I love love love High Kick S1

and I love love love Jung Ilwoo's character in it.  Where I found his other characters exaggerated, Lee Yoonho is totally relatable and winning.  That noona-love I found so unrealistic in Flower-Boy Ramyun Shop?  Turns out Jung Ilwoo has killed it so convincingly years ago.  Watch, producers of future projects, this is how you get the audience to back an illegal relationship: not through nonsensical antics, but through genuine adoration.

So for those who haven't watched HK (go watch it!), Seo Minjung's the homeroom teacher of Lee Yoonho.  She also happens to be his uncle's girlfriend, at least for a strech of time.  This is the episode where uncle Lee Minyong got sick and Minjung came to visit him.  Except their relationship wasn't made known so she was trying to hide from his family members who suddenly came home.  She asked for Yoonho's help to get her out of the house, which led to one episode long of hilarious manoeuvres before Yoonho finally got her back into Minyong's arms.  It's funny, alright.  But what I love about this episode is the way Yoonho went out of his way to help his clueless teacher.  The kid who didn't do anything for anyone unless he's paid, helping the very same annoying teacher he played pranks on.  And how we got to this moment was a gradual progress.  I guess this is where long length is a plus, because he slowly grew fond of her through various events; it was never sudden or forced.

And… here's the episode where she wanted to quit teaching the all-boy class because they basically traumatised her in the previous year.  Yoonho found out and spend an entire day cheering her up and telling her he thinks she's pretty awesome.  So when she showed up for their 1st day of school against everyone's expectation, warning the kids of her newly-learned high-kick (that Yoonho taught her lol), he put on the hugest grin on his face to greet her.  Yeah, I'm obviously shipping the wrong boat here, but it's pretty hard not to!

(oh so cute~)

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