All is good on Ojakgyo Farm

Yay, this week's episodes return to being sunshine and butterflies once more.  I love watching the family's round table time, and more importantly, JE & TH's couple time.  Family dramas are long, so they should at least be happy, ya know?  There's nothing quite like old TVB/ATV family series, but I'll take this too.

So there they were, all in agreement that the farm won't be sold and JE would move back in again.  Taepil felt oppa-like all of a sudden and started petting JE's head… which got this sent his way:
But being oblivious, TP went on to do this:

which got him a 2nd death glare:

Hee~ and then after all the jealous sulking throughout the episode (there were more), he finally went to find her.  And really, this scene was worth all the angsty past episodes the way he looks at her (with coffee in tote – I don't even drink that stuff and I'm envious).
Now I have wait yet another week for JE & her Ajussi's scenes together.  Speaking of which, this is the first drama I find the term Ajussi endearing.  I always thought it was so odd for the girl to call her OTP "Ajussi".  Hmm I don't remember, but did the trend start with MiSa?  I didn't like the term in that one, nor in Who Are You.  All it did for me was highlight the age difference in the couple because it's apparently conscious on the characters' part when they decided to use that term.  But whenever I see JE chirping "Ajussi" to TH, I feel like she's saying "MY Ajussi" and it's somehow even sweeter than her saying Maknae Oppa to TP.  I don't know – it might just be my unreasonable love for them haha.

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