Sun Moon pre-7

This^^^^^ is what I meant when I said I don't like Han Ga In's acting… and Kim Jung Eun's, and Han Hyojoo's, and the boatload of Korean actresses that employ the widening eye technique as their main defining characteristic.  There are some others who walk dangerously close to wide-eye-abuse (UEE, Seo Woo) but they have enough charm to make their roles stay natural.  Han Ga In unfortunately is a pretty face with little personality.  I'm almost convinced Yeonwoo is also a boring gal to begin with (oh God~)

But I'm a sucker for heartrending reunions and if anything, HGI still looks awfully pretty when she cries.  This scene gets me in the pits of my stomach:

In other news, I'm loving Jung Ilwoo in High Kick 1.  It's his only character I care about out of all the ones I've seen.  There he plays the too-cool-for-school Lee Yoonho, the motorcycle-riding rule-breaker, the troublemaker teen idol.  And yet he's surprisingly endearing with his 240th ranking in school, his disadvantage against nerdy brother Lee Minho, his soft spot for bumbling teacher Seo Minjung, and his childish pettiness true to a 10th grader.

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