😱 What happened to Buy.com?

Besides becoming Rakuten some moons ago, it seems their inventory just completely vanished and now all you can buy from are third-party sellers?

I have to 😢 at the discovery because for the longest time Buy.com was my best kept secret for buying cheap mangas.

I was browsing just last month but decided to wait for a few more volumes to get released before batch-ordering them.

The website even remembers my search and the old prices:

But it’s like staring at an extinct animal now! Sad Hamster is sad.

Also, clean your Clarisonic! Who knows it can accumulate so much filth behind that ring?


❄️ 2015 Snow Miku â„️

This… is just a random bragging post. Haha, no need to read unless you share a love for cute nendos.

The 2015 Snow Miku finally arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I actually saw it a couple of months ago in Japan but since I already preordered one, it didn’t make sense to lug another home.


She’s so adorbs! I love the attention to detail in this design: the bells inside each lily bulb, the dew drops on her skirt, the snowflakes everywhere. I can’t quite decide between this one or her 2013 incarnation, which is absolutely unique and beautiful in her simple elegance.

Hee, I posed her according to this fanart with decent success:   
I played with her all morning, but my mind’s already on the next nendo! Days before she arrived, my bff texted me a link to preorder the Harvest Moon version (bcoz bffs are horrible enablers), which reminds me of HQG’s silly drunk dance. I just had to snap her up too. That hairdo! And costume! And mooncake! My shopping ban didn’t have a chance of lasting 😅



1/2-Way Around the Moon: Introduction!

So, here we get to the original reason as to why I created this blog in the first place. It wasn’t for reviews or English translations although there will be some of those. After reading plenty of Ancient East Asian mangas, manhuas, manhwas and novels, I was inspired to write some of my own ancient fantasy East Asian fiction. This, of course, counts watching all those Chinese Wuxia dramas since childhood thanks to my parents.

Hamster has allowed me to co-occupy her blog so you will see my work and translations here.

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