Year-end housekeeping

1. Finally got another update for Pillow Book 4.1.  It's getting increasingly hard to translate because my favorite passages don't come back again until chapter 9.  I don't know how fast I'll be translating from here on out.  If anyone else is interested in translating this novel, by all means, take it away 😀 just let me know so I know to stop.  But until then I'll slowly work away at it.

2. I absolutely love School 2013.  I don't know how long this infatuation will last but I haven't obsessed this much since the beginning of the year when SUFBB and QIHM aired.  It's just so good at hitting all the emotional buttons I have and there's not even any romance!  I mean, there could be, but the air remains ambivalent, and I'm not holding any breath.  It's so sad the soompi thread's like… {ye short}.  But tumblr's been a life-saver.  All the gif's make me giddy with emotion explosions.

fist bump ftw (credit to original owner)

3. So that brings me to my top dramas of the year?  If it's not already obvious in Numero Dos, it's:
Shut Up Flower Boy Band – angsting it out rock-band style
Queen Inhyun's Man – sweeping, romantic, a modern day fairy tale
Answer Me 1997 – heart-on-sleeve teen years at its best
and School 2013 – what's high school hierarchy without a jjang?

The few others that I tried out:
Sun Moon something something – so simple it borderlines brainless
Wild Romance – intriguing, but not endearing
Rooftop Prince – A for effort, and not much else
Big – waited on good faith and got slapped in the face
Faith – my faith apparently ran out in the previous one
Arang and Magistrate – pretty~~~~ and then got bored somewhere somehow
Nice Guy – too low-key
Can We Get Married – too grating
King of Drama – too exhausting
I Miss You – takes the exhausting crown from the previous
Alice in Cheongdamdong – still trying, but professedly not on the same wavelength

4.  That exam I took in October?  I passed~ hee.  So now I'm legit and shit… erm, registered and licensed.  Let's just hope I won't have to sit through another exam ever in my life… although I feel like I always speak too soon.

5.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Years to everyone.  The Holidays part may be a little late, but New Years is still upon us.  May 2013 brings awesome things (and awesome dramas to all the fellow addicts out there.)

6. OMG OMG OMG tumblr what are you doing to me?  Just@$#mfflng*&%shmblng  I need this in Drama… like eight episodes ago!

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

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