Monstar 07

This was the first episode I felt anything for SC, at precisely this scene:


It's pretty obvious he's got chronic foot-in-mouth syndrome, but this was the first time I see it gnawing at him, and it's so sad!  Poor boy!  Whereas his problem had always been "I'm made to feel horrible" it finally became "I made the girl feel horrible."  Yay for human decency progress.  It's like I finally see him as someone more than a self-centered brat, who may or may not have had troubles, but self-centered regardless.

And then… yup… my babies:




Well, SW's my baby, and I kinda adopted Nana for his sake.  From the very beginning it's pretty obvious who the OTP is… so I admit I'm only a SW shipper.  I.e. I ship him with whomever/whatever makes him happy.  But his crush on SY is so adorbs and heartfelt I had to board the ship knowing very well I'd need a lifeboat on this one.  And if there's anything I preach ceaselessly it's steadfast love.  What's the point of liking someone if you're going to change your mind in a span of 16 episodes, 20 chapters, or whatever unit of story you're going by?  That's why part of me wants him to keep pursuing SY.  But a triangle is only compelling when both options are alive and kicking.  And that triangle ain't compelling no more.  They basically killed SW off with how unaffected SY is by him and how affected she is by SC (only Lord knows why… I kid).  And then they started to give me a full-contact collision and saving the princess from the dungeon?  To hell with first love, I say!


They continued to rock the performances.  Though I must say… what's up with SY's lack of talent in this episode?  Girl could sing before.  She was belching out a song in ep 01 so powerfully.  Why suddenly make her average only for NN to shine?  They coulda made SY have a cold or something geez.

In other news… I'm now watching four dramas plus a tennis tournament.  Expect Pillow Book in a week maybe >_<

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