1st Impressions on May’s Rom-coms

Baby-Face Beauty

Cute factor: A
Funny factor: B+
Romance/Chemistry: B+

OMG, where has Daniel Choi been all my life?  Already I love his character the best.  He’s actually a lot like your average guy: perenially awkward, but thinks he’s a level or two cooler than he is.  I’m sure this kid is like a chaebol-in-disguise, but his personality is anything but.  Yeah, he’s a bit on the rambunctious side, but he works hard at everything including earning his money and getting girls.  I mean, omg, he gets giddy going clubbing lolz.  At least he doesn’t look down at girls through his nose and say "off with you, I’m too good for such common frivolity."

Daniel Choi and Jang Nara have good chemistry at this point, not great, but good.  And I’m okay with that.  I like how they are progressing (although with a bit of cliche bickering) as friends where there is mutual respect and support.  I’m also digging it that he’s her not-so-shining-knight.  He’s not going to be of much help financially or socially but I can already tell he’ll be there for her when she needs someone the most (he better be!)  I don’t know if it’ll ever get sizzling for me to believe they’ve gone beyond BFFs but I guess that’s one reason to stay tuned in.

The other leg of the triangle or rectangle or whatever they’ve got is not very compelling so far.  Someone needs to tell the boss he can only be prickly if he is also charismatic.  You can’t be prickly and dull at the same time.

(I’ll come back with a proper edit for The Greatest Love and Lie to Me)

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