So apparently my heart beats for heroes who can scale walls. It happened when LMH dropped a few stories in City Hunter and my heart goes wild again when this happened today:

The ninja-like agility! Swoon~

Three of my fav four dramas this year have been school dramas. No joke. The pitch perfect SUFBB, the endearing RM1997, and now the heart bleeding School2013. What they all have in common is that they all wear their heart on their sleeves. Each and every one of them. What seem to be silly predicaments, they are able to sell so convincingly. And you know what? They are very real problems once upon a time. We all went through some sort of variation I bet. Can’t say the same for amnesia and identity secrets.

And OMG, I knew Nam Soon has a gangster past! Those balled up fists and flashes of controlled fury on the fringe cannot just be pent up frustration. He was totally trying to contain a monster of some sort. My heart! It bleeds for him. He’s not even apathetic, he’s probably self-loathed. I want to see this kid smile by the end of the drama. Not the lopsided ones he’s been doing. But the Sung Shiwon’s I-touched-Tony-oppa’s-hand beaming one.

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