A Ruoxi and Eight-centric post

This is my latest attempt of getting over this couple.  I mean, I still have another tragic love story to catch up with in RX & Four >_<

Ruoxi and Eight's just special to me because they're the first love of the drama.  And while Ruoxi ended up loving Four with all her might, she had once loved Eight with some strong passion as well.  And among their moments together, the one where she unknowingly follows him after court resonates with me the most.  It didn't catch my attention in the novel at first for some reason, but the drama filmed the scene really well and I was caught up in the moment along with Ruoxi.

I'm posting up this scene with both caps from the drama and the translated excerpt from the novel.

As I wordlessly walk away, whether it was by accident or conscious
effort, I find myself in front of the Supreme Peace Palace.  I stand
there not knowing how much time has passed until the court is at last
dismissed.  Among the swam of officials leaving, I see a familiar figure
walking out with languid steps.  His body is now thinner, but his
appearance is still serene and elegant.  It's a pity we stand too far
away for me to see clearly his face.  I can however still imagine the
luminous expression along with those unsmiling eyes of his.

With a blank mind, I desperately watch him walk down the steps, then
across the courtyard infront of the palace.  There are others around
walking with him, yet he still looks ever so lonely.  The high noon sun
shines down on him, but it can't possibly reach his heart.  Like the
wild flowers on Scotland''s fields, his bright outer appearance can't
hide the desolation within.

Suddenly, he comes to a stop and turns his head to where I am hiding.  I
startle and immediately pull my head back.  Pressing my back against
the wall, my heart thumps like quickened drums.  When at last I can't
hold back any longer, I carefully peek out but I now can only see his
shadow in the distance.  He keeps on going farther away and eventually
dissappears beyond the great gate.  As if I am urged on by an invisible
force, I quickly follow along the marble wall.  The eunuchs and guards
all seem surprised, but they only look on as they know who I am.

I remember that during the Qing Dynasty, officials were to come and
leave through the exit to the left of the Meridian Gate (Wu men), and
the imperial family were to use the one on the right.  I then take the
shortest route to a high spot and hide behind a column.  Looking down, I
rightly see the royalties and princes separating to the right.  From
this height, however, I can still only see his back.  With leisure, he
is walking away as he talks and smiles to the person by his side.

At length, they finally reach the Meridian Gate.  Before stepping out,
he unexpectedly stops walking and turns around.  His head is raised to
where I am hiding.  I press my body against the column and stay
absolutely still.  Some moment later, when I peek my head out again,
there is no one left.  There remains only the afternoon sun shining on
the ground with its blinding light paining my eyes.  I keep my gaze
fixed on the ground with my back against the column.  Slowly, I slide
down until my entire body slumps to the floor.

I find this scene so utterly adorable because it happened at the start of their courtship.  At this point, there was an understood attraction between the two of them but words and actions were few and far.  So then for her to have acted like this not even as a response to anything he does but just on her own was totally tickling my shippy heart.  Her feet and body moved on their own and her attraction to this man right there and then was without rhyme or reason.  She only wanted him to stay a while longer in her sight because then she'd know a while longer that he's okay.  Yet like anything in BBJX, even the cutest scene is tinted with sadness.  It's a very accurate depiction of their relationship in that she kept following yet hiding from him.  There is both a sense of desperation to be near him and disappointment that she can't.  On the other hand, he kept searching for her, but missing her nonetheless.  It's an unfulfilled fate already so early on 😥

Ok, this totally did not work.  I am back to wallowing mood~

Haha, well, have an MV… that was another attempt at moving on.

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