Jeebus, May has been one heck of a busy month.  Not at work, unfortunately… my eyes glaze over everyday >_<.  But whenever I get home, I can’t find enough time to spread between my tennis, my mangas/anime, my dramas, and my friends.

The FO has started and man, this is the first time since forever when I haven’t seen Federer as the evil fiend.  Djokovic is now officially the public enemy #1.  It’s odd, because even when Nadal was "dominating" he wasn’t ever in cruise mode.  There was always a certain vulnerability associated with him.  But Federer was like some immortal god and Djokovic is now operating like a robot >:D  The forums are all plotting for Fedal to take down Djokovic.  Really, I would never imagine the day when the term Fedal is used to mean alliance instead of rivalry.  WTH?!  This is not the natural order of the tennis universe.  AT ALL!  lolz

There’s this manga called Sugar Sugar Rune which I really like.  It’s girly shoujo stuff, but it’s kinda unique (story and art both), plus it’s short and sweet (8 volumes).  I love the main character girl.  She’s got spunk and brains.  Not your typical clutz.  The ending was kinda rushed.  I totally didn’t get what happened to her parents.  But the very last scene is awesomely sweet and romantic that it saves whatever happened prior.  I recommend it if you have time.

(Found this on google, not my image)

OMG all the dramas that are flooding through my internet ports.  I seriously can’t even keep up with the downloading, let alone the watching.  Last weekend I cried a river over the ending of 49 Days (followed by another river over the ending of Fruits Basket).  And then I got my heart broken into smitherins by asshole Jin.  WHY would you ever say something like that to sweet Ae Jung?  WHYYYYY.  I hope she kicks him hard before accepting him back again.  GRRR~  I’m also following Lie to Me at the moment because I adore Yoon Eun Hye to bits.  It’s going along swimmingly and I don’t seem to have a problem with it as other people do.  I’d take tame over incoherent (MSOAN) anyday.

There’s also Baby-Faced Beauty, Romance Town (for Min Hyorin), and Can You Hear My Heart (accumulating eps to binge).

Ah~ friends.  Do I even have any left?

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