Endless Love: Thai version

Where should I start?  Why am I subjecting myself to this torture all over again?  Or why did I even subject myself to it the first time around?  Well… as much as I run away from tragedies, and slow ones at that, there are some that just… work for me, and Autumn Tale was strangely one of them.  For one, they both died… and two dead is always better than one (I swear I'm not evil).  Plus as much as I LOVED Won Bin as any sane woman would, I was a canon shipper through and through in this drama, fauxcest taboo be damned.  Sure, their feelings were untraditional and, for the masses, hard to accept/explain.  But for me… feelings are feelings are feelings.  They love each other.  They have a connection.  Their love didn't kill puppies.  So get over it, masses.

I got bitten by a fire ant yesterday.  And the only thing that would help me sleep through the itching/swelling was benadryl.  So somewhere between my lulling to sleep I managed to watch 3 eps of this stuff (5-8).  And it was wonderful.  It was so calm and peaceful unlike the makjang premise it's working on.  I'm sure it's not the benadryl talking because I'm very lucid right now.  I love this version >>>> the original.  It has a quaint, quiet vibe where moments play out on their own and are allowed to linger or dissipate at their pace.  More often than not dialogues are unaccompanied by bkg music.  And when there's music, it's the soft unobtrusive kind, yet so so effective at creating the moods.  The transition between scenes isn't the smoothest, but it's part of the rawness this drama possesses.  Sometimes I'm afraid to breathe lest I disturb the damn emotions in the air.

The siblings' chemistry?  So tender I could bruise.  I profess I checked the drama out for Tik, but it's the female lead I'm crushing on right now.  I'm not familiar with this actress, but she's godawesome good.  I get it the character comes with tragic baggage, but that doesn't mean her personality is inherently depressing.  Song Hyegyo had played her like she was on her death bed from day one what with her glazed over eyes and dowdy clothes.  Pitcha OTOH is an adorable tease.  She's part coquettish, part innocent.  There's an inner strength within her willowy appearance.  And everytime she does that quivering in her voice because she's near tears?  The best voice ever.  Plus she adores him!  And he her.  I dunno, I rarely get that in dramas.  Like, they tell you they're in love.  And you just go along with the lie.  But if you seek for it in their eyes, you won't find it.  These two though, when they're together, I suck it up like a martyr and soldier on.  Their scenes are worth any of the heart-stabs in the future.

I'm gonna pop another benadryl now and maybe continue Jamyung Go (out of subbed eps on this one)… I have a feeling that one's more of a suicide.

6 thoughts on “Endless Love: Thai version

  1. It’s seem like you enjoyed with lakorns much, and they’re almost P’Tik’s lakorns. XD
    I ever watched original version and it’s too sad for me. When I know P’Tik got a role I almost scream, anyway make a promise to myself to watch it one day.

    The actress is Suchar(Aom is her nickname)
    she is new for lakorn though she’s make a big hit in her debut film ‘Yes or No’. I’ve heard it popular in Taiwan or something.
    I ever watch ‘Pon Prom Onlawaeng’ (Tangled Fate) which she’s supporting actress. It’s fun. She’s cute and charming.


    • Lol I do seem to gravitate toward Tik’s lakorns. This one is sad, but I don’t mind it so much. For some reason I’m more focused on their happy moments than their sad ones, which makes it an easier watch. You should just watch the middle part!


  2. i couldn’t ever finish the original one. even if it was the dubbed version, i just couldn’t watch it. :/

    but seeing that Aom is play with Tik for this series is just too awesome. ♥


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