Prissana novel in English!

Why yes it exists!
Had the hardest time searching for it because the romanized title is "Prisna." On top of that it's old and obscure and apparently only shelfed in academic institutions which I'm not privy to. But what good is Berkeley if not their enviable book vaults libraries? I wheedled my brother into loaning the books and ship them to me because I! WANT!
Now excuse me while I go speed read so they won't hold his diploma for owing library books.

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8 thoughts on “Prissana novel in English!

  1. Wow! I don’t even know it’s exist.
    (1961? So I don’t wonder why I don’t know about this book. I don’t even born. orz)

    Hope you enjoy reading. =]


    • Normally, classics in other languages do get translated. Especially in influential cultures like Japan, China etc. So with Siamese culture being notable in the area as well, I kept my hopes up and searched and searched đŸ˜€

      If you don’t have access to a library which has this novel, I’m posting up selected chapters in my tumblr:


  2. I found in some thai bbs that the writer always compare Tan Chai with Errol Flynn.
    ็He’s a bad boy actor in 1940’s. (Didn’t know him either lol)


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