15 thoughts on “1st Chapter Series

  1. To clarify.. as I think there are more people trying to see if the book for Three Lives Three World is still around in english… It’s completely gone?


    • There is a translation in paperback and kindle edition sold on Amazon that is entitled (To the Sky Kingdom) but it is (Three Lives). It is translated by Poppy Tolund. Although I knew about the controversy of plagiary I bought and read the Kindle edition. I liked it. I don’t know if I would have read the book by the original author even if it were available because I am not really a fan of BL novels. (although I have nothing against BL). I am thinking though that the controversy brought more people to read the original work as well. However it isn’t available in English so… Actually if it were available I would read it but only because of the controversy–to see the similarity for myself.


  2. I really really really like really want to read your translation of “three lives, three worlds, ten miles of peach blossoms” so if for any chance you like let me read it, i will stay here… waiting 😢


  3. Good morning, I just recently started in the discovery of C-novels thanks to netflix, After I whatched 3L3W 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms I was hooked, and started looking for the secuel, so after a long time of research in a You tube video I read the link to your page. First of all let me thank you for your superb job at translating all the book It was fabulous to read It and I love the cap notes that lead me to read some other pieces… Well here is the thing I have been searching for the first book but after a lot of searching I read that it was taken down bc they where selling it, and I read that you might be able to send it to me if it is for personal use only. If that is the case coul you please send it to me? I would really love to read it and Chinese translators are not easy to come by in México. I leave you my email adress in the hopes you will grant my request: andrea.gonzalezg@gmail.com Thanks and if it is not much to ask could you recomend some other novels that are the same tipe? Ancient romance placed in fiction deity chinese realms??


    • I do not share the first book anymore because it was a product of plagiarism, not because it’s officially published. As for some similar recommendations, you can check out Heavy Sweetness Ashlike Frost.


    • Honestly Sansheng, Wangchuan Wu Shang translated by the wonderful Hamester428 is a great novel especially if you’re still coming off the 3310 high. Once you cool perhaps Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost….follow by the drama series!!😍


  4. Can I get your translation of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms ? I really want to read the translations since I can’t read Chinese. It’s only for my personal use.


  5. Hi, can I have your translation of 3L3W 10 miles of peach blossoms? It is just for my personal use. I love this story so much but I cannot read Chinese. I have read the Eng translation of To the Sky Kingdom on epub online but it lacks the epilogue, which I feel is the most important part of the story. It is only for my personal read.


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