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Last weekend one of my friends was awesome enough buy this shelf, lug it home from IKEA, and then assembled it for me.  Yes, she pitied me for having to wade through the stacks of mess which occupied my room >_<  I was really going to get the bookcase myself too, but she beat me to it.  It took us the entire night to put just half the books on.  I don't even know how it took that long, but an hour would pass by everytime I turn my head.

It's almost full actually (all my oversize manga are on two other cases), even with double-stacking.  So to not run into the same stacks-on-floor problem, I thought I should start reading some of this stuff, and chuck the ones I don't like, especially now that I don't have to dig around to get to a certain volume.  Well, that didn't work out very well.  Instead of picking up a new series, I would go and reread my favorites >_<

Which is where Skip Beat! comes in.  I brought volumes 24 and 25 on the train with me on my commute (one of the few time windows I can read manga) and reread the goodness all over again.  I've heard from some people that Skip Beat! was getting draggy and I feared the same when I heard it's gone past 20+ volumes.  But personally reading it, I find it's not draggy at all!  Okay, so Kyoko can spare to be a little less oblivious in the romance department, but show-biz wise, the plot is moving on just fine.  I feel like so much more can still be said and done.  I'm excited to continue the journey where Kyoko eventually achieves the highest acclamation in show-biz.  Because as much fun as it is to watch Kyoko & Ren's growing tension, the biggest gratification in Skip Beat is to see Kyoko ultimately succeeds (uh, I hope she does).

Now, back to volumes 24 and 25.  I love Japanese manga and their Valentine's Day situations.  It's always outrageous, or outrageously funny.  Here in Skip Beat!, being an emotionally damaged person, Kyoko of course made all kinds of chocolate except for romantic ones.  She gave away hate choco to the Beagle (haha that name never gets old) and gratitude ones to everyone else.  Except Ren didn't get any because she thought he doesn't eat them, which he doesn't, but that's not the point, Kyoko!  And then Sho showed up with a huge ass bouquet like the flashy jerk that he is and made a huge ruckus at the filming site.  And then Kyoko got disturbed by something he did, so Ren did something else to get Kyoko's mind off of it, which then led to Kyoko's mind being consumed by Ren haha.  It's a series of arm-flailing moments as always.

I'm actually on volume 28 so the Dark Moon arc is over and there's a new production they're working on.  From what I can remember, Kyoko is starting to feel something for Ren *squeal* but she is resenting him for re-introducing these feelings to her.  I'm hoping the anger issue can dissipate soon, because honestly Ren needs some loving.  I feel like he's got enough issues in the past.  Don't resent the poor guy~ it's your own damn heart, woman.  I'm also hoping to see her work on another project, and not merely following Ren around on his (she's technically acting, but not for the production).  Perhaps it's an excuse to have the two of them spend time together without actually acting opposite each other… since that day would be the climax of Kyoko's career story-wise?  But uknow, I'd rather have them separate while on the job, and then running into each other somehow in other ways… because I want to see her grow on her own too.

So yeah~ all the books that are waiting to be read are still on wait because I can't get over the yumminess of Skip Beat!.

2 thoughts on “Skip Beat! is

  1. Skip Beat!

    I haven’t read the manga, but I’ve watched the anime and want to know so much more about what happened after. I wish I had the time to read and access to the manga so thank you for writing about it. I’m looking forward to the Twdrama version and will definitely watch and recap that.


    • Re: Skip Beat!

      Oh, you should definitely read it. I have some problem with the author’s style (the way she breaks up thoughts and dialogues into bubbles everywhere and you have to figure out which fragment goes with which) but it’s absolutely hilarious and swoon-worthy. I can’t remember for sure but I think the anime didn’t get to the Vie Ghouls (a visual-kei band that rivals with Sho) part yet. Kyoko hilariously calls them the Beagles.
      I’ll be watching the twdrama too because I really really like Shiwon and unlike everybody else, I think he’s the perfect tall/dark/handsome Ren. I’ll look forward to reading your recaps ^_^


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