But because of experience and a huge dislike of those dramas that seem to have contracts with the tissue industry, I also want to wait after it has finishied airing, to decide whether or not I will watch it.


  3. I am not watching this but your post made me laugh hysterically, starting from the two pictures–ugly old man to handsome young man. thanks so much and I hope it does get better.


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