Cutest blooper ever

The hours I spent for Tik and Aom~  I don't recommend this lakorn because it's a slap/kiss type and I don't think rape=romantic.  It's pretty telling that I find a blooper the most swooning thing about the show… but it is!  It is so cute!

She messed up her line (said me instead of him)
but he kept looking at her with those ~eyes~ and went on with the dialogue.
so she shyly reproached him in the cutest whispering voice
and he still kept those in-character eyes to whisper back
at which point she wittily replies
which has him laughing out loud

3 thoughts on “Cutest blooper ever

  1. Tik!!!

    His smiles gets me each time! Its been a while since I last saw that lakorn! Where on earth did you find that ng scene?! After reading this post, I tried searching for the scene! Lol. It’s cool that you’re getting into lakorns as it is something that I had watched as a child. I kinda drifted out of them for a while, but after your posts, I found myself checking them out again! Lol
    Anyway, I’m not sure if you seen it yet but if you like Tik and his adorable smiles, maybe you could check out Kaew Tah Pee. Tik also plays in this lakorn as a blind man of 3 years who meet the main for just as she is contemplating suicide… things happen, misunderstanding occurs (not the bad type), and a marriage pursues! Lol. It’s English subbed in youtube. Despite 4 annoying female characters that are out to destroy the OTP, the interactions between the OTP are truly adorable! Tik’s character is charming, bright, and witty! You should check it out. Lol
    On the other hand, I’m patiently awaiting your wonderful translation of the pillow book!!!


  2. Oh. My. Lord.

    I’ve finally managed to gather the courage to leave a comment on here after stalking your LJ madly (it’s just that one gets so self-concious when they find themself lurking through old posts ;_;) and anyway, I think I’ve inadvertently stumbled upon the best recommendations for Lakorn’s so far. I always used to stay the hell away from lakorns because the summaries of the popular ones always sounded so… makjang (which I despise) and secondly due to all the grumblings about domestic violence((?) at least that’s how it sounds in comments, but but.. Your posts on Prissana and tik and aom and I just… *this* is my genre~ Especially Prissana. I mean, I haven’t even tik act,and I am thisclose to pledging my undying love to him. I is marathoning the show as soon as I get into a country that hasn’t blocked youtube (stupid govt -__-;;)

    Am I right in guessing that these are screencaps from Endless Love? Also, would you have any more recommendations for a newbie lakorn watcher? I’ve already put Wanida, Prissana, Kaew Tah Pee and Endless Love on my to watch list, but I feel like hoarding and putting more stuff on the to-watch list (as if I wasn’t completely flooded with dramas already ~_~;;)


    • Re: Oh. My. Lord.

      Hi! This? This was Roy Leh Sanae Rai, which is one of those rapey lakorns. You may want to stay away lol. Aom is this drama is a dif actress from the Aom in Endless Love. I like them equally as actresses though.
      I’m glad you like Prissana. I absolutely loved it. I haven’t watched too many lakorns either. To be honest my top three are Prissana, Songrao Nirundorn, and Endless Love. You can try to see if you like Roy Mai. That one has a good concept but execution didn’t hit the spot for me.


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