Wild Romance

is wild indeed.  In a very OTT way.  But also in a strange "this isn't like anything I've watched" way.  First of all, I don't like sports drama, least of all one about baseball.  But I somehow sat through all the analogies and got to episode 13!  Of course I was largely trying to divert myself from chewing my fingernails waiting for Shut Up FBB.  But I have to say Wild Romance is a pleasant surprise.  The romance part isn't, for I was very much reminded of My Girl and MNIKSS, no matter how they twist it.  But the whole stalker take is actually fun.  And they integrate side characters into that part of the story so well, it feels less rom-com-y, more real-plot-y.  And since the characters feel integral to the plot, I end up liking to watch all their appearances and wanting to know the story behind, erm, their story.  I even like the batty ex-girlfriend >_< yes, the one with a penchant for biting people.

But anyway, my main obsession?  The secondary couple.

The quirky girl and the A.I. guy.  She's adorable and nerdy and odd while he's always poker face and business tie.  So of course she flirts up a storm and he falls for her.  And in episode 13, the cutest most satisfying scene happens.  He had been angry previously because she got herself into a really dangerous situation but she was still laughing about it afterward.  So he didn't know what to do about her fun-having ways anymore because ultimately if she hurts herself, he'd probably die.  So they hadn't talked for a while and then she shows up for dinner because the reporter invited her.

And then she all of a sudden tears up without realizing it.

So when they tell her, she goes on and on about mermaid tears and crocodile snots and other gibberish nerdy trivia.  It's pretty much her defence mechanism for coping with fear.  Whenever she's super afraid of something, she'd talk incessantly so she wouldn't have to think about the thing that's scaring her.  The two guys are pretty much confused at this point.

Then she gets up to excuse herself, because she is still crying and talking hasn't helped.  But he stops her and asks why she's being this way.

She thinks he's talking about her crying

"No, what's scaring you?  What are you afraid of that you can't stop talking?"

I know he had the hint from EunJae about the incessant talking but I still love the fact that he picks it up that she is frightened, and he in turn becomes frightened with what's frightening her.

"You.  I'm afraid you would hate me."

He's generally confused, but he offers her a tissue anyway since he's a gentleman:

But then this happens:

"OH!" now seeing the giant pink elephant in the room~

He tells her he's the one who was afraid, because he didn't know what to do about her.


Anybody else here~

Haha.  it's brilliant how a scene can be so darling and lolzy at the same time.

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