Manga collection update

Woot~ the Twinkle Stars volumes from Chuang Yi came today.  The unwrapped set is mine, the one still in shrink-wrap is my friend's.

I don't know how the English translation is yet, but I love these books!  They have dust jackets like everyone else (Japanese, French, Spanish).  The 3 first volumes are printed on very good quality paper.  But the next three are printed on worse paper stock, and you can literally feel the difference in weight as you hold each on either of your hands.  Interesting that everyone's cutting corners, not just in America >_<  Ah well, I don't mind too much.  I'm just glad there's another source of English manga elsewhere on earth.  Thanks Singapore~  I knew I had a friend in you.

Oh right, they also sent me these freebies.  I don't care much for freebies, but the Ouran bag is still cute!

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