QIHM 13-14

Another good week from QIHM… although I do have some mixed feelings this time (as opposed to last week when I was too far off in OTP Heaven to really give a damn about anything else).

This scene explains so much why BD was alarmed last week when he thought HJ burned his talisman.  It's not just a portal home for him, it's this mystical thing that can SHIT everything up.  I mean really, why didn't I think of it too?  His explanation makes so much sense.  If a slash can gobble up their existence last time, what will an incineration do?  Had she really burn it, there may not be anything to salvage anymore.  It had something to do with him, but everything to do with them.

Ugh, and it breaks my heart that she desperately begs him not to leave.  Because leaving could mean goodbye forever.  And then what does he say?  Being honorable and awesomesauce, he says he'll keep his pledge to the Queen as well as his promise to her.  And we know BD DOES NOT make empty promises.  That means he has the uprightness to contemplate a plan, the intelligence to draw it up, and the courage to execute it.  Excuse me while I swoon~

Elsewhere 300 years ago another lady was also begging him not to leave [her] world.

Gahhhh why is it so heartbreaking no matter what he does?  Seriously though, why does he not like YW?  She's gorgeous, she's selflessly devoted, she's rational, she's clever.  As much as I love my OTP, I.Just.Don't.Get.It.

Then for one last time, he turns and look at his 'homeland' before leaving forever.  No train or airplane will ever be able to take him back again.  And it really resonates when he later tells HJ he now feels like an orphan.  You'd think his parents' deaths would have introduced him to that feeling already, but it makes sense that 2012 is when he truly feels like he's all alone.

And then here's where my mixed feelings come in… meeting and parting.  Why does it happen so much?  I'm getting whiplash.  Does anyone out there think this could have been an ending scene?

I kinda thought the whole Joseon scheme, and thus their separation, would stretch out a bit more.  Whenever they have a traumatic separation, it only kinda lasts a few days (or at least feels like it).  Give it a few months!  Let the anxiety bug bite a bit longer!  There is such a thing as too much action.  And okay, if this wasn't the ending yet, then something much bigger is still hidden in the next two episodes right?  But that means they'd have to build up another mini climax, and I kinda want to just have one big OMG cumulation instead of five little ones.

Anyway, I'm glad I only have 2 more eps to go.  Spending time stalking on soompi, blogs, and tumblr is really disruptive to my life.  I plan to spend my free time in the next few months on following sports events (FO, Wimby, Olympics, USO) and studying for an exam in October.  Speaking of which, it's not fair to include trigonometry identities as part of a kinematics problem's solution in an exam that tests engineering judgement.  It's not a damn math exam!  I'm not supposed to be wasting my time doing long-winded calculations.

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