In the news of dramas…


I've dropped Cheongdamdong Alice for good now that Flower Boy Next Door is out.  The 2nd is doing a much better job at endearing itself to me.  Moon Geun Young is still wonderful (although at times I swear she is regressing to the wide-eye acting I so dislike).  But the story-telling is so tiresome at this point.  It feels like Inhwa: fairly attractive and competent, somewhat different from the norm, but isn't terribly interesting.  And then there's Seungjo whose silliness I've been trying to ignore except I can't pretend it's harmless anymore.  His unnatural faces and gestures really really annoy the hell out of me.  It's weird and creepy.  Please stop that.  Stop that. *impulsive hand slap*  And sorry to all the Park Shihoo fans out there, but the man can't act.  Literally his every muscle enunciates along with each of his syllable when he speaks.  OMG, it's so hammy I can't take it.  Just… sorry.

FBND otoh is quirky and cute and I'm crossing my fingers they'll keep it zipping along for the next 14 eps.  Here we also have a man-child in Enrique, but well… he is a child relatively speaking so his quirks are more age-appropriate, and Yoon Shiyoon just knows how to work his charm.  Eeee~
Aww… and is Kim Jihoon relegated to unrequited love?  First she crushes on guy#1 across the building, then she falls for guy#2 also across the building?  Well… you know what you should do KJH, move to the other building!  Obviously that's where all the mojo is.

Still watching School 2013.  Still awesome.  Although, I think they're being so blatant with the bromance now.  Seriously… who says lines like these:







The electricity zapping everywhere… I half expect angry make-outs 😀

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