QIHM 11 proper post

Everyone and her mother should already see 11 and had their share of flailing arms… but I was stuck on a cruise ship disconnected from real-time everything, and I have things to say~!

Let's start with the moment they finally met again:

1st of all… the man has manners.  Kdramas are notorious for having the heroes appear in grand fashion then seize their girls in some possessive grabbity grabs.  It's an effing phonebooth and he still knocks.

Then after mis-encounters and dashed hopes, they finally face each other again, disbelief clearly on their faces.  It's not as if they doubt their truth.  But their truth is so fragile and strange it can disappear anytime leaving them stranded again.

And I just love the consequent hug.  They know it's odd and mad and completely messing with the Orders of Things as the glitch has demonstrated.  It's insane, and everyone has told them so.  Fantasy vs, reality, dreams vs. memories.  They're fighting against something they can't even comprehend.  But the two of them together just makes complete sense in some warped way, so they hang onto each other as if one is the other's single thread of sanity, a secret not shared to the rest of the world.

Hee~ and then the apartment sequence.  So funny and squeal-worthy at the same time.  Bungdo being utterly respectful and levelheaded so far only makes his jealousy even more effective.  Whenever she threw a curve ball at him, he always gave her that frustrating amused smile, like, "Nice try little lady, but nothing can ruffle my feathers."  Well, she gotcha now doesn't she?  All miffed over the boyfriend Fate whipped up for her during the time gap.  At least she wasn't the one who forgot her lover in that interim, mister!

Finally, the ending that drives all fangirls into flailing mode and heart palpitations.
Girlfriend keeps flitting and fleeing around the room trying to show him the comforts of 21st century.

And I'm sure he hasn't registered a thing.

Because really, HJ honey, boiling hot water for tea is the last thing on anybody's mind right now.

"You aren't staying with me for the night?  You're leaving me here all alone in this strange place?"

Even grandpa didn't believe you!

Then she rambles on about TV and drama… and I'm like… "No, I'm watching you in a drama but you have the real thing 3 feet away in the flesh!"  Seriously, did you guys trade places in the coy department?  Now's not the time to play coy.

Although… she might have done it on purpose to get him wound up, which would be a v.v. smart move.  Because what do you know?  He couldn't take it anymore so he knocks the remote back onto the couch and goes for a goodbye hello~ kiss.

Yep, HJ's a certified fox.  She pulls away while he was still in the middle of smooching, and he instinctively lurches forward as if going after his air supply.  Appearance is always so deceiving, I tell ya.  She's just labeling him the player so she can take the suspicion off herself.

To top it all off… they dance the night away better than any other match made in Heaven.  It's like, "Take that Providence!  We ruined your script and came up with a better one."

(gif's are either from soompi or tumblr)

Haven't seen 12… because basking in 11's sunshine seems like a better idea than being left on a cliffhanger for another week.

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