Summer Status Report

Dramas I’m watching:
I Hear Your Voice: winning OTP, great central conflict, thumps up.
Autumn in My Heart, Thai edition: winning OTP, great mood pacifier, thumps up.
Starman: is this like, Superman? I dunno. but adorable kids!

Dramas I’ve dropped:
Monstar: 7 was the last ep I enjoyed, 9 was the last I watched, OTP is a major fail for me, plot is dragging its feet, ensemble cast lacks chemistry as a group. Dream High retains its crown.
Heartless City: who diluted my damn coffee with vanilla cream? such was my feelings about this cup of noir coffee. I don’t remember which ep I last watched, something before double digits. They veer back to conventional Kdramaland too often for my liking. Talked too much, then talked too much of damn feelings. Feelings are for the weak! (Say I, queen of sappiness). Could we have traded them for smart mindgames instead? JKH is cool when he’s being badass, but tends to overact the anguish bit (see above about overdosed feelings). Would have liked something more nuanced, more efficient.

Dramas I’m rewatching:
Dalja’s Spring: I forgot what a riot this drama was. The things Dalja gets herself into are so funny. Also forgot Kim Jaewook was in this one.

Extracurricular activities:
Pillow Book: I was translating and discovered the next section is way long. So don’t check for updates this week.

Monstar 06

*inhales* I love his voice!  Again, this ep cemented my love for SW.  It's just a no-brainer for me when I have to choose between the punk vs. the gentleman.  I get the little connections they're trying to do with SY & SC, and those are the things I lap up like a dog anyway, but I think I'm past that age where I can feel any sort of attraction for a bratty punk who is emotionally stunted.  I find him hilarious, and I'm okay narratively that he ends up with the girl (who is also emotionally stunted), but SW has my noona vote.  I know you're singing for SY right now, but I so hope to god you'll be singing to the girl sitting behind you soon.  Psst, she's the one!

In this ep we also get to see little SW & SC.  They were so tiny and cute.  Please go back to the way that was.  Here SW was asking SC to come along with him to meet SY and her dad.  Of course SC was a know-it-all back then too, calling SW out on his pathetic crush.



But he went along anyway to show brotherly support lolol.  Too cute.


Aww Nana liked SW at first sight.  In the preview they made a big deal out of SW and SY's date but I didn't think it was going to be a prologue to Nana's story.  If anything I expected it to be another device for SC to get his feelings up to date.  It was so sad to see her cry in karaoke, but this was also the most random cheesy scene ever.  I kinda ROFLOL for a moment there with the billowing curtains and everything… esp since the song of choice was also really painful in a 90's OTT sorta way lol.  But I get u Nana, I get u.  We'd all glaze over like dat too if he was anywhere near our vicinity.




Heartless City

So… I guess Heartless City lost its slickness half way into ep 02, or thereabout as my memory’s pretty crappy like that. All too sudden it got very generic, in both the writing and the directing. For example, we get so many backstories now? Not even flashes, but in-your-face detailed explanation because we need help putting two and two together like that. And I get it that cops & crime syndicates get involved w each other a lot, but everyone is connected now? Like from childhood? Ok, dramaland.
Oh, and while watching I can’t help but think of TVB’s The Bund. I get that they’re going for Tony’s Infernal Affairs with the undercover bit, but really, I see 上海灘 all over it. When Doc said to Soo “Let’s take over all these streets” I lit. see Hui Man Keung talking to Ting Lik. His hooker noona? Fong Yim Wun. Kyungmi – tragic 1st love. Soomin – Fung Ching Ching. See what I mean? I guess I’ll stick to the end to see where they take the whole Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing. But ohmygadh I want the 1st ep back… so so bad.