A Match Made in Heaven – Chapter 1




A Match Made in Heaven

by Shisi Lang

Before reading on, please be aware that this is part of the 1st chapter series, so there will not be more updates following this chapter. This is only meant as an introduction to the novel to garner interest from readers and translators alike. Since 7 Unfortunate Lifetimes was picked up as a project, maybe someone else will pick this one up as well!

Chapter 01 – The Woman in the Dream

新年快乐 Chúc mừng năm mới

Happy Goat Year! I’m thinking of doing a 1st chapter series, where I would translate the 1st chapter (or prologue) of a book I recommend but don’t otherwise have the time to fully translate. This is the first of the series, so sit back and have some New Year laugh~

This is another Jiu Lu Fei Xiang work that I’ve introduced on SSB. When 99 wants to be, she’s pretty hilarious. Here, she writes about Xiao Xiang, a puff of cloud, and Chu Kong, a celestial star. It sounds like a match made in heaven, except it’s far from it. The two get off on the wrong foot, mess up everyone’s romantic fate, and end up having to spend seven bitter lifetimes with each other as punishment for their crime haha. This is how it all begins: