Totally Captivated DJ in English

My copies of the Ttlycaptivated DJs came in today. The priority mail envelop was all but ripped during shipping but thankfully the books are safe.
For comparison purposes, I took a pic of one of the DJs with the regular volume:

These are big, totally worth $15. The stock paper is high quality, sturdy and white. You'll think I'm crazy but even the smell of new paper is nice. The only thing is, they didn't keep the color pages 😦 everything is in b&w.

Oooh, but lookie:

Guess I didn't have to go to LA for an autographed copy afterall. Yay!

Okay, so I'm updating with more info… The books are 7" x10" or 18cm x 25.4cm in dimension.

The first book, ~168 pages, contains "How to Live with a Beast" and "Totally Spying on Them"
cover_sheets_v1 = how to live with a beast_kr + spying on them_kr02 + Totally spying on them_kr

The second book, ~ 152 pages, contains the two volumes of "Final Episode"
cover_sheets_v2 = final chapter_kr + final chapter_kr02

The third book, ~118 pages, contains "Sangchul's Diary"
 cover_sangchul = sangchul's_kr

If I'm wrong, don't hesitate to tell me πŸ˜€

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31 thoughts on “Totally Captivated DJ in English

  1. I just got mine yesterday and I was surprised to see I got the author’s autograph too! xD
    I was wondering if it was a printed autographed or she really signed my copy of “Diary of Sanghul”. They look different a little so I’m assuming she individually signed each one ^^


    • Aww I’m sorry you didnt get the autograph. I knew they might not sell all 100 copies at Anime Expo so I stalked their site like crazy trying to shoe-in for the last few sold online. But I would’ve been estatic either way because these DJs have been so elusive.


  2. I got mine today too-it was signed(signature and handwriting is slightly different than yours so i’m sure she hand signed them πŸ˜€ ) I was so excited it was signed-so worth the cost!


    • Another clue it was hand signed is that it wasn’t wrapped in shrink plastic like the other two books. Explicit stuff is always wrapped. They prob took it off so she could sign inside. The best $45 I spent this month πŸ˜€


    • Ah no, you have to buy all 3 books, and even then the autograph is limited. Since some of us didnt get one, I think they already ran out at this point. I still think it’s worth it to have to regular unsigned books. They’re really pretty.


  3. wow so some of those in US who bought the books online actually got the signed copies… wah so jaelous T_T Thanks for sharing! I’m worrying on getting mine with that covers… may not pass through my country’s custom sighs…


  4. Hello, can I ask you if you could tell me the weight of all the three books please? Also an approximate measure would be fine. I have friend who took the books for me but I want to calculate the shipping cost just to have an idea of which organ of my body I’ll have to sell XD


    • They’re under 5 lbs together or about 2 kg, 7″ by 10″ or 18cm by 25.4cm. If your friend ships from US to overseas, it’ll cost $16.96 using Flat Rate Priority Envelope. But tell her to tape it well because these envelopes are so easy to tear.


  5. where to buy?

    happy I found your page πŸ™‚
    I didn’t know that they are available in English to buy.
    Could you please give me the address, where I can buy all three Volumes of “Totally Captivated DJ”?
    That would be great! Thank you


  6. Oh man. They gave out autographed copies? T^T Now I’m depressed.

    I ordered these the first moment BLUPDATES gave me the news. I went straight to their online store and paid but I didn’t get an autographed copy. Invoice even says July 14 (or was that already too late?) I only got the Mookyul mousepad as promised. Huhu.

    Sorry for ranting. I’m gonna go and rant at Netcomics’ customer support now.


    • There was only 100 autographed copies. So I think you were just a tad late. Some of us who ordered on the day it became available online didn’t get one either. They were mostly given away at the LA anime con. So don’t be too upset at NetComics πŸ™‚


  7. Re: Uniform Artbook

    Please scroll up to see link from previous comments
    *edit* ack, sorry I never read thoroughly. The uniform artbook wasn’t released outside of Korea, and at this point I think it has been sold out. Your best bet is stalking Ebay.


    • Re: Uniform Artbook

      I got it. Thank you ^^
      *cry* I really want to have it 😦 But, the order of TC Comm LJ haven’t ended for a long time *cry*.
      If you know the one is going to sell it, please tell me. Very very thank you


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