Heartless City

So… I guess Heartless City lost its slickness half way into ep 02, or thereabout as my memory’s pretty crappy like that. All too sudden it got very generic, in both the writing and the directing. For example, we get so many backstories now? Not even flashes, but in-your-face detailed explanation because we need help putting two and two together like that. And I get it that cops & crime syndicates get involved w each other a lot, but everyone is connected now? Like from childhood? Ok, dramaland.
Oh, and while watching I can’t help but think of TVB’s The Bund. I get that they’re going for Tony’s Infernal Affairs with the undercover bit, but really, I see 上海灘 all over it. When Doc said to Soo “Let’s take over all these streets” I lit. see Hui Man Keung talking to Ting Lik. His hooker noona? Fong Yim Wun. Kyungmi – tragic 1st love. Soomin – Fung Ching Ching. See what I mean? I guess I’ll stick to the end to see where they take the whole Mr. and Mrs. Smith thing. But ohmygadh I want the 1st ep back… so so bad.

One thought on “Heartless City

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