My 2011 AWA shopping experience

First of all, there's not as many dealers this year as in previous years.  One of my favorite seller wasn't even there *weep*.  I had looked forward to shopping at his stall because he was the one guy who had imported books from Japan.  I mean, this was the guy who made a Tohoshinki magazine available at an anime convention.  He was also the only one to have Japanese language manga.  Next, I had trouble finding most of what I need.  Granted, what I want are either new releases (which may not be stocked yet) or obscure rare volumes.  But explain to me why nobody had Ooku?!  Lastly, I was really hoping to get an advance copy of Princess Knight (release date Oct 4) but when I walked by the Vertical table, I was informed it won't be coming out 'til November.  Something to do with the cover now comes with glittery stuff and that pushes the release date back.


:)) See that big grin?  This is the reason:

Yes, world, I have found Basara Vol 19 for a very sane price  at $5.00.  How, you ask?  I'm not quite sure myself; it still seems surreal even now.  But there I was, walking unenthusiastically around the dealers room when I stopped by a random small stall.  I swept my eyes across the tiny selection of manga and there it was, tucked away so obscurely on the shelf.  At first I thought it was some volume I already have but that my friend still doesn't, so I exclaimed to her, "Hey, Basara 19!" as if it was "Hey, Basara 17!"  But then I realized what I was holding and it quickly became "OMG, BASARA FRIGGIN NINETEEN!"    ^_^'  Needless to say this one volume made the otherwise yieldless trip worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “My 2011 AWA shopping experience

  1. I heard the audiobook but I still cannot fully understand the novel without your translation so pls continue and take it slow as book two is not released yet.Will like to help you but my Chinese is not good enough. Btw congrats on passing your exam so you have more time to translate now haha..thank you very much for translating and happy new year.


  2. after many years, i have finally completed the whole collection of his manga too. let me tell you, it’s really expensive. a whole set would cost almost half a grand. somehow, i managed to check out local used book store and found some of it for lest. thank goodness i managed to find vol 20 for 5 dollars because the acutally price for it on the market right now is $200 to $1500 (amazon). lol. so congrats to us!


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