Queen of SOP

What is this? Am I in drama heaven? They aired 3 eps of SOP Queen in one day, and will continue to spew them out like overstocks. I also have the amazing ppl over on Viki to thank bcuz they are super duper fast with the subs. I watched all 3 tonight and loved it.
The opening was corny and Hans Zhang spoke as good English as the next actor in dramaland. But. It was pretty. It was cute. It’s shoujo manga brought to life. So my thing. That display window thing? Guh, of course every girl wants a fairy tale! And that wasn’t even an OTP scene.
The men… umm… yes, the men. I kinda dismissed Godfrey Gao as another Leon Jay Williams but Oh God he’s hot, and not nearly as stilted looking. I’m already betraying the main lead who I super shipped from the trailers, 3 eps in. Speaking of whom, Hans Zhang is adorbs. Yes, I choose you over Hot Guy, but it may be my maternal instinct speaking. They showed him being fly and cool, but all I can remember is a little boy and his Peter Rabbit journeying around London. To Take Memento Polaroids For The Girl He Crushes On. Ugh. I need to stop watching unicorns and believe they exist.
Chen Qiao En is also v.v. cute. I love her. Like the drama, she’s not exactly fancy or groundbreaking. But she’s heartfelt and natural. It’s a feel-good affair.
Dunno where it’s heading, but if it stays in the predictable zone (which means no surprise stinking) then I’ll be a happy camper.

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