Kdrama updates

I’m only watching four kdramas right now (yeah, only :D) as I’ve dropped a couple.  First, on the ones I’ve dropped:

Lie To Me – I would’ve continued this one if I have more time.  It doesn’t bother me as much as it does other people but I think we can all agree it’s pretty ho-hum at this point so it dropped on my priority list.

The Greatest Love – speaking of ho-hum… I’ve never been a huge fan of the Hong Sisters’ writing.  I loved Delightful Girl Chun Hyang and My Girl but only because I liked Jae Hee’s acting from the first and the couple’s chemistry in the latter.  I still maintain the opinion that their writing is really formulaic despite a little "dresssing-up" here and there (Gumiho’s mythological aspect, You’re Beautiful’s rock-band concept, etc.).  If you watch their stuff without getting ahead of yourself, it could work.  But I can see a mile away the grand! confession, the grand! separation, the grand! reunion.  It may be the Greatest Love, but it’s not the first of its kind.

Now the ones I’m still watching:

Baby Face Beauty – Twelve episodes later and this one proves to be a keeper.  I still love Daniel Choi’s character and his progression.  Compared to *ahem* caricature Dokko Jin, Choi Jin Wook’s immature self is realistic and believable.  He acts a little petulant at times, but only to close friends.  He’s a perfectly professional and functional adult otherwise.  And true to my guess, JW has transformed himself into So Young’s not-so-shining-knight.  He doesn’t swoop in with chaebolpower and pull entitled-strings.  He toils with his own efforts and stood by her not because it’s easy but despite it being hard.

How cute is this?  Really.  Asking the girl not to cry and then crying with her himself.  Choi Jin Wook, I declare you my favorite leading man of the season.

Can You Hear My Heart – I’m still on ep 18 where I left off last time.  See this post.

City Hunter – My official obsession of the season.  Where I never saw the charm before in Gu Jun Pyo or whatever his name was in Personal Taste, I’m definitely digging Lee Yoon Sung and his gun carrying ways.  Maybe I’m not really fond of all the Apple products they’ve got going around and watching CH requires a little suspension of belief, but it’s breezy, it’s fast, it’s gorgeous, and it has a leading man/OTP I can’t stop thinking about.

P.S. if this has any foreshadowing at all, SBS will have words from me.  It’s One Million Stars Falling From The Sky all over again.

Miss Ripley – Oh, Miss Ripley.  I’m still watching this because I want to see how it unfolds, but I’m firmly off Mi Ri’s ship.  I don’t hold the diploma incident against her because it spurred from desperation.  And even though she’s gone past desperation into greed now, I don’t have a problem with that either.  I don’t care if she’s evil or calculating, but her way of doing it is so… flakey.  I mean, even Hee Joo notices it, and she’s not exactly the brightest crayola.  Mi Ri is nice when she needs something, unkind when she doesn’t.  She’s being a very obvious two-face that it’s actually annoying.

Acting all dainty now whereas she was downright insulting him before.

Alternating between sweet and condescending to Hee Joo.

Like honestly, woman.  You’re playing with too many masks that it’s getting inconsistent.  Put one on and keep it on. 

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