Holy frapping cow

I just received my SKKS boxset in the mail and got a nice surprise in the form of the King and I boxset. No silly, I knew I ordered it. But it completely blows me away how pretty the packaging is.

They're packaged like hard-covered antique books with gold gilded pages

See the little bound fabric detail at the bottom? Yeah I'm sure I'm the only person who cares and YA has probably wasted money marketing to the wrong people.

The only thing I don't like is the cardboard backing of the DVD holders instead of plastic casing. Cardboard's just not good for your discs in the long run because popping them in and out will get them scratched a whole lot more easily.

And isn't it cute how they include a family tree and relationship chart for you? Y'know how crazy sageuk relationships can get with the hundreds of characters running around.

I wish I can spaz half as much about the SKKS set but it came in a very standard case. Not even as good as Tamra, which is weird considering how popular it was.

Right… so I haven't even ever watched The King and I.  I was buying SKKS and needed a few more dollars for free shipping (yes, start the eyes rolling) but I hate filling my cart with random fillers so I ended up spending $90 more >_< on something I'd rather have.  And for the record, I adore Gu Hyesun despite the debacle that was her Jandi efforts.  I swear she was absolutely adorable in Seo Dong Yo.  So I snatched this one in hope sageuk is her forte.  Can't wait to start it… erm, sometimes after I do a rerun of SKKS

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