Summer Status Report

Dramas I’m watching:
I Hear Your Voice: winning OTP, great central conflict, thumps up.
Autumn in My Heart, Thai edition: winning OTP, great mood pacifier, thumps up.
Starman: is this like, Superman? I dunno. but adorable kids!

Dramas I’ve dropped:
Monstar: 7 was the last ep I enjoyed, 9 was the last I watched, OTP is a major fail for me, plot is dragging its feet, ensemble cast lacks chemistry as a group. Dream High retains its crown.
Heartless City: who diluted my damn coffee with vanilla cream? such was my feelings about this cup of noir coffee. I don’t remember which ep I last watched, something before double digits. They veer back to conventional Kdramaland too often for my liking. Talked too much, then talked too much of damn feelings. Feelings are for the weak! (Say I, queen of sappiness). Could we have traded them for smart mindgames instead? JKH is cool when he’s being badass, but tends to overact the anguish bit (see above about overdosed feelings). Would have liked something more nuanced, more efficient.

Dramas I’m rewatching:
Dalja’s Spring: I forgot what a riot this drama was. The things Dalja gets herself into are so funny. Also forgot Kim Jaewook was in this one.

Extracurricular activities:
Pillow Book: I was translating and discovered the next section is way long. So don’t check for updates this week.

5 thoughts on “Summer Status Report

  1. Thank you for not making me feel ssoooooosoooo weird with my taste more than I am already. I really do not feel much watching Heartless/Cruel City still and I’m 3 episodes in more than I normally would stuck by anything still giving me all these barely lukewarm feels, this is The Departed, ie an Infernal Affairs wannabe, but NOT, it won’t do without ALL THAT TENSION AND NOIR AND STYLE. I dunno, I hate it when I am all ready, expected to love it to bits and this should be exactly up my alley but…not.


    • Mookie! I haven’t watched The Departed yet (yay me?) but HC is def not IA. I’ve long accepted my taste aligns with neither crowd nor critics, so don’t feel alone. What stumped me is how well HC is rated among the latter. What I think is it does have suspense and style and noir, but intermittently so, and none of which is organic. It’s all done with the usual Kdrama flavor of schockful sentimentalities rammed down our throats. We’re being told what to feel, and in case we don’t get it, they’ve extended the flashback an extra 30s. A raconteur tells his story with clever distractions, not boring ones . If he had led you through the woods and streams, it would’ve been because he found it more interesting than the asphalt highway, not because he sucks at directions and has to go the long route. But instead of neither highway nor scenic, HC went through stop lights to arrive at its destination. This is a bad case of not knowing your direction thus taking the (cumbersome and uninteresting) long route because you are not wiser. I also think I’m more miffed because of my higher expectations going in. The trailer had been so minimalistically palpitating. I can usually forgive trite narrations, considering what I watch are basically soaps.


      • If he had led you through the woods and streams, it would’ve been because he found it more interesting than the asphalt highway, not because he sucks at directions and has to go the long route.

        WORD! I exactly fell in love with the drama after ep3, I guess the not quite there start crushed my expectation and it was believable enough. I was engrossed in the world, expectating a bombastic final act but it wasn’t there. Exactly my feels in the latter stretch of drama. Paksa lost most of his mojo because…he’s not as smart as he’s led me to believe. Yes those are shocking reveals, he should be shocked, but once you know the circumstances, an effective agent should regroup and reload and LEARN. There are many convenient, trite heroic theatrics at play when I see it as stupid/where is your head at work.


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