Ojakgyo Brothers Ep 19

Yeah I know, I'm wayyy behind.  I was trying to be lazy by waiting for the hardsubbed files but waiting became difficult so I ended up reading Rebel Souls' recaps and now I'm downloading the RAW/softsubs… which may not be a bad thing because I'm getting this in widescreen HD:

It also helps that he's such a mini Kang Dongwon, who was my first K-actor (I saw him in Too Beautiful to Lie on a Korean flight).  Anyway, I think I might just adopt these two because everytime they appear on the screen I have the urge to coo "My babies~" in a total random and spazzy way.

So after running into each other at the bakery (and I love how he automatically knows he should pay for her coffee by now), they ended up going home together (so naturally too as if it's as much her home as it is his).  And then in the car, Jaeun recalled the conversation his grandmother had with his mom about how he never brings any girl home.  So this following sequence happened:

(Can you see where she's going with this conversation?)

(lol at his incredulous exhale)

(I haven't included most of her long rant, but somewhere in there she told him she wasn't there to judge.
She only wanted him to be aware of his preference one way or another.
That if he's so unaffected being next to someone as pretty as she (haha) then his preference must swing the other way.
So being a man of few words, he gave her the most emphatic answer:)

(Hee~ Jaeun's not so bold afterall)

Yep, I'm quite in love with this little family drama.  I don't tend to obsess over familial relationships but I love Jaeun-ahjumma a lot too.  They're really cute together and I actually like them a bit more than Woori-ahjussi from CYHMH… if only because they're able to talk on level terms with each other as supposed to Woori baby-talking to her childlike dad.

As for the other airing dramas… hmm I'm reading recaps for both Thousand Days' Promise and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop but I haven't been compelled to watch either.  I think I was nearly convinced by this week's episode of Ramyun but Chisoo's adolescent brains just don't help its case.  I cannot for the life of me think a grown-up woman can ever be in a relationship with a kid like that.  He's great for a fling but I'm not sold on the whole OTP thing.  In Dalja's Spring and even Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, the guys are youthful, not immature.  They're not strangers to human emotions nor the reality of life.  Chisoo otoh seems to have the brains and emotional maturity of a 3 year-old.  Funny to watch maybe, but totally not relatable and therefore quick to tire.

One thought on “Ojakgyo Brothers Ep 19

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