F4 of the College of Computing

Sorry… I might just post a random Weiwei pic every day now until it airs -_-

Left to right: Monkey Wine, Pretty Senior, Stupid Man Climbs the Mountain, Da Shen


Dialogue (credits to a Viet fan):

Pretty Senior (being serious): Quit taking all of our nice white shirts. Don’t you see we’re left with nothing but hobo clothes?

Da Shen (deadpan): Okay… but I can only give back the unlaundered ones.

Da Shen and Wei Wei!

I almost hyperventilated this morning when I woke up to stills from the drama set!
This brings me back to college~ well, the one without Da Shen anyway -_-

(rofl this vid is funny... the director yelled "Cut" and he kept pedaling away.
And the girl who filmed it was like, "Why isn't he turning around?)




(Aha! So this is actually the short skirt/food bag scene).




(I love Wei Wei in this pic. She looks so down-to-earth I almost didn’t recognize she was Zheng Shuang.)


(And I’ve just realized she wears the same pair of shoes for all three outfits so far. I guess dormitory closets aren’t exactly spacious…)


(Erm… so I def can’t claim to be a true fan of the novel, becoz I can’t remember that Wei Wei ran?)

ww06 ww07


(I bet they are ooh-ing over Xiao Nai haha)


I’ve only seen Zheng Shuang in the Chinese version of Queen Inhyun’s Man. She was actually okay. I only didn’t like her voice (which might get dubbed here?). I’ve also only seen Yang Yang in The Four (2015). He’s okay too, except I’m a huge fan of his beautiful gorgeous face so I kinda can’t be trusted to be objective haha. Anyway, they both look really cute. No complaints here from this hamster. And in any case, I hope they have as much chemistry as Zhao Li’ying and Zhang Han as Shanshan and Feng Teng. And lots of make-outs please! Ahh… can’t wait to see them in gaming garbs. I actually don’t think filming the gaming part would be difficult since CGI sceneries and monsters (and not very realistic ones at that) are totally appropriate for an RPG game-verse.

(I did show you guys how Yang Yang would look in ancient garbs right? Here’s a refresher in case you can’t remember haha. Now excuse me while I go swoon for the nth time.)