Baby Face Beauty Ramblings

1. I thought BFB is the first drama I’ve seen Daniel Choi in, but today I realized I’ve seen two other: The World They Live In and High Kick Through the Roof.  I didn’t like High Kick at all, so my oblivion there is at least excused.  But I actually liked his character from World (as I did most of the characters).  Total face-palmed moment.

2. And then I went on to realize these two are the same person:

How do you go from cool Cho Sun to bitchy whatever-your-name-is? o_0  Now how am I supposed to continue hating you.

3. I still have the last two eps of BFB to watch, and I will watch them.  B.. but… my shippy heart has shrank considerably since the last kiss they shared.  I wasn’t kidding when I doubted if their level of chemistry would ever reach romantic sparks.  I had my reasons and they’re well-founded (and now well-proven).  The problem with many of the Korean actresses is that they’re unable to lose themselves in the role once it reaches romantic climax.  They’re either too shy, or too self-conscious, that they become awkward while trying to display physical affection.  And Jang Nara, Jang Nara is practically the archetype of these actresses.  She thrives on her innocent childlike image so I didn’t even expect a "real" kiss.

Well, it’s been 10 years since this has happened:

(Bright Girl’s Successful Story with Jang Hyuk)

And I wouldn’t mind if they went back that route because g’dammit they were better at manipulating angles than they are now:

The noses, the noses!  Go back to chaste pecks or fake angles if you must, but what was the PD thinking when he okayed this take?

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