Final thoughts on the crack drama

How did 58 episodes go by so fast? What is this voodoo and can they make more of it in dramaland?

This show is my drama heaven, as I had confessed to one of my drama buddies. They basically took the best things out of the book, stayed close where it matters, and made it 10x better (DH and FJ fans will have to accept it’s not a PB adaptation, sorry).

So yeah, why don’t we start with those two.

Ill-fated romance is what all these stories are about. The scriptwriter is actually pretty kind to this couple because their story is a lot more convoluted (for better or worse) in the book. With that said, I don’t personally like the changes made to them, because I prefer Dijun to be the one defying fate once he finds he has feelings for her. He’s just the kind to not give a shit if you get I mean. “So what if we’re not fated? I’ve never feared Destiny and I certainly don’t need its charity.” That was what you should’ve said, Dijun! Oh wells, I love your white hair and 6’3″ height.

FJ was also kinda out of character. She never pursued him as Bai Fengjiu of Qing Qiu in the book, only as a nameless maid and a baby fox. Because she’s the princess. Because her country’s dignity outweighs her own self-respect. And dear FJ, pls learn how to fight! You’re more than a pretty face.

And the mortal realm stint! Noooo~ why would Dijun suggest something so stupid? He would never! Go back to the script writing room, writer.



Where’s my other couples? Let’s go ahead and count them down.

Zhe Yan and Zhen Zhen *hearts* Thank you drama, for all cute little insinuations. Because another adoption would’ve made me flip some tables. Their lovers quarrels have me in stitches.

His honey got him some honey to help the medicine go down *wink wink*


Yanzhi and her constable. Ugh these Kunlun men and their duties. And yet, I find their unfulfilled romance a lot more effective than DH and FJ’s. She’s quiet and accepting, and it makes her sad, but she respects his choices, and I heart Yanzhi more than anyone except YH in this drama.


YH x baby boy are my kryptonite. Even when his grief is all-consuming, he eventually finds a way to be a doting, thoughtful, and present parent to Ah Li. All of that is evident in how well-adjusted and happy Ah Li is. And who can say no to the single daddy and his pint-size wingman? So much cuteness abounds.

322 323 324 325

On the other hand, the only moment when I felt BQ having any sorts of attachment to her son was when he came to visit her at Kunlun while his father was in the mortal realm. Here, she was visibly happy and affectionate. It’s in her face, her body language, her voice. As if her new-found happiness with YH translates over to the kid.


Yet a few episodes later after YH is gone, she’s back to her aloof ways. The kid runs to her after 3 years of separation, and she gives him this really detached look. When she hugs him, it doesn’t seem like she misses him that much. When he has to leave, she doesn’t seem like she minds letting him go.

BQ as written in the book is exactly the way she’s portrayed in the drama. Nevertheless, I was hoping that, like other aspects that the drama had made better, they would rewrite this part to make her more maternal. I get it that everyone has a different way of coping with grief. But the one thing I dislike about BQ is that she is only ever concerned about herself when shit hits the fan. “I’m in pain, I’m betrayed, I’m abandoned, I’m left behind…” Yanzhi’s practically a saint sitting next to her with XN’s daughter.



But except for that, BQ’s badassery is so rare in mainstream Asian entertainment.

I got chills, I tell you! Chills!


303 304

And so, in the end they find each other again. Whole and healed. Heart and body. And I couldn’t be happier. Flower prints notwithstanding.

Honestly though, YH could’ve loved SJ and I would’ve rooted for that storyline… because YH can do whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned. He can wear his hair down, he can wear ugly outfits, he can love a bitchy girl, and I’d still want his happiness. Oopsies, he’s already doing all of it, isn’t he?

313 314

And to all the singles: maybe your turn will come in a sequel 70,000 years from now haha.


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        • I didn’t ask for her to be amazing, just to have more emotional attachment to her kid. Like… she doesn’t have to take him to Disneyland or anything, just be more glad to see him, and more reluctant to let him go.


          • But to be fair, we are not exactly sure how long Ye Hua took to warm up to Ah Li. I don’t know how long he ignored Ah Li during his depressive state. He also had a couple hundred years head start to becoming a good parent. Bai Qian, on the other hand, had only three years (spent mostly grieving over ‘dead’ Ye Hua). While she is by no means a good mother, I cannot compare her to Ye Hua without knowing the exact details and timeline following Su Su’s demise.

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            • True about the timeline… but it’s also in the things you choose to show. For example, YH contemplated suicide to bring SS back, got reminded there’s still Ah Li, and snapped out of it despite his devestation.
              Mi Gu asked BQ about Ah Li, and she’s just like “Don’t you see I’m taking care of YH?” Okay, so he’s freshly dead. Okay, she’s drunk for a few years. Then she’s sober again but would rather spend time traveling with 4th ge and watch opera and shows no emotion when her kid finally pops up to see her. Whatever the timeline is, they chose to show YH choosing his kid over his grief and BQ choosing her grief over her kid.

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          • For me book and drama wise, I think she’s pretty attached. She’s fine with pampering her A-li when they are alone, but when there are other people I think she gets shy showing her maternal side. A-li doesn’t mind because I think he sees it as a cute side of mommy Bai Qian. And what really tickles his heart is when he sees papa Ye Hua be affectionate with momma who doesn’t know how to take it.


            • Not really. In both the book and the drama she views him with curiosity, and treats him like someone else’s kid that she’s babysitting. She thinks he’s cute, and treats him well, but you can tell how awkward she is around him (see mortal realm playdate dinner) That’s understandable before she got her memories back. But afterwards, she should really be more attached to him. Like, why is she sitting at YH’s “grave” to be with his buried belongings when there’s a son who inherited his and her genes. Maybe she feels bad she took his father away from him. Maybe she doesn’t want to rub her depression onto the kid. We can make up any number of reasons but when it’s not said or even inferred, then we are at best making it up.

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      • I think BQ is detached and absent minded in general.
        Also it could be because she is feeling guilty after YH dies that she didn’t want to take Ali back. Not to mention she can barely take care of herself- as she has stopped living after YH died so… how can she take care of Ali… She couldn’t even take care of him when she was alive and living by feeding him all the fruits lol
        So while it’s not my favorite aspect of hers, but with her character and situation I find it understandable

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        • I agree it would have been nice to see some more affection from BQ for Ali, but I think I can understand why it’s not there. Firstly, after YH died his parents kept their grandchild pretty much a prisoner in the heaven palace place. In modern day family court no way the grandparents rights would override the mother’s interest but here YH’s mum kept him separated from BQ. Sure she wasn’t shown in any way to fight them for him either, but plot wise I guess they didn’t want to focus on it turning into a custody dispute. When YH thought SS died, he didn’t have to fight anyone to “retain custody” of his son.

          Secondly, BQ lost her memory and lost her opportunity as a mother to bond with her baby for 300 years. YH didn’t lose those critical initial stages of childhood with his son. Bonding with your baby is so important, watching them grow as they develop. And BQ had that opportunity taken away from her by the “evil” plotting of SJ and TJ that forced her to jump. When she meets him again, he is already not a baby. Ok she can start bonding now, and yes when she remembers everything she would have remembered the pain of childbirth too, so she should be a lot more attached than what was represented, but I think the 300 years of lost time is still important and everyone reacts differently to the bonding experience.

          Finally, I feel like there’s different expectations on men and women and their part in child rearing and how they should behave in terms of maternal instinct and paternal instincts etc. I feel like when we watch a movie where if a “Dad” was acting like BQ after the same set of circumstances befalls him, it’s more “okay” for the man to behave this way. (Aka still affectionate but not fiercely paternal) but when the woman doesn’t act maternal enough then she gets a brow-beating. I get it, I caught myself questioning the same thing but then I was like – hang on, why do I praise YH so much for being a great paternal figure and being super caring, when if the roles were reversed it would be expected and not praised to the same degree if BQ was just as maternal. However if she isn’t, she’s judged more harshly. It’s like being a woman, one of a “good female” protagonist’s characteristics must be that she is a doting all-sacrificing mother if she has a kid.

          Sorry for the rant and bad paragraphing but I’m typing at 2.30am on my phone. So forgive me for that.

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          • You have a valid point that we hold men and women to dif standards. And I admit that I expect mothers to be more affectionate and attached to their children because there is an inherently different way most of us are wired compared to men.
            With that said, I do hold both parents to the same expectations regarding their responsibilities, irregardless of their level of emotional attachment to the child, esp when the child was born out of their own volition. You don’t get to backtrack out of parenthood just because your life hits a road block.
            Therefore, like I previously said in other comments, it’s in the thing they choose to show, and they would’ve done well to show something, anything, either on an emotional level or a duty level, I’m not asking for both, that she at least cares and acknowledges the kid’s existence. The lack of one in a parent is tolerable, the lack of both is egregious.


            • Yep I do see your point. I’ve read your comments further down below and I think I agree more than I initially thought. I think the writer was a bit lacking in showing multi-dimensions of her and his characters and of love in general, and focused only on their love for each other. I don’t think portraying a bit more care and affection towards their son would have taken away from their ultimate “bigger than this world” star crossed essence of love relationship/ but the writer seemed to neglect any other facets of their character or changes in a person and priorities once they become a parent. I guess she was a bit unrealistic and kept it too narrow focused if that makes any sense. And I agree that she only portrayed them wanting to have a kid but total lack of commitment after they had the kid which doesn’t make sense. Although YH was portrayed better as a father.

              In the drama, when YH got angry with BQ over Ali’s drunk episode and not waking up, I almost felt like the anger and hurt he showed BQ was more than just his paternal concern. I felt like Ali represented the culmination and product of his love with SS. When Ali is alive and well it’s the living evidence and reminder of everything he and SS had shared and felt for each other. It’s the last piece of SS/BQ he’s got to hold onto (at that point he was worried she was in love with MY instead). Therefore when BQ acted blasΓ© and lacked concern for Ali, to YH (misjudged) it was as if BQ was denying/CBF and slap in the face of their love and the fruit of their relationship represented in Ali. Which I guess is a long winded way of me trying to say that it was like Ali was a plot device all along as a symbol of their love, and yet unrealistic for BQ after she recovers her memory and YH died to not show more affection as you said. Whether as a mother naturally missing her child or as a way of keeping a piece of YH close to her after she thinks he’s dead. It sort of does not make sense how blasΓ© she is about Ali. And a bit cold. BQ said to YH when he first declared his love for her in the fox cave that she is too old as a high diety to feel that earth shattering sort of love at her age, but she did end up feeling it for him, so it’s a bit inconsistent she can only show romantic love and not show more maternal love? Missed opportunity for some good mother/son reunion scenes.

              On a side note- this lack of well-rounded portrayal is as annoying as my problem with the story’s characterisatiof most female characters other than the main female protagonist (with very few exceptions) as evil and or bad characters. It’s like she’s surrounded by bad females that want to get BQ’s man. Female characters either have to be written as weak and unimportant or else lying, cheating and horrid to be strong characters, who would either steal your man at the expense of friendship or self respect and have no qualms doing it. I just think it’s such a cliche.

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    • Right? I’ve been coming home after workout, kick my shoes, hop up on bed and gleefully devouring 2 eps each night for the past several weeks. And now I have no routine to keep to anymore

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      • Lol trust you to host your own withdrawal party hehe

        Omg ditto! the routine of looking forward to two episodes per night as I shovel down dinner after work was awesome!! Now like BQ I struggle to remember what life was like before YH teehee 😜

        It’s so rare and wonderful that knowing the story ahead didn’t ruin the experience because all your favourite bits were there and so respectfully crafted that it actually made me eager to see how they would tackle those scenes instead eg/ YH throwing her over his shoulder like a cave man and her hiding her face in shame as they pass the maids lol

        She has always been an aloof stepmom even after finding out he is really hers, in the book and in the drama, which bugs me but what gets me even more is how aloof he can become to Ah Li as well when she is around, it’s clear she comes first and buns is an after thought… that final Ep where they are happily reuniting with Ah Li standing watching from a distance 😭 or the occupying him with 7 games of chess before he is allow to see his dad while they catch up: there world really is only big enough for the two of them & im not ok with that one. Like you said Hamster, I was hoping that could have improved that aspect too…

        By the way to fill the void I am reading Trong Tu and watching Sherlock
        – Back on terrafirma
        #ohwhatabeautifulmorning lol πŸ˜‚


        • Agreeee. The thing about Ah Li is, they wanted that child. She said “give me a child, YH, to keep me company.” That kid wasn’t a result of oopsie I forgot my pill last night. I understand motherhood is a choice, but she MADE that choice, so I expected to see her follow through with it. The first time, I can let it go because she felt as a mortal she could do nothing for him and she had no power to take him away from the gods. But there’s just no good explanation for the 2nd time. She def has the power to take him, at least part time custody. But even supposing that she thinks he is better off in Heaven, I still expect to see an emotional attachment to the kid, even for selfish reasons. She is so grievious over YH’s departure that she hangs onto his belongings. But has no thoughts of the kid they created together? The kid that inherited his eyes, nose, and dragon horns? Why didn’t she miss him?! He’s lit the only thing YH left behind that wasn’t his bloody robe.
          YH too will always make BQ his 1st and foremost. But at least he was in a legit coma both times from an injury. The first time it was Ah Li’s voice that woke him up (importance of the kid!). And also note the only time he got mad at BQ was over Ah Li (when the kid got drunk under BQ’s supervision). So again, it’s in the things they choose to show and they choose to show BQ without any of these parental love scenes. I would’ve liked her her face to light up and for her to get up from her seat when he comes running to her at the market. And maybe shed a tear or two. I feel so bad that the kid was the only one who was filled with emotions to see his mother again, and his feelings were not reciprocated, ack.


  1. Ah-Li/YH moments are my favourite. Daddy YH makes my heart burst! I haven’t finished watching (because subs are needed for me sadly) but wasn’t XN’s kid a “prince”? Or was that just part of her madness?
    Gosh, I love this drama and I don’t want it to end. Mark Chao has officially won my heart for life.

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    • She’s so desperate for an heir that she calls the kid a son.
      I knowwww where has Mark Chao been all of my drama watching life. I get the feeling that he’s picky with his projects. Like… they ask if he’s been watching any shows lately and he says he tries but he can’t seem to get into any of them (like me! haha)

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  2. I’m so obsessed – I’ve saved up this week’s 10 episodes so I can binge them all in one go over the long weekend. I agree with your opinions on FJ and DH – it’s not my pillow book couple, but I kind of see them as an alternate universe version and I still like them in the drama. I do kind of adore FJ and Si Ming’s interactions as well. ❀ FOREVER for Bai Zhen and Zhen Yan (I ship it so badly!) I think I just have a huge grin on my face whenever my fox prince fourth brother is on screen. Also I'd love an adaptation for Liansong and Cheng Yu – all the little hints just make me impatient for their story as well. I have 28 episodes to go and I don't want it to end!

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    • How did i forget SM?! He’s such a dear friend to FJ.
      CY and LS doesn’t even have a complete story so I dunno if they will ever have an adaptation. Uncle 3 is another fave of mine though. I love his pokes at DH.
      Savor your eps!


  3. I like the drama so much better than the book. Nothing’s ever going to be perfect but I felt a lot of care and thought went into this drama. They created a whole cohesive world for these characters to live and breathe in, whereas the book, I felt, was clunky at times. What I especially liked was how they showed how deep-rooted the problems and obstacles YH and BQ faced were. In the book, it just felt like plot because the author said so, but in the drama you really feel the consequences of every single action. I completely agree with you that they kept what worked and clarified a lot of other things.

    I could watch 100 episodes of Lian Song, Si Ming, and Cheng Yu just lazing around and gossiping, or Zheyan and Zhen Zhen bickering.

    As far as my ultimate bias goes: it kind of bothered me how Dong Hua called Feng Jiu “Jiu Er” instead of Xiao Bai. I guess it must be a rights thing? I didn’t like how they messed with their characters either, but at least they were visually pretty much perfect. Off to reread Pillow Book.

    WHY can’t China do more adaptations like this? If you’re going to do an adaptation, do it right!


    • Also, this is really weird, and I love Drama A-Li and all, but since he was called 糯米囒子 I kind of pictured him chubbier with a rounder face like a rice ball (don’t know if you know, but a little like Song Manse from Return of Superman), so visually I was thrown off a little. But he was still super cute.


      • I think he’s supposed to be younger than the child actor. When i read the book, I had imagined him to be about 3 yo, which would make him rounder by default because their limbs are so short at that point. Zhang Yihan actually puts on weigh just to play this role, the poor professional kid. But yeah, he’s super cute regardless and he reads his dialogues well.


    • I wholeheartedly agree with you re the logic of the drama world vs the novel world. The set up is a lot better here
      Ahaha Jiu Er sounds cheesy to my ears. That whole mortal realm stint was so corny. I hated his furrowed brow and goatee. They make him look like a lewd and corrupted official. Sorry to anyone who likes them here. I shall receive all the stone throwing.

      Right? Why don’t they make proper adaptations? When they decide to buy a popular script, can’t they tell what about it has made it popular? Why get rid of those points, then? The only adaptation I care about now is δΈθ΄Ÿε¦‚ζ₯不负卿. It’s a time traveling story so I dun even know how they’re twisting that. But I need my Aiqing and Rajiva adapt to be perfect or I’m gonna cry.


      • Good evening Hamster. Sorry I’ve been lurking and I found your comments very amusing so I couldn’t help but respond.

        Re: DH in the mortal realm, totally agree. Indeed he looked rather salty (if you know what I mean) and as noted in another forum, I found his goatee repulsive. Sorry if you’re Vengao fan but seriously his 6’3 good looks didn’t save him this time. On the contrary, I was sorely tempted to put my pair of scissors into good use.

        The only person who manages to look remotely decent and in fact rather smexy was our shifi, Mo Yuan. As for the rest, please don’t even try, it only serves to poke my eye out.

        I will admit that I wasn’t into Feng Jui or DongHua (un) fated love line. To me, the focal couple is Bai Qian and YeHua and everyone else is more or less peripheral . However, I am definitely partial to Lian Song and Si Ming who I though was particularly funny. Needless to say, I would have been more interested in Lian Song and Cheng Yu’s story.

        Re: Bai Qian maternal instinct. I am rather conflicted because I would never abandon my child to anyone, sorry not even for YeHua. I maybe selfish in many respects but I can’t just hand over my child to someone for 3 long years. Maybe maximum 1-2 weeks but that’s about it! So in this regard I did find it a little odd. I know many mothers are not always instinctively maternal I mean who am I to judge but Bai Qian’s lack of concern did perturb me and in some ways lessen my respect for her.

        Don’t get me wrong, Bai Qian is still one my favourite heroine. She’s flawed and I get her on so many levels. At the end of it, she does grow and develop but she’s definitely not the perfect heroine and that’s the reason why I liked her so much.

        Although, it is this one area, I must admit that I simply did not understand her actions or decision regarding A-Li.

        Incidentally, I was reading that Mark was initially hesitant about accepting the role of YeHua. The usual reason that he wasn’t pretty enough. Personally, I think he’s rather handsome. perhaps not in your conventional ‘scholarly’ which I don’t find attractive anyway. Overall, he’s very pleasing to eye (plenty actually).

        Sorry for the long post, I tend to do that. But I couldn’t help wonder if Mark practiced any of lines (some of which were very corny and ‘goose-bump’ raising) to his wife πŸ™‚

        I wonder that’s the reason why he changed his mind because they worked on her really well (hehehe). Anyhow just throwing it out there.


        • Lol I do wonder how shifu manages to look good with the beard. Perhaps it’s shorter and in a different style.
          Me too. I’m not a mother myself yet, but I can’t imagine leaving my child if I had one. I do get some women are not marternal, and yes, she’s a flawed character, it just doesn’t sit well with me. I do like her otherwise.
          Oh there’s an interview of Mark on youtube where he says the one line he couldn’t say because he was cringing so badly was “Don’t be afraid, it’ll hurt a little” on the wedding night πŸ˜‚ I think he must imagine his wife’s face when he acts to romantic scenes. He says YH and he have very little in common, but he really respects YH’s faithfulness and strong love. That tells me he identifies YH’s love for BQ with his love for wifey Yuanyuan. Or at least I like to think so πŸ˜‰
          I also think he’s pretty darn attractive. Showbiz really has a twisted reality bcoz I would die to find someone “not so handsome” like him IRL.


          • Ohhhh, Hamster. There’s nothing more attractive than a loving and devoted husband (sigh) I do like that fact that Mark did note that if there’s anything he identifies with YeHua is the same love, devotion and faithfulness towards his wife. Now that’s romantic!!

            It’s no wonder he manages to win the hand of one of the most beautiful woman in China. Gao Yuan Yuan has a loveliness about her which is in my personal opinion transcends just her looks. She has a very nice demeanour about her which I really like. Oh I wouldn’t mind having someone like her as my daughter-in-law πŸ™‚

            I will have to say that Mark is the ‘IT’ boy in China and it’s truly well-deserved. Goodness gracious me (and please don’t mind if I turn on the fangirling stalker mode function here) but I am totally smitten. He literally has me eating of his hands for every crying scene and he does it so beautifully and flawlessly. Two scenes comes to mind which are my favourites. The part where he thinks SuSu is never come back (I am literally sobbing my heart out here) and when I think it could get any better Mark gives me an Oscar winning performance in episode 56. I ran out of tissues and had to resort to my trusted toilet roll for that particular scene. Mind you, I didn’t look as good as he did at the end of it. Puffy eyes, snotty nose, red in the face, I’m sure you get the picture. Then I spent several days in a daze replaying it my head. To this day, I have no idea how I managed to get by work (LOL).

            I love surprises and this one particularly has resulted in a huge crush…(more sighing)


            • Ah GYY, the woman really radiates from inside out. I like her demure and elegant demeanors. She seems really sweet and measured. His family apparently disapproved of their age gap, but srlsy, you guys are getting GYY for a daughter-in-law. There are worse choices out there.

              My two fav YH sobbing scenes are when he had to take Susu’s eyes and also like you, ep 28 when he thought SS was forever lost to him. The helplessness he had in that 1st scene is so heartbreaking. Imagine, the only thing he could do “for her” was to take away her eyes. I just… ugh… then the devastation of realizing she was not gonna come back even as a fake, it’s like someone lit ripped his heart out and he couldn’t deal with life anymore. I might sound like an even weirder stalkery fangirl but I even noticed the way his nose flares when he cries. πŸ˜… that’s how I know he’s legit crying… and yeah, I don’t cry half as prettily. Someone, let us in on the trade secret!
              I’m so glad work was slow for me during its run bcoz I just chit chat with a friend on FB about the drama and look at the time to when I get to clock out and go home to new eps. My brain couldn’t process any other info. In a way I’m also glad it’s now over, bcoz I don’t think it’s particularly healthy to be so wholemindedly consumed by a fictional world like this. So sad at my age haha


              • Yes, I do recall there is about a 5 year age between them. I don’t think that’s too bad. Personally just as long as they are compatible and if both parties are not bothered by it and they can accept it I see no issues with it at all.

                I hope his family realises that GYY was much more popular than he was during that time. I think he’s done very well for himself by marrying her. Come on it’s GYY, as you’ve noted it could have been much worse…

                Also, I think it super romantic that he’s telling the world that just like YeHua he places his love for wife above all else. It’s a simple but effective love dedication. As his wife I’m sure she would be slightly concerned about his immense popularity and you know some girls and even boys can be a little crazy (lol, just look at this aunty as exhibit ‘A’). I personally think it’s his own way of reassuring GYY that he won’t change. Although, admittedly the scale is massive. 30 billion viewers online not to mention it will be played out to the rest of the Asian countries, you’re bound to find one delusional person who thinks Mark or YeHua was destined or fated to be…

                Although, he does appear to be quite a level-headed and mature young man so I’m not too overly concerned. He would just ride the fandom wave, knowing how fickle fame can be and use this opportunity to further his acting career and challenge himself – oh, I can’t wait to see his next project!

                Re: SuSu eyes. Yes, I do recall that scene. it was indeed very touching. Although I was much more touched from the BTS. I could really tell he was affected by it and he put so much heart into it (sigh). Even YangMi was on par. I was very impressed. I think more than anything is how subtle he was. Every expression was so well played and portrayal was spot on!

                I will admit that I didn’t think the novel did YeHua any justice and I found him particularly difficult to understand because it appears to be told more or less from Bai Qian’s perspective. Additionally, he’s such a private and stoic man, not easily one to show his emotions and you really don’t get to know his thoughts in the same way we did with Bai Qian so in this regard I found him rather complex. However, I do have weakness for complex, three dimensional male leads, Yehua is no exception πŸ™‚

                I wholeheartedly believe the drama adaptation was beautifully executed and for the first time I would say it’s even better than the novel.

                Certainly, YeHua’s character which was wonderfully portrayed by Mark really came to life. I was initially concerned because YeHua doesn’t say much in the novel but this is where Mark truly excelled. Hence my crush. He says so much with his eyes and just look at his expression. Even the command of his body language is exquisite.

                lol, I’m so board with you regarding the fictional world, least of all being so smitten by a fictional character. I get teased mercilessly.

                Personally, I don’t do crushes (bit too old for that kind of stuff and I find it rather nauseating at the best of times) but for Mark I definitely made an exception. Although in many ways I didn’t have a choice – he’s just too good! Never thought I was the sighing type until I watched 3L3W or more specifically, Mark! (LOL, I am such a sad case)


                • We can’t help it. A dedicated man works wonders on old aging hearts 😍
                  Did you watch his weibo livestream? Everyone’s like “Where’s YY?!” * “Of course not here lah.” * “Show us your ring!” * “No, that’s free advertising” lol…. but you see the ring later when he moves his hand around anyway. Again: “Where’s YY?” * “YY’s doing well. She’s busy with some of her own things too rn.” He sounds supportive and proud of the wife’s personal work and activities. Also, he says “Dear my old fans, know that I won’t change” so I think that you can rest assured. He was popular after Black and White but decided not to pursue the idol acting path even if it means he will be less well known to the general fandom. Not that I think his movies are critically acclaimed, but he must know what he enjoys to choose the movie industry over dramaland. So I think Mark is the type to know exactly what he wants, both in life and love.
                  Ahaha re crazy fans. He’s like “don’t give me a car, if you have extra money buy your parents one. But don’t spend money on me.” I think we all have a facade to some degree, and we all have struggles we deal with, so I def don’t think he or his marriage are as perfect as we perceive them to be, but whatever they are displaying to the public is very admirable. For ex, ppl say he is beneath his wife etc bcoz she is a bigger star, but Mark just seems to take it in stride. He pursues the girl, the marriage, etc even when she says it’s okay if they don’t have a wedding. Contrast this to YM’s hubby Hawick who left a bad impression on me once in an interview when they questioned whether YM made more money than he does, and he was so quick to say that he’s the one with the higher income. Like, does it matter? Why couldn’t he just laugh it off? I might be extra sensative bcoz my cousin’s ex did not allow her to pursue higher education and abused her over it because he somehow thought his wife was trying to one up him. Only insecure men could be so petty.


                  • How admirable! I do like him, of course not on a personal level. That would be taking the stalker mode to the next level of delusional. However, what I’ve seen so far with his down to earth nature has definitely impressed. I certainly like his goofiness. He just reminds me so much of my ABC friend(s). Very serious when it comes to their scholastic pursuit but they’re so dorky when they’re playing around. I wouldn’t marry one but they make the best of friends πŸ™‚

                    I’m afraid my Chinese is very limited, it’s more on the tourist level of “where is the toilet” so I haven’t watched his livestream. Awww.. even now I can’t help gushing about his love for wife, it’s so sweet just like YeHua. You can tell that he definitely pursued her although when I was watching their promotion of “Caught in the Web”, you can see sparks flying around. I didn’t know who he was back then but I thought it was very cute and adorable. I felt like a peeping tom watching their interactions.

                    Re: Hawick Lau. I agree. I was a little disappointed with his response. It really demonstrated how insecure he was. Certainly YangMi is a very successful actor in her own rights so I thought it was unnecessary to compare. In fact, I would have deflected it and made a joke that I ‘borrow’ lunch money from my wife from time to time…

                    But I think Hawick really struggled for many years as a actor and perhaps the response was remnant of those challenges. Admittedly, I do like him. It saddens me to read of his ‘infidelities’ as I really liked YangMi ever since her ‘Palace’ days.

                    Although, I’m a firm believer that marriage is a deeply personal matter so it’s best to leave it to involved party to resolve the issues. Any contribution would be deemed as interference unless it’s invited.

                    Sorry to hear about your cousin’s ex. He sounds like a bastard. So deeply insecure that he has to project it onto someone else. I have no respect for people like so good riddance to an egotistical nincompoop!


              • You know, we might be on the same “age-length” or dare I say, I might be older with a child and all and I’m completely obsessed with YH. Mark doesn’t do much for me as his normal self, but that hair and flowing robes makes me fan myself everytime he comes on scene. I’ve rewatched every episode many times…I’ve watched them raw, then with English subs, and then when I thought I was going to die from each weekend, I remembered that the Viet subs were all finished…never have been so glad to have stuck to my Vietnamese studies!
                YH and BQQ are both so super cute that I gush about them at work…alas there’s no one there who shares my passion for these celestials!


                • So glad you like the robes! Except for two quite ugly ones I really like his volumous costumes, esp the one he wore to catch the petals his lantern had summoned. Sumptuous enough to befit a prince but so stark and lonely like the man wearing it.
                  I am saving all the episodes to marathon one of these days. But what I secretly hope for is some dedicated fans to make a compilation of YH-only cuts. What a happy hamster i will be


                  • I didn’t particulary like the floor rug he wore but I absolutely loved the one you are talking about, with the white patterns on his sleeves right? I actually didn’t mind his final outfit – I know a lot of people were iffy about the flower print but I think it symbolises a break in character, that he is finally at peace – whole and with love that he doesn’t have to worry about hiding much from others anymore. So I’m all in for that flower print!

                    I would kill to have that amount of hair as YH and BQQ. My hair is past my bum but no where as near as full. If only.

                    I believe there are already clips of YH only. I watched on that had only cuts of him until ep 30.


                    • Yes the one with little swirls on the sleeves. I hated that furry thing with a passion. There’s something off about the last one. Makes him look effeminate. Mookie wrote a lovely piece on the costumes in this drama:

                      Their hair are awesome. But if only you see how many times it gets combed on set then you ll know the perfect silkiness takes serious work 😡 I’m impressed your hair is wuxia long! I chop mine off whenever it goes past the shoulders


          • Hamster, which episode did Ye Hua said “dont be afraid, it will hurt a little”? I cannot recall he said such dialogue… πŸ™‚


      • Good evening Hamster.
        First of all wanted to say thanks for translating this book. I found the drama so much better than the book.
        You’ve spoken my mind about the adaptation. Liked what you liked and didn’t like what you didn’t. DongHua in mortal realm was like a dirty lecherous man. Brrr.
        My 3 loves were Yang Zhi and He Hua and ALi.
        I am waiting for subs but have seen the entire drama 4 ce.
        I’ve completely become a YeHua and Mark Chao fangirl. He can do no wrong. He was sublime in this role. Sublime and I am praying he does another drama soon

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  4. The drama was so much better than the book. IMO, the author had a great story but she failed to properly develop her characters. The lines spoken by her characters were often times blunt and inconclusive. The drama did a fantastic job of lifting all the good points from the book and made it better. It properly developed and fleshed out the characters, especially YH’s. And there were hints throughout the drama that the Sky kingdom had a lot of rules and regulations so that made me think that BQ can’t just drop in and see Ali anytime she wanted. Loved MC ‘ performance, he was spot on as YH and MY. Yang mi also exceeded expectations.


    • Eh she broke in several times to see YH and take SJ’s eyes. If she wanted to raise a stink because she’s the rightful mother, no one could stop her. She has way too many backups like Zhe Yan, Mo Yuan, and her parents. She’s not like YHs mother who has no support. Ditto on everythng else ☺


    • Sorry Amy, nothing would ever induce me to part with my child, unless I was dead. As noted above, I simply do not understand Bai Qian’s decision to leave A-Li behind with YeHua’s family. She knew how strict they were and come-on would you ever consider leaving any child with TianJun. He’s power hungry and way too narcissistic for my liking. It’s any wonder that YeHua didn’t grow up with too many emotional issues (aside from the communication bit).

      Even if I have to douse myself with caffeine or Red Bull I would have stayed awake for my one and only child. But hey that’s me. I know motherhood is a personal choice in many respects but I will admit I didn’t understand Bai Qian’s decision, not judging her because we should be responsible for our choices in life (good or bad), but to reiterate I didn’t understand it at all.


  5. I am still bitter about the ending. Well, I only watched Fengjiu and Donghua’s scenes and I became emotionally invested to this couple. What I resent the most is the fact that the writer created totally different characters for both of them.


  6. To sum up this drama: an adaptation done right!
    Mark was great! Exceeded my expectations. Originally thought he would fare okay in this drama, but he did waaaay better. Thanks for disproving me πŸ˜› Also Yang Mi did relatively okay in this. Hurray for the eye payback! An eye for eye makes Sujin blind lol. As for the mother thing, I understand your arguments and I guess I am fine with it since they are following the novel. They could have added more mother and son scenes instead of XN or SJ scenes >.> But I’ll let that slide since SJ getting punishment was a happy moment for me. As for FJ and DH… I share the same sentiments. DH, you are great god, who cares about the fate stone LOL. Just chip off the mountain and make your own stone xD
    Oh Zhe Yan and Zhen Zhen, I came for you guys and I am one happy camper in the end πŸ˜€
    Yanzhi is precious.
    Time to wait for the movie version! Can’t say LYF will wow me, but the pretty is there.

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  7. Sorry for all the FJ & DH fans but I am still perplexed (even now) and to some extent astounded by their popularity.

    Vengao despite being so handsome was a block of wood and FJ unfortunately came across a little too desperate. In fact, she almost had the second lead syndrome…

    Their un-fated love was underdevelop, it was a carousel of frustration (it went on a bit too long for my liking), too much unrequited love (where’s your self respect, FJ!) and in my opinion *gasp* not particularly very interesting. I didn’t mind so much their interactions at the Celestial Kingdom but during the mortal realm, every time I watched their scenes together all I wanted to do was vomit blood. Oh and please don’t get me started on DH’s goatee *shudder*. He looked so lecherous and salty that I had to press fast forward, especially their wedding night *another shudder*.

    I know someone is going to cast stones at me but no amount of alcohol could induce me to watch those scenes.


    • I actually FFed most of their scenes after a while… It got repeated and boring. Worst they took YH and BQ’s screen time lol


    • You’re not the only one who is perplexed. Vengao was stiff, Dilereba was much better. But their storyline in the Drama, and I repeat Drama only was terrible


    • “Lecherous and salty” OMG that made my day. Can I do want to hear more about the ‘salty’. I agree with you about DJ’s goatee. Massive difference between his facial hair and MY’s. After reading the pillow book I appreciate DJ and FJ on a different level – she’s nowhere that needy in there.

      Fear not the casted stones, I will join you in giggling about the pair and we skirt those stones!


  8. I remember YH slept 60 years before actually waking. He didn’t even care about Ali in the beginning too but of course the kid has become his reason to live.
    We only see BQ’s first 3 years… If they wait was longer she might show more attach to Ali as he has become her reason to live… But she was pretty much dead when YH died- as in she has stopped living.
    I love the drama. It’s probably the 1st drama I get addicted and will rewatch it many many time. MZ was wonderful and I wish people give YM as much credit. She has some weak moments but overall she nailed all 5 characters and it’s not an easy task, especially SY, Susu and BQ where they have different personalities but you can see they are still 1 person. MZ and YM has wonderful chemistry and without their chemistry the drama wouldn’t be that as effective and powerful. I keep repeat their scenes together. They make me happy. I wish they can work with each other more in the future.

    And congrats the team and cast for breaking 300 billions views and making people who doubting them eating their words


    • Also regarding to BQ as a mom… knowing the heavenly lord and YH’s mom there is no freaking way they would let her keep Ali without causing drama and big mess. And BQ is definitely doesn’t have the spirit for that nor she want her little Ali get involved. Remember BQ was surprised how YH told everything ab his mortal mom tragic story to Ali without worry it would affect him?
      So she is probably think it’s the best way for him as well as she know they would take care him well especially he is the only heirs YH left behind


  9. I love this drama. One of the best in 2017.

    By the way I was wondering if anyone could let me know which episodes show Zhe Yan and 4th brother appearing together? (Sightseeing together etc). Alan Yu is sooooo gorgeoussss..


  10. OMG I cant believe this drama is over. Thank goodness they didnt stray too much to the original plot. Although they definitely made me feel bad for the Ghost Lord alot which I hated.
    Whats this about a sequel 70,000 years in the future? I hoped it would be about Yehua’s uncle and chengyu since ive never read that story but it doesnt seem like the time line would match up.
    I am sad I dint get to see little Donghua Jr. I hope someone with some sense sees their massive popularity and adapts pillow book into a drama. Although personally I liked the plot for peach blossom more. I loved the leads of pillow book the best.


    • Lol I just say 70,000 yrs as a joke on Shifu’s sleep. He wakes up after 70,000 yrs and loses the girl so maybe it will take another 70,000 for anyone to couple up.


  11. I agree with you 100% on everything! I’m loving the drama so far (I’m watching w/ english subs), and I love it a lot more than the book, it even made me love BQ and YH a lot more haha, especially YH! Mark as YH was amazing, I think he made YH my favorite in the whole drama! And I felt he was extremely handsome lmao, as both Moyuan and YH. I also agree with you about BQ’s lack of maternal instinct….it’s one of the things that made me sort of ??? at her character lol! (Same w/ FJ in PB tbh…..)

    When it comes to couples, in the books, FJ and DH are my faves, but in the drama I didn’t like them that much. At first, it was kinda cute, but the changes were really out of character for both of them, especially DH since he really doesn’t give a shit about destiny as well as the fact that he didn’t really participate in the heavenly court as much as he did in the drama. And I felt they made FJ a lot more ditsy and desperate than she was in the books, I mean one of the things that I loved about FJ was that she knew how to fight!

    But overall, the drama so far has been wonderful, and there really should be more adaptations like this!


      • Omg omg Omg Phoenix is coming to the small screen?! And Night too?!!!! Woot wootπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰


  12. I finished the series as well. I think 2 episodes a day makes it all the easier to watch. Mark cries amazingly well. He portrayed YH extremely well. Yang Mi and Mark had great chemistry and they played off each other very nicely. FJ and DH started off great and just annoyed me towards the end. My favorite ended up being YanZhi. I didn’t even remember her all that much, but she was very well developed in the drama. I almost would rather watch her storyline…actually, I decided to finish watching cuz of her. So, overall better than I expected (acting, directing, costume, etc) , but story wise was a bit of a let down.

    Thanks for keeping up with this. πŸ™‚


  13. Hamster, can you clarify something for me? Episode 40, when BQ follows YH to his palace @ around 15:00 she was asking him about his official reports, I didn’t understand why he didn’t give her a reply and looked away. Am I missing something? Thank you in advance! πŸ™‚


    • My guess is that he had been slacking off because he had to take care of her, so he was trying to avoid his assistants when they scaled the wall to go in. So he was a little embarrassed that she correctly guessed it.


  14. After YH death, BQ was in sleeping stage.. while she sleep she can dream of YH… therefor for the last 3 year she been sleeping most of the time.. the time that Ali saw her was that she finally awake enough for her 4th brother to take her out…. BQ mother make the excuse saying that BQ was traveling to keep everyone from knowing what is happen.. As to why BQ not as close to Ali like everyone wants is because most of her life she was a KunLung disciple.. a warrior.. therefore she have more of a man character then female… she never gotten a chance to see Ali grown up.. never got a chance to be a mother.. so it hard for her to get close to Ali.. also she thought that Ali is a child of another woman.. so to say that she a bad mother.. one can’t say.. cause she never gotten a chance to be mother.. she did try her best thou…


    • But why was she asleep? She wasn’t in a medical coma. It was from alcohol that she willfully drank. I can also not show up to my job this week claiming I am sleeping through my drunkenness and grief. I hope to find a boss that is going to take that excuse.


      • She wasn’t drunk.. she just sleep…in a very deep sleep.. only time she wake up is to get a slip of water then sleep again..while she sleeping she can see YH…talk to him.. play chess..


        • Willingly drunk, willingly asleep, same thing. The point is that she is choosing it herself. She is choosing to wallow in grief despite other choices being available to her. It’s not a medical condition, although one could argue it’s a mental one, in which case, get thee to a therapist and get some anti depressants. I’m sure the gods have invented them by then 😜


          • It’s the same with YH refused to wake up for 60 years after Susu’s death BQ is dreaming in her denial of his death. People grieve differently but I don’t think she is in a stable situation to take care anyone including herself, how can she take care Ali. The point of the drama is YH and BQ’s putting their love above everything else but I thought it’s funny that people only criticized BQ. Is it because she is a woman? and it’s a social norm that women should take care their children better?
            Not to mention Ali is legally belong to YH’s family. They didn’t let her to visit YH’s grave. What make you think they would just give Ali to her?


            • YH was in a medical coma. His soul was damaged by Zhuxian Tai and he suffered an injury. He almost died and they had to use the Jiepo Deng to piece his soul back together. So he was not simply “sleeping” the way BQ is.
              She wasn’t legally married to YH so they say she has no reason to visit his grave, but you know she’s A Li’s legal mother right? She has a right to him. And honestly, I feel like I’m repeating myself when I say that I’m not expecting her to do a lot, just to show that she somehow cares or even think about the child even for one moment.


  15. Definitely one of the best novel to drama adaptations I’ve seen, and dare to say it’s even better than the book. Too bad about the plagiarism as I would’ve loved to see the real reactions of the Chinese audience, one that is not clouded by controversy. On (Chinese imdb) it has a 6.3 which is actually decent considering overwhelming amounts of 1-star ratings due to the hate for the author. Not that I blame them, but the drama should be judged entirely on its own.

    Moving on, I don’t plan to beat a dead horse on what’s been reiterated many times before about Mark, but here it goes anyway. Let’s just say this drama has made me a fan, a believer, and knowing the type of actor Mark is- I can safely say I will be following his future works, purely just for him. He certainly is the type to pick quality works and looks for substance in his roles and projects. Funny to think at one point people were condemning Mark prior to airing of the drama. Raving reviews of his performance is well deserved. Aside from him nailing the emotional scenes that are so talked about, this is the biggest reason for me: Because he’s injected so much more depth into the character of Ye Hua than is written. Of course, the novel was written in Bai Qian’s perspective, and thus we do not have neutral access to his inner thoughts or reasoning unlike the drama. However, if it were any other actor, I can totally imagine Ye Hua being portrayed as your typical cold quiet male lead who burns hot as fire for the female lead. It appears to be a simple role that calls for little expression minus delivering during pivotal moments. It’s VERY easy to do this, if you think about it. But the difficult part is to make it so much more than that despite the stoicness. And this is where Mark won me over. Quite frankly, I can’t recall many Chinese actors who are up to this task. Everything about Ye Hua shows Mark has put a lot of thought and consideration into this role, what is befitting of his character etc. And although it’s not fair to be comparing Yang Yang in the movie version to what Mark has achieved here, I dare assume that Yang Yang will be portraying him as what I had said earlier – your typical cold male lead etc.

    And I TOTALLY agree with you about my girl Yan Zi. She is the only all around positive female figure in this drama and oh so lovable. As badass as Bai Qian is, and charming people might find her noble aloofness to be I cannot get past how shitty of a mother she really is (that’s another dead horse I’m NOT able to beat this time) For one, she is a GREAT mother and it’s not even her own kid. (take notes BQ & FJ) Ironically this Demon is a much better person than can be said for anyone in the Heaven’s Realm, as she’s a perfect balance of being a very sweet and kindhearted yet a stand up individual when needed. She is resilient and strong, even when shit hit the fan in her home realm she continues to live her life and be productive rather than mope around all day, drink her sorrows away, or impose herself upon those who can’t be with her. Who wouldn’t fall for a girl like that? Whereas the actions of FJ in this drama make you almost want the guy to NOT “return” her feelings (obvs he does), by contrast I actually wanted 16th to be all like “to hell with it!” and run off with her lol. I felt so teased by their short but cute relationship, and wanted more of it because YZ clearly deserves SO much more and better. Sigh

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    • I completely agree to what you said about Mark bringing depth to his character. There is this inner beauty to YH that is reflected in his eyes, the way he walks straight with his hand crossed infront (makes me swoon everytime), and with measured steps is always a pleasure, a pleasure to watch! I can’t even imagine how many retakes they would have to do to get the “tear” rolling down at the right times (since there were so many scenes of crying) but MZ always manages to bring on the red eyes and flaring nostrils to make it more convincing.

      On another note, does it ever bother anyone that every time he looks down at BQQ in bed that he has some double chin happening? HAHA.


      • I’m glad you feel the same about Mark’s acting ! That’s the beauty of it – him keeping true to his character as one with few/little expressions, yet when he does it’s so deep and intense. Never does he overact either. And he nails the brooding. The way Mark portrayed Ye Hua I constantly feel like there’s a dark cloud hanging over him, and there’s so much he feels or wants to say yet won’t because he keeps to himself.

        I don’t know how many retakes it took, but does look like once Mark gets into his character he can’t stop. Quite a few BTS of him and Yang Mi that after the director yelled cut they were still absorbed into the scene and had to calm down. I doubt it took too many takes because of it.

        Mark’s ugly crying with the red eyes and flared nostrils is how crying should be done! I absolutely cannot stand for the life of me beautiful drama tears in many C-dramas where the actor/actress looks all picture pretty perfect while a single tear or two drops down their face. Like come on that shit ain’t real. Lol I remember when Legend of Zhen Huan became popular and broadcasted internationally, Japanese audiences for one couldn’t get over how bad or fake crying is done in Chinese acting/dramas. Tears aren’t supposed to be pretty!


        • We shouldn’t beat an unpleasant dead horse but let’s beat the pleasant ones all day long!! I would like do to nothing better than gush about YH/MC ad nauseum. As early as the Kunlun/Mo Yuan arc, I already found myself gushing to Peanuts saying: what is this guy doing to me? He simply sits there and my heart goes pitter patter. Of course Peanuts only has eyes for General Chu Beijie so I’m very glad to find fellow spazzers here.
          I love Mo Yuan’s quiet, unspoken protector, but how many ways shall I count for YH? If BQ was made to be loved by him, then he is made to be loved by us. He is void of feelings as the crown prince, always so full of logic and rational thinking. And how offended the fussy lad becomes when he encounters an insolent mortal. But here is love and warmth and compassion he never knew existed. And the little changes that goes over his face, perceptible, but so seamless, as he thinks he will be her protector yet unknowingky, he is the one to take shelter in the woman’s quilt and embrace. That content little boy smile. I can’t!

          Then when he learns to cry, having shed blood but never tears before, it is out of heartbreak, helplessness, grief, and devastation, having just the right amount of tears and sobbing in each occasion lest we think he is crying over the same thing. Because he isn’t. He is broken over and over, always something to make him lose his light and life, always different, yet always cruel just the same.

          I’d have to beg to differ that he isn’t a pretty crier though. He is beautiful even when he breaks down into a blubbering mess. I can never hope to cry as pretty as he. So much feelings in those eyes… mine would just be a blob of watery mess. Even when his face convulses, it never deforms which I can assure you that mine does.

          And the overwhelming love and patience and reverence for the love of his life every freaking time he looks at her. Again, I can’t.


          • Oh, I never meant that his crying was never pretty – it’s amazing how his whole face would convulse but never contort into a mess of wrinkles and snot. His facial expression during these scenes really pulls my heart!

            I understand about the heart going pitter patter, but I think I’m already swooning as soon as he even lifts his tea cup – can a man have such disastriously beautiful hands with such elegantly tapered fingers? The scene where he touches the basket (that he was in as a small dragon form) is forever etched in my mind because those hands…I just can’t.

            I love the way MZ embodies gracefulness and stoicness in his movements as well as a ltihe sensuality. One of my go to scenes is when he slowly walkes to BQ (after he has closed the doors with magic because “she’s the only thing he wants”. That clear, slo-mo sinuous saunter of his makes me gasp everytime. EVERYTIME. Walk to me baby.


          • A very apt description Hamster!! After so many days post drama, Mark Chao’s acting left a very deep impression. How I wish he has acted in more period dramas so that I can binge watch to get over 3L3W.


    • Yan Zhi! If YH is the bearer of the beacon of everlasting love, then YZ is the bearer of the beacon of hope. She’s kind to a fault, and her naivety/ trust towards other ppl is perhaps her only vice. Although that’s certainly not the worst vice one can have. You’re right in saying that despite her kindness, she is admirably resilient when push comes to shove. Had it not been for her, XN’s baby would be left dead. She never begs for herself, but begs twice to save that child. She has lost every single one in her family, the guy she likes would rather watch tombs, but she keeps her head of her shoulder to put the defenseless baby as her priority.

      I want the whole world for YZ. In my twisted fanfic mind, the future queen regnant of the three realm would be the child who was once undead, and YZ will rule as Queen Mother Supreme 😈

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      • I wonder why it was a daughter, and to even call the daughter Ying Er. Is it for Si Ying? So much sacrifice went into saving the daughter..


  16. “I love Mo Yuan’s quiet, unspoken protector, but how many ways shall I count for YH? If BQ was made to be loved by him, then he is made to be loved by us.”

    Couldn’t agree with you more. YH is admirable as a love prospect (not as much as a person) while Mo Yuan is overall the more likable character and well-rounded person . In an interview, Mark had nothing but good things to say about Mo Yuan as an admirable character with quality traits many can look up to, but for Ye Hua he simply only admired his love/faithfulness towards Bai Qian. Mo Yuan is made to be respected and sympathized by everyone, while Ye Hua is written for Bai Qian. This is clearly reflected in their actions – Mo Yuan sacrifices himself for others (not that YH doesn’t), but Ye Hua’s every action is motivated by her. Though I still believe Mo Yuan would never let anyone take Su Su’s eyes if it were him. Kinda like that time he ignored the Heaven’s request to basically turn a blind eye (no pun intended) on the Yao Guang issue and he told them to shove it.

    Everyone is all “Where can I find my YH” but for me it’s always been “Where can I find my Mo Yuan”. And like you, my heart stopped when I first laid eyes on shifu too. Even my mom who is a little too old to be fangirling (and never does, at least in front of me) couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous Mo Yuan is. What sorcery have you done, Mark?!


    • They are ancient and extinct I’m afraid πŸ˜†

      Felt so sad for Shifu! Even though he doesn’t say it in very many words, it’s quite plainly obvious if only she would look properly into his eyes and see what they contain πŸ˜₯ I volunteer as tribute, shifu!


      • Doubt it, as it’s Bai Qian we’re talking about over here. Anyone else with a slither of EQ, yes perhaps. Even if Mo Yuan came sliding down a rainbow singing ” NO! I came back for youuuuuuu m’dear” she’d just think shifu feels bad for having everyone wait for him.

        But yeah, poor shifu if only he knew how many of us out there are willing to…ya know…. listen to him play qin…. at night… he wouldn’t feel so alone πŸ˜›


  17. Oh, Shifu, I love you! I am touched by your little brother Ye Hua’s devotion, but I just swoon whenever you enter the room. It must be your quiet, heroic aura. It must be your gentle, longing, soulful glances whenever you look at your little Seventeen. It must be your incredibly sexy beard. Oh, Shifu!


  18. Hamster, after rewatch episode with english sub, there are some questions in back of my mind. Ye Hua is dragon when he transform. Is Mo Yuan also dragon ? How about Dong Hua Dijun ? I knew the joke in the book and drama that he is born from the rock, but isn’t all Tien Jun dragon ? Does somewhere in the book Tang Qi Gong Zhi clarify this ? And how about ALi ?


    • Ali is a dragon, same as Ye Hua and Lian Song because they are from the dragon lineage. The others are simply members of the celestial “kingdom”. Like not everyone from Qingqiu is a nine tailed fox (ex: Migu is a tree spirit), only the Bai family members.
      Donghua Dijun and Mo Yuan don’t have any other forms as far as I know.


  19. Thank you, Hamster. I just love this drama adaptation. It makes me hopes Yang Mi also can get the rights for the rest of this series so we can see continuation of this world. Sigh, just too bad Pillow Book rights is with Barbie Liu.


  20. I wish Yang Ming bought the rights to the pillow book too, but she didn’t and now I’m stuck with my imagination because the book didn’t do enough justice either. I prefer this adaptation over the General and I.


  21. Ali is the one up to the throne when YH was “dead”. BQ can’t take him no matter if she is the mom and has high status. She know that too.
    Ali belongs to YH’s family and was always next to YH. It’s kinda unfair to compare and bash on the female characters. Just saying


    • I agree with Evil about the “mum” bashing. Ali is essentially an heir to the Celestial kingdom so I’m sure even if they wanted to go collect him, it wouldn’t be an easy task. There’s a lot of people being upset about her not being a good mother, but there were a lot of good points such as her missing out on his first 300 years of life. It is hard to bond with someone when you are missing in their first years of life. It doesn’t mean, however, that she doesn’t care for him. She seems to be aware that in her deep state of depression, she understands that she finds it hard to look after herself, let alone a child. Similiar to some situations of mothers who had to give up their children for adoption.


      • I can’t believe I’m about the quote the book, but I will so that we can all be clear on this.

        [Migu asks, “Gugu, do you still remember that you have a son? Should we bring the young prince back to Qingqiu?”]

        [I wave my hand. Of course I still remember I have a son. I had named him Ah Li. But I can’t even take care of myself, let alone Ah Li. They’ll take care of him better in Heaven.]

        [After YH’s parents took him away, I sit dazedly under the peach tree for half a month. When he appears in front of me, he is always dressed in black, his long hair tied with a ribbon […] I sit there for half a month and am happy to feel that YH is always by my side.]

        [I am happy but Zhe Yan, 4th ge, and Bifang do not think so […] “…So you can’t live now that YH is gone?”

        4th ge is right. I feel I can’t go on without YH.]

        So you see, BQ herself only says she is not in the state of mind to take care of Ah Li. Nowhere does it say he belongs to the Celestial Clan and that it is impossible for her to come near him. The drama also follows this pretty closely. Migu mentions Ah Li, BQ dismisses him, and that was that. No more mentioning of Ah Li until they meet again in the mortal realm. The drama gives an extra tiny exposure saying Ah Li has been kept to his studies so that we get a sense of how strict Heaven is on him, but that alone is not enough to explain away BQ’s non feelings.
        BQ is not one for excuses. She couldn’t give a fck about Tianjun. She simply would rather sleep and dream of YH than to think of anything else. So let’s stop making up excuses that she doesn’t even make for herself.


        • Ok I will agree on the point about her having the power to get Ali back from the Celestial group but she decided not to as she thought “they looked after him better”, admitting that she wasn’t in the state of mind to do so. Is this selfish? Maybe…as for making excuses for the character, I think there is still room for interpretation especially in the face of grief. Everyone has a different opinion on what it means to be a parent and I respect that others have thought that she wasn’t up to par.


          • IMO the show has been very deliberate in showing exactly what it wanted to show. All of YH’s development is there where it was not in the book. YH is a very private person. But they did a brilliant job bringing his every nuance and emotion on screen. There was nothing to “interpret” as far as YH is concerned. BQ is a much more transparent character. Her love and hate has always been very obvious. If the script had wanted BQ to have any thread of attachment to her child, I’m sure it would be shown, not left up to our interpretation.
            We can agree to disagree, and of course I respect everyone’s differing opinions too. Sorry if i come off as argumentative. I get passionate in discussions sometimes.


            • No no, don’t feel bad. Argumentative is good – it keeps us all thinking. I agree with the development of YH in the drama vs. the book. As the book was mainly from BQ’s point of view, it left a lot of holes to be filled. I loved how they allowed us to see a lot of YH’s character, feelings, thoughts and love in the drama.

              What I mean by interpretation – it’s interesting when reading other’s comments in other threads how others would translate a lot of the character’s actions or try to add a backstory to why and how – and it’s natural I guess to try and reason out their actions, especially BQ’s. Either way, she’s a flawed character which is good because I’m jealous of her enough already!


          • I am also trying to figure out why Bai Qian doesn’t seem to care much about Ah Li. And then I remembered how she cant feed herself properly on Jun Ji Mountain, she was always eating fruits that grew there, and she was totally hopeless when it came to cooking. Even as a goddess, she was the same. Everytime she’s upset she turns to drinking to deal with her sorrows. All in all, alot of flaws and not a perfect heroine, but then who is perfect anyway? Ye Hua on the other hand is so selfless and every action of his was swoon worthy, the drama left me with a bitter-sweet feeling. Wish I can watch more dramas like that. Let’s hope Tang 7 comes up with something original for her sequels (Mo Yuan’s story). No more plagarisms!!


  22. I am having a massive withdrawal from this drama.

    The only thing I’d put out there is that while Ye Hua is love, there is something in Mo Yuan that makes me look at him instead. He has that quiet fortitude as well as that majesty that gods supposed to have.

    Another point, I’ve read a few comments back or was it in another post that the gods here are involved in so much petty things, it was pointed out in one of those scholarly mythologies I’ve read that among the world’s mythologies the Chinese have the ones that is mortal-like complete with governments and the inherent corruption.

    On Mark Chao, I really adore him here. Notice that he made Ye Hua and Mo Yuan two very distinct personalities. That cannot be easy even with the separate takes. You after all still have to live with a character until everything is done. On the flip side, Yang Mi’s three characters are basically the same person so the shift between characters should not be so monumental.

    Just my two cents in.

    BTW, I love your translation of Mei Gongqing as well as voting Yang Yang as Qilang.



    • SilentLurker, tell me about massive withdrawals. I’ve probably watched each episode more than 10 times, and favourite episodes more than 30 times. So much so, that I can recognise and say some words in Mandarin LOL.

      I agree with you on MY making our hearts flutter. Ye Hua already has a permanent part in my heart but the scenes of MY drills this deep hole down into the depths of my soul – he’s just that adorable.


      • LOL!!!

        I had to listen to Kenny Rogers for a whole day to lessen the edge…

        But the whole OST is in a playlist in my phone and I have it on repeat, which really aggravates the withdrawal symptoms…

        And I haven’t found anything else to replace the drama 😦

        Good luck to me πŸ˜€


    • Yep, if you read Roman/Greek mythology then it’s just like that too. Very petty gods who commit all sorts of vices. If you watch “Journey to the West” there is a notable scene at the end when they reach India and have to bribe the monks there for the scriptures. In the house of Buddha!
      I would like to defend YM by saying that her three characters are pretty hard to do too. Si Yin is a younger more precocious ver of Bai Qian. For her to go from Si Yin to Bai Qian in that reunion scene on Kunlun takes nuance.
      But yes, I agree Mark is wonderful. Love the scene where two brothers sit side by side. Even the ways they sit tell you so much. Mo Yuan in his lotus position, so relaxed and at ease. And then you see Ye Hua and you want to laugh because he’s straight and prim and obviously in vigilant mode “ugh, why am I here. what does this guy want? It better not be my Qianqian… Quit rambling, I need to go see my Qianqian.”


  23. I have never ever rewatched any of the dramas I’ve watched b4, however I am so tempted to watch this again… days after watching finish this drama, I’m still suffering from withdrawal too. Don’t feel like starting up any new drama.. kept listening to Chilly. If there’s any drama that can help me get over this, pls let me know hahah… not e General and I tho… can’t stand the heroine in e novel although I love Chu bejie


    • Well, maybe the reason why I keep on rewatching it is because I don’t want to get over it haha! But honestly, I’ve seen the same scenes so many times that I had thought that I was over it – so much so that I’m noticing little things (eg. YH running in the background when he “appears” magically; the glue on BQ’s false eyelashes) that annoy me, but I still love because the acting is great.

      I know what you mean about Chilly, I have that on replay in my car…

      I would recommend Goblin?


      • I dunno, I read synopsis of goblin and it didn’t interest me to watch.. a lot of Korean dramas w big hype like Descendants of the sun, the heirs, gentleman’s dignity etc.. all by the same writer coincidentally did not light up any addictive craze. synopsis also did not interest me to watch it. Perhaps I should give goblin a try n cross my fingers. When I like a drama I would actually read ahead on e plot and ending, and sometimes I ended up dropping it after reading spoilers. Fortunately this did not happen for dramas like 3L3W, HQG and there’s one other Korean drama called King’s Daughter Su Baek Hyang. Also, another fav despite knowing the plot very well is Itazura Na kiss.


        • Sorry for butting in to your convo… I think my recent problem with kdramas is that the storytelling don’t feel genuine anymore. There’s either too much fanservice or grandness or them trying for something different just for the sake of being different. I don’t like being manipulated or patronized by my entertainment. I’m in a drama watching rut as well but maybe that’s for the better. I need to catch up with everything else in life including these translations πŸ˜†


          • I really liked “While you were sleeping”. I think the screenwriter really believes in her themes and characters. But there are many kdramas that bore me a lot. And I feel really uncomfortable when the female lead is not developed at all (for instance, “Black”, “Hong kil Dong”. I probably was more stunned by side characters like the one interpreted by Won Hae Kim (What an incredible actor)) One day I will re-watch some kdramas I loved in the past to see how I feel. The master’s sun is one of my favourites too.
            I only discovered Chinese novels this year. And I loved the Pillow book. So, when I started watching this drama on Netflix I was really surprised to recognise so many characters. I didn’t expect a great adaptation of Dong Huan, thus I’m really fine about how the characters are showed since they are not the protagonists(I fangirled XD it can’t be helped). But I hope that Fengjiu and Dong Huan will be better despicted in their own story.


        • I haven’t watched a lot of kdramas in the past 8 years, 20 at most. I watched Goblin for the comic relief even if it felt exaggerated. It’s something that you don’t need to think about, just watch come what may.


  24. Having mad 3L3W withdrawals as well. Can’t manage to get past episode 1 of any other drama since then. This is the first time I got so madly attached to a drama. HELP!!!


  25. I know this drama was adapted from a novel, but I never read the novel so I went into this without knowing the backstory. I had an icky factor at first thinking Moyuan and Siyin was the OTP and stopped watching around episode 6. By encouragement of friends, I picked it up again and binge-watched, the first 10 episodes were hard for me to get through, but once Yehua made an appearance I was hooked. But down the line, it wasn’t Yehua and Susu/Qianqian pairing that got to me, it was Donghua and Fengjiu. I loved Fengjiu’s persistence and how it finally got to Donghua, albeit being ill-fated that they couldn’t be together. I buy into their whole romance and how Donghua had to resort to being a mortal to return her love, it felt rather poetic and beautiful to me that Donghua is willing to break a little rule for his love, but not enough to sacrifice the uncertain future. From my perspective, it seemed like he did it all for her sake and it was so touching I ended up crying at the scene where he turned from the funeral procession to tell her he would have fallen for her if he didn’t erase his name from the stone (but he already fell for her) and Fengjiu broke down right there.

    Seeing as Donghua and Fengjiu didn’t get happy resolution in the drama, I had to resort to reading Pillow Book and I absolutely loved it! I love how the novel started out comedic, angsty and then somewhat a happy ending, I kind of wish Fengjiu would wake up and get a much more descriptive future with Donghua and their child. I love the explanation in the novel that they weren’t meant to be, but her persistence moved the heaven and Donghua could care less what fate has for them, he was going to pursue her with all he got once he realized his feelings. I wish the drama (I know this isn’t Pillow Book adaptation) had been more faithful to both Donghua and Fengjiu’s characters. I felt like Fengjiu fell short in the drama, she was much more stronger in the novel and fought harder than anyone for her love, while Donghua was willing to defy fate if it means to be able to reunite with Fengjiu. I admired their spirits in the novel and I feel like I love the drama version of them a little less after reading the novel. I’m not familiar with the author’s work but I really loved her Pillow Book and her humor in them, and oh my, Donghua’s jealousy was the best thing ever.


  26. Excuse me please but what drama is this? It looks rad,I dunno much about Chinese dramas so I don’t really know where to look? Could you tell me the name?


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