Drama Sum-up

ItaKiss is… losing me.  I know, I'm inwardly groaning too.  Is there going to be a drama that stays awesome from start to end this year at all?  At first I thought Kotoko was the cutest slice of pie.  Her 4D quirks were unself-conscious and adorbs.  But they're getting more and more OTT and jarring, esp when juxtaposed against how normal Naoki and Girl 2 are.



On top of that, ep 09 had been largely pointless.  Naoki moved out.  Kotoko had to come to terms with the fact their lives might never be on the same orbit.  But her acceptance of said fact is rendered moot at the end.  With just one word from him, she was back to her fangirl ways… Ok, I don't remember the manga much.  It's sitting on my shelf looking pretty atm.  This is probably what happened in the original plotline.  But… wth?  Girl, move on.  Four years in HS was enough.  Continue your crush?  Fine.  Stalking him relentlessly despite his continued disdain of you?  Hell no.  He's made so little progress, so very little!  That means you back the hell off for both your own and his good.

I don't ask for a lot in my dramas.  Sure, I appreciate ingenuity when it happens, but I'm the type that prefers wholesome breezy fares anyway.  So as long as it's competent, heartfelt, and not dawdling along, I'm a happy camper.  Surprise, surprise, nothing this year had filled those three meager criteria.  I don't know why.  Don't ask me why.  Now, Monstar OTOH is rocking it.  There are only 3 eps as yet so who knows how long I'll be singing this tune.  I saw gif's on tumblr on my vacation weeks ago so I thought I'd have a stash to watch by the time I came back.  But the show only airs 1 ep per week.  Not cool, Mnet!

I don't know what it is about these school dramas.  Lord know I'm too old for them.  But there it is.  Transfer student, underdogs, pretty music for my ears, and all of a sudden I'm in.  I love how not only is Heroine able to defend herself, there's a fierceness in her to boot.  Like, cross her, and you'll die.

Love triangle is a v.v. typical set-up.  Guy 1 is a swaggering brat, Guy 2 is Prince Charming.  And guess who predictable Hamster has her heart set on?  Damn right, the one with the smoldering eyes.
It's almost tragic how I always choose 'em.  I'll go ahead and admit it now, but in 香蜜沉沉如霜 I was team 神 the entire time.  Maybe their capacity for empathy is a bit questionable, but there's a world of hurt underneath their quiet unspoken facades too, which makes it doubly sad that the girls don't stay for them.  And okay, so Little Fishy got twisted for a while there, but I blame the author for that.  So please, don't spoil Sunwoo's character just to justify the OTP's ending.

(disclaimer: caps from me, gif's from tumblr/soompi)

One thought on “Drama Sum-up

  1. Thank you for the translations ! DH manages to save FQ’s day in his usual maddening way :p

    Has the Vol 2 of the book been totally released by the author already ?


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