Plagiarism Allegations Against TQGZ

Unless you live under a rock like me, you might have heard of the plagiarism scandal involving TQGZ by now. I heard from Peanuts who heard from Lidge >_< I suppose my fellow bloggers had not said anything out of consideration for me, so as a translator of T7 novels, I shall be bearer of unpleasant news.

To be accurate, this scandal is not “news” per se. It started in 2008 and persisted over the years among the Chinese literary community. From the very beginning when T7 started to write Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, a BL (yaoi/shounen-ai) author with the pen name Dafeng Guaguo 大风刮过 and her fans had alleged that T7 had plagiarized her BL work titled Taohua Zhai 桃花债 or Debt of Romance that was published in 2007, earlier than T7’s 3W3L that came out circa 2008-2009. How T7 was allowed to publish and this never blew up until now are beyond me.

As someone who had spent 3 years translating these books, it is an understatement to say what a shock and disappointment it has been for me. I speak in fairness from what I see. Everyone else is free to do your own research and come up with your own conclusion. I don’t wish to dig up the drama and dirt that goes all the way back to 2008 in this post. I have my opinion of the whole brouhaha, but none of it is really my business to discuss on a public platform. I will, however, touch upon the accusation, the reply, and the (very damning) evidence just to let everyone know why I have chosen to take down my hard work and two of my favorite books, lest anyone think I’m doing this on a whim.

The latest weibo statement which came from Dafeng Guaguo (DF) was posted on June 29th of this year. I’m not sure what brought it about, but something had led her to speak up again about this matter.

“To be honest, I don’t personally think the plagiarism is particularly heavy in the piece of writing that is currently being talked about. Just a line here, a description there, a few names and the ending. Otherwise, story setup and background are very different from mine.”

(Fans beg to differ, Miss Dafeng Guaguo!)

Then came Tangqi Gongzi’s (T7) weibo reply on July 5th:

Because there was an author I really admired, I imitated her style to write a long story and posted it on an online forum.


Additionally, you should know best whether I copied your work or not. Seven years ago they accused me. Seven years since they began to copy one another like crazy, and now you tell readers I am copying you.


I imitated author D’s style to write a book because I was young and ignorant…”

There is obviously a lot of emotions behind both writers’ posts that I haven’t included, but yeah, let’s not get embroiled in them.

From what they say, we find that DF accused T7 of plagiarizing her work, including details such as names and phrases. But T7 maintains that the only thing she borrowed was the style of writing, and nothing else.

Well, what are fans for but to do tedious work like compilations of similarities in a time like this? I haven’t translated everything as it’s awfully long. The original source is here for anyone wanting to be Sherlock:

Again, keep in mind that DF’s book came out first while T7’s book was still in progress.

The similarities:

DFGG wrote The Peach Blossom Debt.

TQGZ wrote Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

DF’s genre is xianxia

TQGZ’s genre is also xianxia

DF wrote about going down to the mortal realm for a trial.

T7 also wrote about going down to the mortal realm for a trial.

There is Zhuxian Terrace in DF’s writing.

There is also Zhuxian Terrace in T7’s writing.

DF’s male lead dreamed he was in a peach orchard and knew he was dreaming, then hazily saw someone’s figure.

T7’s female lead also knew she was dreaming whilst inside a peach orchard, then hazily saw someone’s figure.

DF’s story has debts of romance.

T7’s story also has debts of romance.

DF’s story has Donghua Dijun.

T7’s story also has Donghua Dijun.

DF’s story has Bai Hua, Bi Hua.

T7’s story has Ye Hua.

DF’s story has Mu Ruo Yan

T7’s story (HXY) has Mu Yan.

DF’s story has Mo Yuan (摩渊).

T7’s story has Mo Yuan (墨渊).

DF’s story has Furball (Maotuan).

T7’s has Little Dough (Nuomi Tuanzi).

DF came up with a tiger guarding South Heaven Gate.

T7 also wrote about a tiger guarding South Heaven Gate.

DF’s male lead gifted feathers to those he likes.

Bai Qian’s admirer also gifted her feathers.

In the war between the gods and demons, Danzhu turned into an egg.

Moyuan’s younger brother (YH) also got turned into an egg by Fushen.

Danzhu is an ancient phoenix from the Times of Emptiness.

Zhe’yan is a prehistoric phoenix.

DF’s character said: “Mortals pray to Heaven for blessing, but now that we are in Heaven, who should we pray to?”

T7’s female lead said: “Mortals pray to the gods for blessing, but who should the gods pray to?”

DF’s male lead said: “What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours. What’s there to be said about debts?”

T7’s female lead said: “After all, he and I are husband and wife. Between husband and wife, there’s no need to clearly distinguish who owes whom.”

Hengwen waved his tattered fan and said, “I don’t care anyway. So what if you paid me and so what if you didn’t?”

I clutched his shoulder: “That’s right. Between you and me, there is no debt to be said.”

As long as our side breaks off the engagement this time, neither of us will owe each other anymore.”

He straightens himself and clutched his head, “It was always a futile hope of mine. What I owe you or what you owe me has been impossible to count from long ago.”

DF’s male lead’s “old face” frequently “turns red” (老脸微热)

T7’s female lead’s “old face” frequently “turns red” (老脸微热)

DF’s male lead says: “What a sin I’ve committed by separating these lovebirds.” (做打鸳鸯的那根大棒子, 本仙君实在造孽啊)

T7’s female lead says: “What a sin I’ve committed by separating these lovebirds.” (去当打鸳鸯的那根大棒子本上神实在造孽啊)

DF’s writes this about her supporting female: “’A chaste widow who raises her two children after her husband of three years died’ is how Widow Sun describes herself.”

D7 writes this about her supporting male: “’A God who has retired from the three realms, who does not ask about worldly matters, and who has an elegant taste’ is how he describes himself.”

There is a magical shield to protect spiritual energy in DF’s story.

There is a Jiepo Lantern in T7’s story to piece together the soul.

DF’s male lead says: “I am a generous fairy, I am a compassionate fairy.” (本仙君是个大度的仙,本仙君是个慈悲的神仙)

T7’s female lead says: “If I am a generous god, then of course I am a merciful one.” (然则我是个大度的神仙,我自然是个慈悲为怀的神仙)

DF’s male lead says: “I’ve chosen Tianshu. He is my heart, my soul, no one can take him away from me.”

T7’s female lead says, “Your father is my heart my soul, how could I not want him?”

DF’s male lead ate a bowl of wonton noodles and his life changed thereafter.

T7’s female lead ate a bowl of braised pork she shouldn’t have eaten and her life changed thereafter.

DF’s male lead recalled young days of fun-seeking and laziness.

TQ’s female lead recalled young days of fun-seeking and laziness.

There was always an official standing in front of Hengwen’s desk working diligently. Whenever Hengwen wasn’t in Heaven, he’d bring him documents for him to review.

There was always an official standing on front of Yehua’s desk. Whenever Yehua wasn’t in Heaven, he’d bring a stack of documents for him to review.

Under DF’s pen, Hengwen gained a mortal admirer, namely a fox demon.
Under T7’s pen, Yehua gained a mortal admirer, namely a nun.

DF’s demon fox is very perceptive. She could see that Bi Hua was a fairy and even hoped she would get to meet Hengwen again after ascending to Heaven.

T7’s nun wasn’t any ordinary nun. She could recognize YH’s fairy origins and also hoped to meet him again after ascending to Heaven.

DF’s Ming’ge told Song Yao: “First, win his heart with fake feelings. Then you can trample on him all you want.”

T7’s Siming told her side character (FJ):”First, get him to like you. When Dijun falls head over heel, you can trample on him.”

DF’s Hengwen scaled the wall and said, “Too much trouble going through the front door. I’d have to let too many people know I’ve come.”

T7’s Yehua scaled the wall and said, “It’s annoying to go through the front door. I’d have to alarm the whole courtyard.”

The first time DF’s OTP had sex, Song Yao felt very happy. After waking up, he only saw the bed curtain and didn’t find the other person. Thereafter he made up his mind (about the relationship).

The first time T7’s OTP had sex, Bai Qian felt very happy. After waking up she only saw the bed curtain and didn’t the other person. She made up her mind from then on.

DF’s OTP had sex the second time, Hengwen said, “Give me the best you’ve got.” They went to bed at dawn, lamented spring night is too short.

The second time T7’s OTP had sex, Bai Qian said, “Can you be quicker.” They went to bed at dawn, lamented spring night is too short.

DF’s side character reincarnated into a child prodigy, born to a courtier family, got bullied by jealous classmates, became valedictorian at 16, joined the Imperial Academy and died young.

T7’s YH reincarnated into a child prodigy, born to a courtier family, got bullied by classmates, became valedictorian, joined the Imperial Academy and died young.

When the Snow Lion went mad, Song Yao was kept still by Hengwen’s magic so that he alone would battle the lion. After a loud explosion, Hengwen was nowhere to be found.

When Qingcang broke out of the Donghuang Bell, Bai Qian was kept still by Yehua’s magic so that he alone would battle Qingcang. After a loud explosion, Yehua was gone.

DF’s male lead reminisced that he had written many love letters to the person he liked. When that person later fell in love with someone else, he joked to himself that he had played matchmaker unwittingly for other people.

T7’s female lead reminisced that she had written many love letters to the person she liked. When that person later fell in love with someone else, she joked to herself that she had played matchmaker unwittingly for other people.

After rebirth, DF’s male lead met his love at the market and went to the restaurant for drinks.

T7’s female lead heard the male lead wasn’t dead while listening to opera at a restaurant.

After returning to Heaven, DF’s male lead recalled the past and went to look for his love. When he met Bi Hua, he tells us: I turned around and saw Bi Hua Lingjun, I immediately rushed over, grabbed his arm and asked, “Where’s Hengwen?” Bi Hua said, “… When Hengwen arrived, you could not be saved anymore. You were fast turning to dust. Donghua and I rushed there, each of us giving you a little of our spiritual energy. We also went to Laojun’s place and asked for medicine, then we went to the Far West seeking some relics from the Buddha and thus was able to keep a little fragment of your soul.”

T7’s female lead was told: …when Zhe Yan rushed there, Ye Hua had long stopped breathing… After knowing Yehua didn’t die, she went to look for him and met Moyuan on the way: I turned around and grabbed his wrist, anxiously asking: “Where’s Yehua, Master? Where’s Yehua?” Moyuan said, “Fushen had given him half of his spiritual energy… we had all thought he would be dead, but he is only sleeping…”

The ending for Peach Blossom Debt: he stood under a tree right outside of the manor on the fairy island, gently smiling at me like an eastern wind sweeping by. Three thousand peach blossoms flowered brilliantly.”

The ending for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms: He slowly turned around. A light breeze passed us. The sunlight danced atop the red sea of blossoms. He smiled. He looked exactly like the first day I met him, painted eyebrows and jet black hair. A few of the blossoms fell down from the red waves but there was no longer any color or sound in this world. He called softly, “Qianqian, come here.”

Of course, some of these at first sound like laughable coincidences. “They both write xianxia.” Well so does she, and she, and she. But the growing list, down to word-for-word dialogues, soon does not seem to be mere coincidences anymore. There is also a difference in being inspired by a piece of work and blatantly lifting everything you like from said piece of work to pass it off as your own. DFGG’s Peach Blossom Debt was also not the only book alleged to have been plagiarized. There are scenes and details from other books that apparently had also been used, but I’m too tired to cite them as this is getting 11 pages long already.

This, dear readers, is why 3L3W is not on the menu tab anymore. Since I choose to believe that the series is a product of plagiarism, it is not right to circulate and promote it at the expense of another writer’s hard work.

I haven’t looked up for detailed evidences against her other books but I’m not holding my breath. One is really enough to knock me blindsided.

Sorry if I had ruined anyone’s Thursday night. You’ll have Friday happy hours to recover, I hope >_<

99 thoughts on “Plagiarism Allegations Against TQGZ

  1. I’ve always love this series and considers it a masterpiece that I find myself reading over and over again. To hear that it was plagiarized work is astonishing!

    As an avid writer and reader myself, I’m very aware of the difference between being inspired and copying someone else’s work and how easily it is to cross the line without even realizing it. But a line had to be drawn somewhere. Especially when you’re editing your work and realized that it sounds way too similar to the work it was inspired by.

    I really love how you point it out perfectly: “There is also a difference in being inspired by a piece of work and blatantly lifting everything you like from said piece of work to pass it off as your own.”

    From the evidence you showed me, I can understand why you’ve chosen to take your work offline. It sadden me to see a good novel brought down. I know I would be very upset and angry if my own work was plagiarized too.

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    • Hi Iya. Like you, it saddens me that I can’t share these stories anymore, because objectively speaking they were well written and had brought a lot of joy to me as both reader and translator. But none of that means anything if it was arrived at by taking from someone else’s work. “No, what’s mine is not yours. We are not in that kind of a relationship!”

      Thanks for having followed my blog reading these translations. Xing my fingers Sansheng stays up.

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      • I love your blog and I hope this won’t affect further translation. I absolutely love Shansheng and her God of War. It was a refreshing and bubbly read. I can’t wait to see your next work because it seems that we share very similar taste in reading materials. 😀


        • While I certainly feel iffy about jumping into new translations at this time, I also hope I’ll find new motivation in another book somewhere down the road. If not, there’s nothing wrong w being a casual reader either. Thnx for your support for this blog. It means a lot to me when others share a love for what I love.

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  2. *hugs* I totally understand why you took down your translations, which you worked so hard on for years. I’ve been a devoted but quiet reader since the TMPB days. And I’m sorry that you learned of TQGZ’s plagiarism allegations too late, but I’m glad that the ugly truth couldn’t be hidden forever. I wonder how much of HXY was ripped off of other authors…such a shame, especially considering the upcoming drama adaptation.

    I was in a similar situation about four years ago. I was once a huge fan of Cang Yue, who writes wuxia and fantasy blended with romance and horror. I had translated part of one of her novels, but never shared it with anyone after learning of her plagiarism allegations. What’s even more despicable is that one of the writers she copied entire paragraphs off of was her so-called friend. She later admitted to the accusations and had the nerve to not even feel guilty or ashamed of her actions. But Cang Yue’s commercial success remains unhampered. Her Mirror series is being officially translated into English, and a Chinese/American/Canadian co-produced film adaptation will be released in fall 2016. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when copycats can continue to disrespect honest authors and rake in the $$$ when they should be forced to apologize and sued.

    I won’t deny that both authors are gifted and talented. But that just makes their plagiarism even more unacceptable. The fact that they exploited other authors’ hard work for their own gain is already inexcusable, but it’s also incredibly pitiful that they did a great disservice to themselves by undermining their own potential.

    Sorry if I ranted too vehemently despite my best efforts to cut it down, haha. I’ve been writing historical and alternate history novels set in imperial China for about five years, and hope to land an agent and publisher one day. News like this brings me great pain, but also gives me the opportunity to reflect.

    Thank you, hamster, for all your lovely translations, and for the care you’ve always shown your readers. I sincerely hope you’ll continue to discover exciting stories that strike your fancy and still be motivated to share them with us. 🙂

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    • Hi Sherry. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. How true the saying goes: “it’s better late than never”. I don’t think I regret having translated them, because I’ve always had fun throughtout those three years. But it is regrettable that such a well loved series is nothing more than a copy of something else. I just feel cheated as a fan.

      And like you said, more than just cheating fans, these authors are reaping the fruits of someone else’s labor. Even if it’s reaping unrealized potential that the other author did not capitalize on in her writing, that’s not your tree to pick, yo! (Did Cang Yue write about a little girl imprisoned in a dungeon who can make skeletons dance? I keep thinking this name sounds familiar when you and Peanuts bring it up.)

      How exciting! When you get your story published, you have to let me know so I can check it out. I know it’s really hard to come up with something totally original these days as all topics from A to Z have been covered, but I’m sure if it comes from within, then it’ll have your unique mark on it that no one else can deny. Good luck and let me know!


      • Hi hamster, I share your feelings of regret and of being cheated as a reader and fan. It’s really sad that some of my favorite characters, including Little Dough, were taken from another author’s imagination. I also have a soft spot for Donghua and Fengjiu, and really hope that they’re not just shadows of another writer’s original characters.

        Hmm, I know Cang Yue wrote a sequel to 曼珠沙华 called 彼岸花. The first chapter is called 白骨之舞…Dance of the White Bones…so I guess that’s what you must be referring to? The author is most well-known for her 听雪楼,鼎剑阁,镜,and 羽 series. These two books fall under the 鼎剑阁 series, which I’m not the biggest fan of. 听雪楼 was my first love and I still think of the series fondly because it was the only one I ever read before I learned of her plagiarism. Nowadays, her stories make me feel nostalgic and upset at the same time.

        Thanks for the encouragement! I remember you mentioned a long time ago that you used a spreadsheet to keep track of your translation schedule and progress. Likewise, I have to plan the novel-writing process very far in advance: brainstorming, researching, drafting, revising, and querying. I seem to be incapable of writing short novels, and my current project is likely to become a trilogy. So far I’ve drafted the first novel (plus outlined the second) and am neck-deep in revisions. And I completely agree that nothing is 100% original these days. I’m a lifelong learner of Chinese history and love to incorporate historical anecdotes and elements in my alternate history stories. Sadly, I spend about 80 hours a week at work and studying for professional exams, so I never have enough time to dedicate to my darlings. But thank you for giving me motivation to finish what I started and not get bogged down by excuses and difficulties encountered along the way. 🙂


        • Yep, it was 彼岸花! Although I never finished it, her writing felt very unique in character and atmosphere. I can’t believe a plagiarizer would come to be a prolific writer one day. There’s just something wrong with that picture.

          I hate to break it to you, but DH might have been modeled after a character in 思凡 by 公子欢喜. At least in image, they both have white hair and purple robe. My favorite is Aranya and I still pray she is original. This is getting more morbid the more we go on.

          Jiayou jiayou! How do you work so much? I attempt to keep at 40 hrs a week and still feel like my life’s being robbed of me by the corporate world every time I stay an hour overtime >_< And eek, professional exams are not fun. I took mine a couple of years ago, which thank god I passed because I don't want to have to go through an 8 hr sit down ever again. Your story sounds epic already. I can't wait to read it one day. I know even period romance writers have to do research on their time & setting, so I can imagine how much research you have to do for something with historical tie-ins. But it would be so gratifying to see your blood & sweat in print one day. Haha now I'm getting unnecessarily excited.


  3. Oh my. I’m speechless and have nothing to say other than thank you for translating the story. Despite its issue now, the time we had waited and read your translation was one of happy time and I feel very thankful for the time you had given us.

    Hug hug. Cheers up!

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  4. I knew it.

    I f****** knew it.

    While, I liked Hua Xu Yin enough, I just knew there was something wrong with Tang7’s writings to be honest. Herself too. Her replies to the BL author sounded really shady and fake.
    And this is coming from me, someone who avidly hates BL, yaoi, slash and whatever.

    First of all, a lot of her elements are repetitive and just not good and I pointed them all during my bashing of 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms.
    Second, she is pretty young for a writer. Suspicious.

    Other than that, I’m sorry for you Hamster. You put a lot of work into your translations all these years and now you have to take them all down. :/

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    • Hi Winter. Thnx for your commiserations. I’m not sad that my translation’s offline, really. Just sad that I have to emotionally cut myself from the babies I’ve loved over the years.

      I’m at a point where I see the books going: “Hamster Hamster, why are you leaving us?” And I can’t bring myself to tell them:”Bcoz your mother is evil and u are a product of evil…” Because who tells children that?!

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  5. oh my goodness! this is just terrible!
    the books i liked so much turns out to be plagiarized work!!!??

    This is very disappointing …. especially for you Hamster since you have been translating her works for many years…. 😦
    but whatever the case is, i’ll support your decision in taking your hard work down. 🙂

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  6. Like many of TQGZ’s fans, I’m still in shock from this revelation and dealing with my own heartbreak right now. I can’t describe the pain and disappointment I’m feeling, knowing that my beloved Hua Xu Yin is possibly a mish mash of BL stories.

    If you take down your translations, this means there are fewer translations available to readers unfortunately. That’s a huge shame because you did an amazing job translating the novels. At the same time, I understand your dilemma of not wanting to promote plagiarized works. Ultimately, the translations are yours so we must respect your decision as to what you want to do with them.

    I did not know that my careless gossip about TQGZ would travel to you. My head is usually in outer space so I’m rarely aware of what’s happening on earth. This means I’m usually the last person to know anything so when I found out about the plagiarism allegations several days ago, I assumed everyone knew already. Even if you’re meant to find out hamster, I wish you had found out some other way. I feel absolutely terrible that the news is traced back to me. If I played any part in the emotional turmoil you’re feeling now, I’m very, very sorry!!!

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    • Hi Lidge,

      Don’t feel bad at all. In fact, I’m glad that your knowledge of this matter has traveled to me. Without it, I would’ve been left under a rock to play the fool, and I wouldn’t have wanted that.

      I think all T7 fans are now left to lick our wounds. On one hand, they’re still books that we love. On the other hand, we’re condoning creative theft if we keep promoting them. I’ve just begun to fall in love with Mu Yan and Jun Fu, too. And I was so excited to be sharing their beautiful story to the world. Alas, to “borrow” from Penelope, “I feel the rush of a thousand heartbreaks.”

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      • Darn it! I hate that this is happening. I was really looking forward to reading about Mu Yan and Jun Fu eventually and this is causing a major heartbreak. Even if T7 stopped her plagiarizing, it’s not enough because the damage is already done. I totally feel for all the love we have towards these wonderful characters and it’s breaking my heart knowing that their creator wasn’t really who did after all.


  7. Dear hamster428,
    I feel sympathy for you in this difficult situation. However, the main reason that i enjoy T7’s works so much is the quality of your translations. I totally support you and hope that you will overcome all the troubles and bad feeling soon.

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  8. Wait, does this include the pillow book as well? Please tell me no and this is all a bad dream😭 The pillow book is my favorite. This can’t be happening..

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    • There is no conclusive evidence against Pillow Book or other works yet, but the general opinion is that they may have been copied from various different books and heavily edited.


  9. Oh man. It must be terrible for you. As a fellow translator, I know all the effort poured into every line and chapter of the book. Keep up the good work!

    But nonetheless I still believe we should give T7 the benefit of the doubt until she has been heard in court or something. After all presumed innocent until proven guilty. That’s my belief. She may have really done it unintentionally because she was really into the other author’s books.


    • I give her the benefit of the doubt when it comes to her other books, but the evidence against TMoPB is so clear and numerous that I would be in denial if I try to justify it any other way. If I like someone’s writing as much as I claim, then I would know memorable lines by heart. When I skimmed to the end of Taohua Zhai and read “between you and me, what debts is there to be said” it immediately reminds me of the line “we can no longer count the debts between us since long ago” in TMoPB. Those two lines aren’t even similar in sentence construction; they merely convey similar thoughts. But as a fan of TMoPB, I was able to recognize it. So how can T7 not? How can she not recognize other lines that are word-for-word?

      This is likely not going to court. If you read DFGG’s weibo post, she explains why she hasn’t sued those who plagiarized her. I also don’t know how true it is, but ppl say BL is taboo in the eyes on the Chinese gov’t so a BL author will be at a disadvantage in court. Which is why we’re still sitting here discussing the “truth” seven years since it happened. If it was as simple as a court ruling, fans would not need to do the evidence digging themselves.

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  10. I’m so sorry to hear this. I wish you the best and pray you don’t disappear on us. Your blog was what got me into all these light novel and web novel translations. It was two years ago and to think, the niche has only recently exploded at the tail end of 2014. I find it devastating when my favorite bloggers and websites disappear after following for so many years. I’m disappointed about TMoPB. I wanted to read about the Great Ancestor’s love story so bad. But if you suddenly close shop from disinterest, the ghost of my soul may leave this bookaholic body of mine.

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    • Hi Heshekell. I still remember your nickname from a long time ago at Livejournal. You and the original readers are also what kept me going all these years. I really won’t disappear completely, as reading and writing are still my love. If I come across something good, I’ll still make a recommendation to share!

      And yes, I was also looking forward to reading The Bodhi Fate. 😢

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  11. Oh goodness. I have been away at conferences and am still away. Today, one of my readers left me a comment about my stories, so I came online to respond to her and surfed around my favorite sites while I had some time. Imagine how surprised I was to read your post. I haven’t even finished Pillow Book yet as I have been living almost permanently in Alana’s incredibly beautiful and poignant love story. Currently, I have very ambivalent feelings. On one hand, I am so sad that I will never get to read the ending of Pillow Book, one of my more loved novels. On the other hand, I don’t want to support an author with such heavy evidence against her regarding allegations of plagiarism. As a writer myself, I would feel devastated if someone had lifted ideas or words and phrases from my stories, as I have spent countless hours writing and editing each chapter. Wow, I am still in a state of shock. I am so sorry that your hard work at translating will never again be enjoyed and new readers will not be able to see how hard you have worked to bring TQ’s works to Chinese illiterate fans.

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    • Hi Melanie,

      I might have been heavy handed when I took down PB as well since there is no concrete evidence against that one yet (but clever plagiarism is one where you can only catch its shadow, I’m told).

      Honestly you did not miss much after Aranya’s arc, so don’t feel bad. And if you miss DH, then you can read 思凡 by 公子欢喜. Supposedly DH was modeled after one of the characters in there.

      Which blog are you writing on? I wanna check it out!


  12. Hi Hamster
    I’m Aijou. (if you could remember this name) It’s been so long since last time I read your brilliant translations. And one peaceful day a friend send me this link and it changes my life forever.
    Until now I feel betrayed. Heart broken. I love T7 works at first read. The phrase “Mortals pray to the gods for blessing, but who should the gods pray to?” is mesmerised me. And it is the phrase that T7 imitated from the another writer she admired. Oh my dear T7, Thank you very much.

    I really sad to know DF didn’t sued for her rights. But life is unfair as we know it. Pity DF, I want to support her if I can.

    BTW, Thank you very much for this blog. To teel the matter. I think it must tear your heart. You are so brave.

    PS. Is it ok if I translate this blog to Thai and share? I think it must be wrong if tons of Thai fan didn’t even have a clue about this. Could you please allow me?

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    • Hi Aijou. I do remember you from LJ. How have you been?

      It is pretty shocking for everyone who has followed her works, and yes, very sad that so many of these incidents just get swept under the rug. I guess we just have to be conscientious as readers and decide for ourselves what to do.

      I’m okay with your translating into Thai, but please only translate the similarities comparison, not anything else I personally said, because I don’t want my words to somehow be taken as the “truth”.


      • Well, yes ^^ I’m that Aijou from LJ. I recently didn’t have time to read much novels as I want because of work T___T but do it for living, I can’t avoid anyway.

        Back to your blog translate, I try to cut almost all of your opinions but I think I need to keep something like ‘To be accurate, this scandal is not “news” per se. It started in 2008 and persisted over the years ….’ paragraph to make the others understand the situation. I promise I will make it as much neutral as I can. Thank you very much ^^

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  13. Hope you are doing well, hamster. I’ve missed your weekly updates. Such disappointing news – I understand why you cannot look at those novels in the same way again. 😦

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    • Hi Lauren. I’m doing well and I hope you are too. It’s been a surreal experience and I don’t think half of it has sunk in yet, but I’ll get over it soon enough some day.


  14. Wow this is quite surprising. I felt a feeling of loss when I read each line of evidence. I’ve actually read this earlier before posting a comment but due to my schedule I cannot properly type out a comment. I believe this post deserves at least a decent response from me. Similar to some viewers above, I’ve wanted to catch up on finishing the Pillow Book( I was on Aranya’s Dream arc), but now this post has pretty much put a halt to my pursuit. This in my opinion, is a relief. Personally and similarly to you Hamster, I do not support creativity theft. It pains me to read an author that I highly valued and respect for her style of writing to find out that the style was an imitation of another author’s style. Furthermore, it was from an unexpected genre (for me). Such a shame, I was enjoying reading your translations for Hua Xu Yin and now to find that there is a possibility of plagiarism on her other books aside from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Now my perspective has been changed and I am glad you have shed light on this because I seem to be an uninformed person as well.

    Thank you for your time and dedication in translating TQ’s books to many fans through all these years. For me, I found out about your novel in 2013-2014,but haven’t been posting comments until later on. Reading your posts/translations, I can see your dedication and your progress. Thank you for introducing me along with Koala(who did translations for Tong Hua’s novels) to chinese novels.
    Thank you for all these years in spite of the plagiarism allegations.

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    • Hi ChocoCosmos,

      Thank you very much for wanting to leave a thoughtful comment and taking your time doing so. As a response, I am now typing from my PC instead of my phone so I can better formulate my reply 😛

      It came as a huge surprise for me too, because I thought I’ve read all the popular xianxia romances under the sun and 3L3W still stood out as its very own thing to this day. Unbeknownst to us, there is also BL xianxia! T_T I’m conflicted every time someone brings Aranya up. Aranya has to be original! That name! My favorite character~ I can’t bear to think of that arc as a clone of something else. It was the only thing that had a heartbeat when PB began to feel common and lifeless. And yet that might even be too much to hope for.

      Believe me, I also feel awful that I have to stop translating HXY after promising peanuts I would see it through to the end. According to my spreadsheet, we were supposed to reach the conclusion of arc 3 this Xmas and arc 4 by Valentine’s next year -_- But as much as I’ve said I don’t regret translating these books, the fact is that I also don’t want to spend all my weekend hours doing something that will be taken down again. Do I regret getting braces? No, I love my teeth. Would I do it again? Heck no!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and kind words. Translating and keeping a blog is a personal hobby, but it’s not half as fun without readers like you ❤


  15. Hugshugshugs Hamster. Just want to drop you a line, rant a bit my own give you lots of patpatpat from this lazy mostly offline stranger .

    Your translation has always been lovely and it is your heartfelt orginal work no matter. I could separate it as a commodity yours to own or to be enjoyed apart from Tang7 plagiarism. Tbvh I enjoyed spending time with your translation more than reading T7 because even though her stories are quite fascinating (esp her earlier works… she can ‘pay respect to the style of writing of her favs’ being young etc), while I enjoy her stories, her prose annoys me in being stylistically choppy. Giving proper credit to original novelist DaiFung is good to align things imho. As much as I loathed and knew of what Tang7 had done way more disgusting on top of the act of plagiarism, I am enjoying the HXY adaptation for some very fine acting jobs this very moment. Transfer your love towards DF, it is still mostly her lovely brainchild (w a gender realignment if I may) you madly loved.

    I respect your decision though. Just saying this is extremely rampant in C web fiction world there is no way to avoid much and sadly T7 happens to be the bottom of offenders. It is beyond me she is still crying victim as the obvious offender imo with very embarrassingly irrational childish command of Chinese with the logic of a whiny 5 yo brat claiming only the court and the court only can be judge of her accused ‘plagiarism’, WHILE living in CN, and can’t be too young and ignorant of its inadequate justice system with extremely primitive laws if any safeguarding copyrights esp of a BL novel when the publishing of such is strictly considered obscene, punishable by law. That is the loophole these plagiarizers are leeching from, HQG is another blatant one. It was so low I felt more embarrassed for T7 showing the world how a scumbag carries herself, repeatedly, with each additional failing proclamation she wanna wash herself clean. Just reading those are enough to prove these creative, enjoyable works can’t be from the same pen. It is a miserable unhealthy climate we are in, rights of intellectual property ownership don’t stand a chance when truckloads of fast money can be made.

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    • Mookie! aww hugs back. Thanks chingu.

      Firstly, how long has it been? It must have been since I got into a drama slump and don’t check drama blogs anymore -_-

      Secondly, wha, you read my translations? English command aside, I’m not sure if I ever got the authors’ tone of voice correctly since I’m not Chinese fluent and is therefore tone-deaf in reading prose. I can only detect illogical plots (which exist in T7’s stories but that I’ve always attributed to my mere human level of understanding as supposed to the genius that she was).

      Funny that you should mention directing my love to DF. TBH, I tried reading Taohua Zhai but found that the setup took too long and her writing too meandering. I have nothing but sympathy and respect for her through her weibo posts, she sounds like such a nice and sane person, but I likely won’t be a fan of her writing >_< I also read T7's posts, and again, I have no idea about word usage and connotations, but the overall content felt messy and hysterical. With lots of finger pointing but no clear answers. I realize that a certain level of plagiarism is quite rampant, but I didn't think it would be this blatant, and involving such a high profile book/author.

      Now you piqued my interest. What other works does HQG resemble? I was watching the drama adaptation, and while the CGI is horrific, and the story took a slight detour from the novel, everything else seems quite alright, which makes me thinks Fresh Guo Guo cared enough in doing a good job of protecting the integrity of her book (or maybe she just got lucky with the right producer?) But HXY on the other hand o_0 Does mama T7 not care about what they do to her babies? Are you talking about Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin as the fine acting jobs? Because I honestly stopped watching 5 minutes into ep 1. Ye Zhen's narration horrified me when she said she got tricked by the Prince of Chen which caused her death. No! Just no! Two things wrong with that sentence. One, they made Mu Yan into a lying womanizer, and two, they made Ye Zhen who died for her country die for a boy instead. Let me know if there's more to that narration, but I was too repulsed to go on.


  16. I’m sad to hear this. I read your translation of 3L3W after watching BBJX in hopes of finding a good C-novel. It was what introduced me to the C-novels. I eventually started to enjoy C-novels more than Western novels, even if they were just translations. 😦

    While I usually ignore cases of plagiarism because it can get quite ridiculous at times, the evidence you’ve referenced is enough to show that it really was plagiarized.

    I’m even sadder to hear that HXY was also written by T7 since I enjoyed the novel so much even though I didn’t get a chance to finish it. (I read the translated version without realizing that it’s the same author as 3L3W).

    Now I wonder what they’re going to do about the movie and drama adaptation of 3L3W, especially since Crystal Liu is already confirmed for the movie adaptation.

    As heartbreaking as this may be, I hope you can find a new project that will heal your heart. I really enjoy reading your translations. Fighting! 🙂


    • I think they’ll likely continue the adaptation. It’s not a big deal to ppl who make money, they don’t care.

      Thanks for your well wishes. I’m enjoying reading without translating right bow. It’s a relaxing world to be in haha.


  17. Dear Hamster,

    I’ve been away from the c-novel translating scene and was really shocked to read about this when I returned.

    I just want to give you a great big BEAR HUG, because I can only imagine what a traumatic shock this must be for someone who has put in so much effort in translating works you loved and to have a writer you admire disillusion you so.

    I was actually really excited about Tang7’s works because I read the news about the upcoming movie production with Crystal Liu, who I thought was perfect for Qian Qian. I have really mixed feelings about this news because I genuinely enjoyed 3L3W very much.

    I am in full support of you choosing to do with your translations however you wish. A product of such hard work and genuine feelings deserve to be untainted by any doubts or ill feelings.

    I think Tang7 can write well, but she plots terribly and her modern stories are unpalatable. Still, I greatly enjoyed her ancient stories and even bought HXY. I bought the physical copies but haven’t had the chance to read them yet.

    I don’t think Tang7 really intentionally started to plagiarise DF, but it’s undeniable that Ten Thousand Miles of Peach Blossom cannot be considered purely her work. I really don’t think she should have profited commercially from the novel and even made her name on it, and in this regard, my admiration for her has fallen greatly.

    For Pillow Book, I don’t think it’s a groundbreaking ancient c-novel, because afterall the ancient c-novel genre is full of its established tropes and character types. What I enjoy about it is the depiction of Dong Hua and Feng Jiu- their characterisation and the development of their relationship. So, till, I come across evidence that it too was taken from other novels, I shall still enjoy the Pillow Book.

    I hope that hamster you will know and feel all your own readers’ appreciation of your hard work and beautiful translations. May you continue to read and write and gain much happiness.

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    • Hi Decembi! Thnks for dropping by.

      I guess I don’t want to be the judge of whether it started out intentionally or in subconsciousness, but I think she should be able to tell after so many people point it out. You can only claim ignorance for so long.

      PB was a strange one. I liked book 1 and the Aranya arc in book 2, but yet that Aranya arc was also what killed book 2. It was so out there, both in brilliance and plot harmony that it felt like a separate story tacked on, forced on. And its existence only serves to highlight what was wrong with the rest of B2. I had thought it was an author quirk, but now skepticism is at play.

      I certainly don’t wish anyone to stop liking what they do. As disappointed as I am in the author, I have come to realize I don’t have any ill feelings for words written on a page. I too own hardcopies of these books, and have only opened HXY within the last month -_- They are presents from my cousin and the effort of lugging back to the US by my dad. I can’t very well hate them.

      Thnx for leaving me a comment in your busy schedule. I still check for your Xiangmi updates from time to time btw. Slowly but surely, right 😉?

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  18. Oh Hamster! Hugz…
    I am definitely one of those ppl that have been living under a rock you speak of.

    Talk about getting the rug ripped out from under you! As a reader and fan who only discovered Q7GZ through your awesome translations it is indeed saddening to think that her work, no matter how endearing or how complete it felt, was a result of theft. You know, it never read like a cut-and-paste job to me but wow those “coincidences” are pretty damning…

    I share your sense of betrayal and support your decision to take down your translation. I know you mentioned that the journey was still a great one because it was undertaken in good faith and respect for a piece of story telling that you really fell for, I can’t help but feel disappointed for future none-Chinese readers who will not get to experience the your outstanding work. Glad I was able to be part of that journey.

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    • Hi Abbie. Still watching HQG ☺️?

      Yep, at this point I don’t even know what I want to feel about this whole situation. My emotions tend to lag behind and come in spurts. At first it was shock, then disappointment, then hurt, and now I think I’ve stopped thinking about it altogether.

      I’m reading Close Your Eyes by ĐM. But I fail to see how Wallace is that long legged BCN? They should have gone with the over Wallace instead lol

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  19. Wow, I was shocked to read this plagiarism accusation on one of my favorite book. 3L3W was my first Xian xia genre novel that I read. I liked the story & characters very much. I’m so sad that you have to remove the book translation that you worked so hard so Chinese illiterate people like me can enjoy reading Chinese novel. But I definitely understand your decision. Hugs to you & thank you for all your hardworks in translating Chinese novels.

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  20. You’ve made a hard but respectable decision, and I want to thank you for that. I’m one of the fans of Da Feng Gua Guo, and her The Peach Blossom Debt is one of my favourites among her other works. So I guess you could imagine how outrageous I, also other fans of Da Feng have felt when we discovered the story had been plagiarized. The bitter feelings deepened when we found that there would be no acknowledgement of plagiarism from T7, no apologies, no legal punishments, and many, if not hundreds of fans expressing their loyalty to T7—whatever happened they would still love her and her books. And as a response, Da Feng posted a statement to explain the whole incident which you have included a part of it in your article; and later another one titled “If only I could learn not to speak” was posted aiming to calm outrageous fans. DF blamed herself for posting the earlier statement and stirred up the dispute. It’s just so ironic and absurd that the original author should shut up. Hence I would like to thank you sincerely for taking down your translations. Although I’m not your reader, I could imagine the huge amount of efforts you’ve put into the translations over the years, it must be very difficult to discard all of these work. So thank you, thank you, thank you. And best of luck in finding something new.

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    • Hi S, it’s very nice to meet one of DFGG’s fans. Since I don’t read danmei, I don’t really know any of her fans and can only imagine the frustration and anger you must feel. I don’t know if I’ve done anything to rectify the situation at all, but at least I know I’m not complicit in abusing another writer’s work. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment, and say hello to your fellow DFGG fans for me!

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  21. This is upsetting like most of you guys had said above. But what is more upsetting is the author for the Ten Miles Peach Blossoms is now getting paid for her copy right to make the movie and drama and as much as I liked the series and loving the cast (so far) for the film; I don’t think I can’t not feel guilty when I am re-reading or watching it because in the back of my mind – a voice is going to say that this lady just ripped somebody off their hard work and is now rolling in money for it.
    Where is justice in that?
    It’s the right move to take down your translation despite it being so wonderful and that you have dedicated so much time to it. It’s better not to support someone who plagiarise.
    Yes, we don’t know for sure – but this much is already hurtful as it is.

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    • Unfortunately life is unfair; and things like this happen way more than we think. Which is why I think it’s important to speak up against it no matter how weak your single voice might be.

      Thank you for the comment. It is much appreciated.


  22. To my dear dear friend,

    I’ve just read news of the allegations and hurried to see what you and/or Peanuts had to say about them. In light of the damning evidence of her plagiarism provided, all I can do is tell you that I am so so sorry that there’s nothing I can say or do to make things better.

    Probably the worst timing ever as I’m currently watching Hua Xu Yin and while I was initially apprehensive about the changes made, I actually enjoyed the first few episodes. Now I’ve lost the excitement and no longer looking forward to continuing the drama.

    Decembi has summed up perfectly everything I wanted to write; so I would only to add that although it’s unfortunate future cnovel readers may miss out on your awesome translations, I also agree and respect your decision to pull them from your site. It must have been an extremely difficult decision to make as T7 translation projects were like your babies – years you’ve spent on nurturing and fully translating them. I hope there’s no one out there who will begrudge you for the removal of your translated works.

    If there is one truly fortunate thing T7 has given me (aside from your translations and my love for Rong Yuan), is that I gained a true friend in you. ❤


    • Hi Joanna,

      More than missing the hours I spent working on these books, I feel worse that you guys had also helped me proofread and now your work is gone too 😦

      Oh but yes, I met so many of you guys through those translations, so for everything God taketh away, he giveth. No regrets~ *hugs*

      You should continue HXY if you started out enjoying it. I couldn’t get myself to watch Mu Yan and Ye Zhen though I certainly sat for Rong Yuan and Ying Ge’s arc *insert sheepish face* which was actually very nicely filmed. The stylist needs to be fired asap (since when is ramen hair in?!), but great cinematography, acting, BGM, and production value otherwise.


  23. Hi hamster!

    As a person who still struggles to read chinese novels by myself, when i picked up your translations months ago, i was so happy to see you completely translate it! Although heavily agnostic and tiring at times, i loved the characters and the story! To hear its plagiarized is actually very saddening because taking inspiration from other writers is ok, but the majority of the plot and just changing names? Probably not :/

    Anyways all in all. Like what joanna said what at least many fans gained was an awesome friend like you! 🙂 here’s to hoping such things happen as few as possible, and that her next (potential hopefully) project will be better!

    By the way Wang shan was so cute ! Thank you for translating it!


  24. I’m so sad T_T and disappointed. I read your translation of 3 blossoms a few months back and it really got me into reading translated chinese novels that I have been on the hunt to find another enjoyable read. Now I’ve been through a good amount of great stories but 3 blossoms and the pillow book remain my favorites. Now to be finding out about this really just dampers my mood since I came back to this blog to read 3B again. You worked so hard to and I greatly appreciate you taking the time and effort to share the story with us. Don’t think that you wasted your time and instead see it as positive that you were able to take on a project and see it through to the end, it really speaks greatly about the kind of person you are. Cheer up please and I definitely will not let this ruin my love for other chinese novels knowing other authors who are known for plagiarism, I’ll avoid them.


    • Hi Melon, I’m sorry this news is upsetting to you as it is to many of us. Fandom will move on with other great works. I woke up super ecstatic today for example because I saw stills from the Wei Wei’s Smile is Alluring drama set. I can’t wait to see Da Shen on screen 😍 I hope you’re finding other joys to be happy about as well~


  25. I’m TGQZ’s Thai fan. I purchased the copyrighted Thai translation of TMPB. But the translator took many years to complete the PB translation. I simply couldn’t wait for it. I can’t read Chinese. That was why, at that time, I frantically searched for the English translation and yes! I found you! I found your wonderful work!

    You might remember my comments at the end of the story that I said something silly about when DH, Yehua and Moyuan teaming up together against the bad spirit, they seemed like a power ranger team.

    I just found out about this scandal today. It broke my heart. It hurt. It was painful that words couldn’t describe it. My favorite characters, my favorite lines, they are just a reproduction of someone’s works. And certainly I thought of you. If this hurt me, what a shock it must have been for you, thinking how devoting you are, to her.

    I hope this does not hurt you too much. I hope you are feeling better by now. And I hope this does not discourage you from doing such a wonderful work in the future.

    For me, I even thought about throwing TGQZ’s books into the trash. But then I couldn’t do it. Bad part is that I know I couldn’t wholeheartedly enjoy it, not any more.


    • Hi, thanks for leaving me a comment. I really appreciate everyone’s thoughts for me in this whole incident because I don’t think I’m a victim or anything, but at the same time it sure sucks as a fan. Hee, no need to throw the books, just use them as coasters or something -_- *hugs*


      • Dear Hamster,
        I’m sorry to hear of your T7 heartbreak. 😦 I hope you have mostly recovered by now. I can certainly understand how easily one can really enjoy a particular writing style and author. But I guess this reminds us sometimes there is a potential downside to “liking 1 author too much”? I know this is immaterial, but I support your decision to taking down T7 posts. Although I’m not a fiction writer, I have been strong-armed, threatened, and coerced into publishing journal article etc for my supervisor J Zhou PhD in the past, in addition to his other even worse crap. Although I was able to move on to another position elsewhere after a few months, it did leave a very unpleasant lingering taste. It wasn’t clear to me what I could have done to try to prevent others falling into the Zhou trap. It is not easy or straightforward to fix an injustice or a long string of injustices. But I applaud people for trying to do the right thing in the world where sometimes despicable pricks and cheaters can hold very prominent positions and can be hell bent on bullying physically weaker or younger female colleagues for improper personal gains. Take care!


        • Oh wow that supervisor sucks. Is he just leeching on other people’s work? I’m glad you were able to get a different position.

          Thank you, I’ve mostly moved on. I know it may be futile, but even if I can’t stop anything, I refuse to be a part of it.


  26. I cant believe i learned of this just now. I was planning to reread it then I saw it was taken down because of this.. :(.

    Im havIng mixed feelings right now. Such a waste that a good piece of literature was created for the expense of others. T_T..
    That aside,
    I was wondering if you ever have plans on translating Taohua Zhai 桃花债 or Debt of Romance,, I dont know if your into Bl but I have to ask nonetheless .

    I really like to know about this novel (and I hope theres a lot more of me out there). I can barely understand mandarin unfortunately 😦 ..

    Your kind of busy with Mei Gongqing at the moment but please could you atleast give it a thought.

    Im holding my breath here 🙂


  27. 唐七公子抄袭

    I don’t know english, sorry

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  28. I was to late to read this translation till finished as I have fallen in love this novel despite it was plagiarism (not really like the bL version) but would mind to tell me the ending please… thank you for your hard work….

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  29. An interesting discussion is worth comment.
    I do believe that you ought to publish more on this topic,
    it might not be a taboo matter but typically people do not discuss such subjects.
    To the next! Many thanks!!


  30. there are countless storys outhere it would be surprising if there wasnt one that wasnt similar to others or others taking ideas from someone else… or having the same ideas o.o
    like living in a game world, fantasy creatures, etc..
    dragon ball as example has elements from journey to the west(at the first season) like name, stick, cloud, ape, fan for that fire pot? *cough* it still has it differences and own ideas xD
    even if storys are alike i still like to read it since its still a little different.

    Exception – if its similar to the point it doesnt matter wether you read the other one too

    well.. he turned out to be an alien from outerspace at the end.
    What was similar at the beginning was gotten rid of and turned into a completely different story
    and… it became more known around the world.
    sorry for my bad gramma xD

    well too not drift off to far… i regret not having read it before it was taken down T-T regardless wether it was plagiarized or not. Found it too late xD

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  31. can i have a copy of the english translation of the pillow book. the link directed me to this site but i cant find it. please! really love this story


  32. Hi hamster428! I recently discovered your website and I really admire it, the translations are really good and we almost have the same taste. I really love the stories you have translated, though I might not have show it through comments, but I appreciate your works everytime. And I’m sorry that I’m asking this but can hamster pls send me a copy of the three lives translated? :(( I went to shusheng and I got redirected here and I know it pains you to circulate it but I swear I’ll just read it by myself. It’s because I got really interested to chinese novels recently and I heard this is almost the fave of the people and its kinda hard for me to read chinese characters smoothly. Hamster pleasseeee


  33. Am I too late? I found your translations 2 years ago (?), maybe. I was too lazy to read your work then, with the thought of leaving it for future. Afterall, it has been such a long time since this scandal occured. Although I must admit that I had absolutely fell for her way of writing, the fact that she plagiarised another novel is by all means a pity.
    I saw your above comments linked to the Amazon website. I spent 2 days finding the full PDF file but it seems hopeless. So I wonder if you could send me the copies of your 3L3W translations? My conditions don’t allow me to purchase the official ebook from Amazon as I am still a student and I cannot afford myself the book. I appreciate all your work and I will be very very very grateful if you can grant my wish 🙂
    Thank you for your time reading this comment and wish you all the best lucks. I look forward to your reply 🙂


  34. I was wondering if there is a PDF for pillow book? My friend is watching the eternal love drama and she is in love with DH I think is his name if I remember. She has been begging me for a link to his story.

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  35. WOW…I do not know. But thank you for translating it anyway. Hugs hamster.

    I will considered it as fanfiction then. Because a good story is still a good story.

    Romeo and Juliet …. all love tragic stories theme almost the same with Romeo and Juliet…….


  36. Reblogged this on 站点标题 and commented:
    thanks so much for supporting the original book.I feel ashamed as a Chinese because T7got famous while DAFENG gets nothing.we try hard to make people know the truth,but many people just dont thanks so much for caring.and I am sorry for your having to delete your hard work.


    • Someone should be translating DF version…in China boy love story may be prohibited but I am pretty sure at the international level it would be a hit. TQ is stealing international fame (and money) and violated the right of one of her fellows. This does not settle well in my mind even though I like her book. Does anyone know where we can find DF story/work (as it looks like it was never published)?


  37. If Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms is a plagiarized work, then how is it that they even made a drama of it? All of the credits are given to Tang Qi. No one is questioning this?


  38. Oh god, I was looking forward to read the novel, since the synopsis is so good. Also, the drama came out. However, I feel quite frustrated that it’s a plagiarized work. I’m a bl lover and enjoy reading bl novels. Now I’m interest in reading the bl version more.


  39. Hi Hamster, first of all, thank you for all your hard work. I know this happened a long time ago but I have just recently been a fan of 3L3W and was made aware of this plagiarism issue.

    Plagiarism is not acceptable. However, wordings can be coincidentally similar, just because the scene is calling for them. For example, I could not imagine a more suitable ending for Eternal Love than that.The line ‘mortals pray to heaven, but to whom should gods pray to?’ is a very common sentence. I did not intend to defend TQ, I’m saying it is perhaps difficult for writers themselves to stop themselves from imitating their favourite writers and not cross the line. Which artists have actually created something new? How many times have you read a book in which a character was pushed into a pond, was drugged to get assaulted, was born weak but got overpowered? I tell you, a lot. Sometimes they even spew the same sentences.

    Chinese transmigration novels nowadays have literally the same storyline, setting, character, etc. Are they not plagiarism? Did no one care just because they’re not as famous as TQ? But what about 50 Shades of Grey, was it not originally Twilight’s fanfiction? What do you think of this?

    Once again, I really appreciate your work and respect your decision. I do not wish to defend TQ’s action. I just wish to raise a discussion about how complex ‘plagiarism’ is. Once, we have all fallen in love with the world of 3L3W. I’m not a hypocrite, if it’s really a plagiarised world, then it’s a beautiful one.


    • Before 50SOG was published, anything that could’ve infringed the original copyright was removed (not that it had very much in common with it in the first place other than the relationship dynamic).

      My problem is that T7 is obviously not sorry about plagiarizing. She made fun of the original author for not being able to do anything about her profiting off her plagiarism (because the original work was BL, its hard for the author to win a case against her).

      Plagiarism can be complex, but it certainly isn’t in this case as you’d realize if you read Hamster’s entire post.


    • It is plagiarism. If you take your time to research well this matter they are people from China as well as translators who spent time comparing the versions and so it is important that first you research before “defending” someone who is obviously guilty. Yes you are indeed defending this version in a “polite” but not sincere way. There is no doubt! Sure you like this version and so your last statement is even more inappropriate. I would like to see you react to someone who plagiarized your work and you have no means to defend yourself because of the status quo in your country. I also like the plagiarized version but I cannot support it and I wish we could have access to the BL version as I think it may be even more interesting….after all if you like this “beautiful” plagiarized version you probably will “adore” the original work 🙂


  40. Hi.. Hamster.. I am still new to c-novel… I am sorry for what happen.

    I don’t know how ask this..
    I am already buy to sky kingdom novel.

    But they not put Ye hua POV. Can i read your translation for yehua pov?

    I am sorry thank you

    Is okay if you won’t give me


  41. Thanks for the article on ‘Plagiarism Allegations Against TQGZ’, Hamster. I’m fairly new to reading translated Chinese novels and when I read your article, a couple of months ago, I was devastated, disappointed and saddened by it. On top of that, she is getting so much fame, etc, on someone else’s work! Can’t really understand why TV producers would support a TV drama and now, a film on it. It’s plagiarised work! Mind boggling!

    I do empathise and admire the step you took in withdrawing your hard toiled work. If not for you, I believe that this revelation would not have received so much publicity and enlightened so many people: I for one, would not have known. Since then I couldn’t re-visit the TV drama I bought, again, and I even cancelled the book I ordered.

    Would really appreciate to get hold of a copy of the translated work by the original writer, DF. Would you by any chance know where I can get hold of a copy? If you do, it would be divine.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. When people from outside China know this shamless author, I think the poor movie studio can’t hide their shamless movie hahaha.
    BL and homosexual nowdays become more open and I hope someday author stepped on by many people because of her lies and her life become not good.

    Liked by 1 person

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