Sherlock Season 2… in which the bromance returns

Sherlock is just all sorts of brilliance I wonder why I've been settling for mediocre all this time.  Finally started to watch season 2 last night with my friend.  We're saving the last episode for next week but it's kind of hard to ration Sherlock when they give us so little.  Ugh… it's difficult for me to say anything that can do the show justice because I can hardly sound smart at this point.

But here, have these pics that my useless brain took time to notice:

Tell me the heart wreath is on purpose.  Because that's just icing on the cake that is Sherlock and Watson sitting by the fireplace out of all other seating arrangements they might've taken.

And flirty dangerous Sherlock?  I die~ as much as I love him being a nerd, being shrewd just makes him THAT much freaking hotter.

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