Stole this from soompi. On the one hand, they’re so ridiculously cute together (I just hope she doesn’t channel her Great Inheritance OTTness). On the other hand, I’m slightly confused about the lovelines. All the previous promo summaries have made it sound like they loved each other but then she died and he travelled forward in time and fell in love with her reincarnation. But recent ones say that he was in love and married to Jung Yoomi and while looking for her in the present, he met and fell in love w Han Jimin. And then someone on soompi clarified he was married to JYM but was in fact in love with HJM even during Chosun days (but that’s not how those promos sounded to me). Hmm, maybe the confusion is all a ploy to get us to watch and find out exactly which princess he travelled 300 years for.

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    • Hah yeah. It’s confusing because they keep saying he travelled in time to find his lost princess but then they say JYM is the princess bride who died. Whatever the case, I can’t wait. I hope the sageuk portion will be dark and somber though, no matter how OTT modern days are going to be. I want STARK contrasts. Plus, they can’t have 300 yrs of angst over some silly fluffy crap


  1. Some dearie linked me to this bts vid and I was squeeing like a piggy with the cuteness and OTP perfectness overload.

    Where is all this from?!?! I’ve never seen any hint of this fr HJM, YooChun is still a newb, but is he allowed to be this at ease being lovey dovey bickering and everything I want in a zany OTP?!?!?


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