CYHMH up to ep 17

I’m super impressed that DJ isn’t played by his mom.  He’s totally seeing through her cover, telling her to leave his brother the eff alone.  Yay for smart characters!



Wow, I’m 17 episodes in and CYHMH is still rocking my socks off.  The pace is fast for a 30 ep melodrama, and already most of the cats are out of the bag.  People’s feelings and intentions are mostly revealed (to the characters themselves).  As mentioned above, I love it that DJ told his mother off.  And later, JH did the same, albeit more meekly (He told her he only promised not to see his family because she hated it, not because he was wrong in doing so).  I was afraid there’d be a rift between the brothers because of WR and the business crap, but so far I’m relieved that they still look out for one another.
They also finally semi-addressed the kidnapping issue I was pondering about earlier.  Y’know, like how the hell did DJ’s mom adopt an un-orphaned kid legally?  Apparently she didn’t.  And apparently she knows it can be problematic when people find out.  Heh.

And geez, the OTP is so awfully cute I can hardly contain my squeals.  It’s so cute whenever he calls out to her "Person whom I liked."  Hehe… is he copy-catting her dad? Gosh, and that stair-case kiss at the end of ep 14?  Swoon~  I dunno how they do it, but what would’ve been a really lame-even-a-Disney’s-PG-kiss-would-be-better kiss turned out quite sweet.

But then I start thinking about my poor JH and I’m so torn.  I knew asking the question "is she a dongsaeng, she she not?" was legitimate.  So, she’s not a dongsaeng in the end.  ack.  Time for heartbreak.  They’re so incredibly cute around each other too that I can’t help but feel for him.  Gawd, the shopping date was so happy that I felt like crying knowing it’d end shortly.  It was just too good to be true.  I knew she’d choose DJ over MR oppa, not only in the sense of her OTP, but in the sense of the person she wants to protect after hearing what CJC said.

I knew binging was the way to go with this drama.  You can’t finish one episode without itching for the next.

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