Frankenstein Thursday w Cumberbatch

Unlike the rest if the populace, I did not watch QIHM today. Trying hard to stay spoil-free until at least tmrrw night (although, did I hear a confession happened?! Eee~)
I went to see Frankenstein at the [movie] theater tonight. Knew nothing coming in. Had a vague idea Cumberbatch starred in it. Asked the ticket girl what “reverse” in the title meant. “Oh, two guys supposedly played the one role so there are two versions of the productions. I think this has got the Sherlock guy but don’t quote me on that.” Walked away really paranoid bcuz I did not pay $15 to not see Cumberbatch. Stared at the poster, noticed Johnny Lee Miller’s name, then Cumberbatch, “They’re both Sherlock!”, then JLM Frankenstein vs BC Creature, then vice versa i.e. switched roles. Frankly, the girl was confused.
Anyhow, sorry there isn’t any cap but it was a very good production. Nothing close to LIVE I’m sure but fascinating no less. The version we saw was with Cumberbatch as Frankenstein. I saw it as another Sherlock-esque personality so he was totally in his element. Genius, socially disconnected, peculiar. Of course not nearly as pettable nor admirably sane as Sherlock but uhh… he looks good in the human role 😉
My Mr. Knightley though really made the show for me. Not an avid fan of JLM or anything. But he made the Creature endearing, pitiful, and sad. Not because of what he’s put through but because of his feelings, thought, and actions in response. His beguiling eyes as the impressionable child, his indignant incomprehension, his misguided revenge. Maybe I should’ve gone to last night’s showing to see Cumberbatch in this role. Now I’m so curious to see him spouting poetry with a stammer, esp in a loin cloth >;-D Gahh but I didn’t even realize there’s a role switcheroo. So much fail as a fan >_<
BTW, when the Creature held his creator and cried “I love u, if when you go, I will too.” I could only see OTP flashing across the screen in big block letters. Ugh stop overdosing me w the Bromance, shows!

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