Plagiarism Allegations Against TQGZ

Unless you live under a rock like me, you might have heard of the plagiarism scandal involving TQGZ by now. I heard from Peanuts who heard from Lidge >_< I suppose my fellow bloggers had not said anything out of consideration for me, so as a translator of T7 novels, I shall be bearer of unpleasant news.

To be accurate, this scandal is not “news” per se. It started in 2008 and persisted over the years among the Chinese literary community. From the very beginning when T7 started to write Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, a BL (yaoi/shounen-ai) author with the pen name Dafeng Guaguo 大风刮过 and her fans had alleged that T7 had plagiarized her BL work titled Taohua Zhai 桃花债 or Debt of Romance that was published in 2007, earlier than T7’s 3W3L that came out circa 2008-2009. How T7 was allowed to publish and this never blew up until now are beyond me.

As someone who had spent 3 years translating these books, it is an understatement to say what a shock and disappointment it has been for me. I speak in fairness from what I see. Everyone else is free to do your own research and come up with your own conclusion. I don’t wish to dig up the drama and dirt that goes all the way back to 2008 in this post. I have my opinion of the whole brouhaha, but none of it is really my business to discuss on a public platform. I will, however, touch upon the accusation, the reply, and the (very damning) evidence just to let everyone know why I have chosen to take down my hard work and two of my favorite books, lest anyone think I’m doing this on a whim.

The latest weibo statement which came from Dafeng Guaguo (DF) was posted on June 29th of this year. I’m not sure what brought it about, but something had led her to speak up again about this matter.

“To be honest, I don’t personally think the plagiarism is particularly heavy in the piece of writing that is currently being talked about. Just a line here, a description there, a few names and the ending. Otherwise, story setup and background are very different from mine.”

(Fans beg to differ, Miss Dafeng Guaguo!)

Then came Tangqi Gongzi’s (T7) weibo reply on July 5th:

Because there was an author I really admired, I imitated her style to write a long story and posted it on an online forum.


Additionally, you should know best whether I copied your work or not. Seven years ago they accused me. Seven years since they began to copy one another like crazy, and now you tell readers I am copying you.


I imitated author D’s style to write a book because I was young and ignorant…”

There is obviously a lot of emotions behind both writers’ posts that I haven’t included, but yeah, let’s not get embroiled in them.

From what they say, we find that DF accused T7 of plagiarizing her work, including details such as names and phrases. But T7 maintains that the only thing she borrowed was the style of writing, and nothing else.

Well, what are fans for but to do tedious work like compilations of similarities in a time like this? I haven’t translated everything as it’s awfully long. The original source is here for anyone wanting to be Sherlock:

Again, keep in mind that DF’s book came out first while T7’s book was still in progress.

The similarities:

DFGG wrote The Peach Blossom Debt.

TQGZ wrote Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.

DF’s genre is xianxia

TQGZ’s genre is also xianxia

DF wrote about going down to the mortal realm for a trial.

T7 also wrote about going down to the mortal realm for a trial.

There is Zhuxian Terrace in DF’s writing.

There is also Zhuxian Terrace in T7’s writing.

DF’s male lead dreamed he was in a peach orchard and knew he was dreaming, then hazily saw someone’s figure.

T7’s female lead also knew she was dreaming whilst inside a peach orchard, then hazily saw someone’s figure.

DF’s story has debts of romance.

T7’s story also has debts of romance.

DF’s story has Donghua Dijun.

T7’s story also has Donghua Dijun.

DF’s story has Bai Hua, Bi Hua.

T7’s story has Ye Hua.

DF’s story has Mu Ruo Yan

T7’s story (HXY) has Mu Yan.

DF’s story has Mo Yuan (摩渊).

T7’s story has Mo Yuan (墨渊).

DF’s story has Furball (Maotuan).

T7’s has Little Dough (Nuomi Tuanzi).

DF came up with a tiger guarding South Heaven Gate.

T7 also wrote about a tiger guarding South Heaven Gate.

DF’s male lead gifted feathers to those he likes.

Bai Qian’s admirer also gifted her feathers.

In the war between the gods and demons, Danzhu turned into an egg.

Moyuan’s younger brother (YH) also got turned into an egg by Fushen.

Danzhu is an ancient phoenix from the Times of Emptiness.

Zhe’yan is a prehistoric phoenix.

DF’s character said: “Mortals pray to Heaven for blessing, but now that we are in Heaven, who should we pray to?”

T7’s female lead said: “Mortals pray to the gods for blessing, but who should the gods pray to?”

DF’s male lead said: “What’s yours is mine, what’s mine is yours. What’s there to be said about debts?”

T7’s female lead said: “After all, he and I are husband and wife. Between husband and wife, there’s no need to clearly distinguish who owes whom.”

Hengwen waved his tattered fan and said, “I don’t care anyway. So what if you paid me and so what if you didn’t?”

I clutched his shoulder: “That’s right. Between you and me, there is no debt to be said.”

As long as our side breaks off the engagement this time, neither of us will owe each other anymore.”

He straightens himself and clutched his head, “It was always a futile hope of mine. What I owe you or what you owe me has been impossible to count from long ago.”

DF’s male lead’s “old face” frequently “turns red” (老脸微热)

T7’s female lead’s “old face” frequently “turns red” (老脸微热)

DF’s male lead says: “What a sin I’ve committed by separating these lovebirds.” (做打鸳鸯的那根大棒子, 本仙君实在造孽啊)

T7’s female lead says: “What a sin I’ve committed by separating these lovebirds.” (去当打鸳鸯的那根大棒子本上神实在造孽啊)

DF’s writes this about her supporting female: “’A chaste widow who raises her two children after her husband of three years died’ is how Widow Sun describes herself.”

D7 writes this about her supporting male: “’A God who has retired from the three realms, who does not ask about worldly matters, and who has an elegant taste’ is how he describes himself.”

There is a magical shield to protect spiritual energy in DF’s story.

There is a Jiepo Lantern in T7’s story to piece together the soul.

DF’s male lead says: “I am a generous fairy, I am a compassionate fairy.” (本仙君是个大度的仙,本仙君是个慈悲的神仙)

T7’s female lead says: “If I am a generous god, then of course I am a merciful one.” (然则我是个大度的神仙,我自然是个慈悲为怀的神仙)

DF’s male lead says: “I’ve chosen Tianshu. He is my heart, my soul, no one can take him away from me.”

T7’s female lead says, “Your father is my heart my soul, how could I not want him?”

DF’s male lead ate a bowl of wonton noodles and his life changed thereafter.

T7’s female lead ate a bowl of braised pork she shouldn’t have eaten and her life changed thereafter.

DF’s male lead recalled young days of fun-seeking and laziness.

TQ’s female lead recalled young days of fun-seeking and laziness.

There was always an official standing in front of Hengwen’s desk working diligently. Whenever Hengwen wasn’t in Heaven, he’d bring him documents for him to review.

There was always an official standing on front of Yehua’s desk. Whenever Yehua wasn’t in Heaven, he’d bring a stack of documents for him to review.

Under DF’s pen, Hengwen gained a mortal admirer, namely a fox demon.
Under T7’s pen, Yehua gained a mortal admirer, namely a nun.

DF’s demon fox is very perceptive. She could see that Bi Hua was a fairy and even hoped she would get to meet Hengwen again after ascending to Heaven.

T7’s nun wasn’t any ordinary nun. She could recognize YH’s fairy origins and also hoped to meet him again after ascending to Heaven.

DF’s Ming’ge told Song Yao: “First, win his heart with fake feelings. Then you can trample on him all you want.”

T7’s Siming told her side character (FJ):”First, get him to like you. When Dijun falls head over heel, you can trample on him.”

DF’s Hengwen scaled the wall and said, “Too much trouble going through the front door. I’d have to let too many people know I’ve come.”

T7’s Yehua scaled the wall and said, “It’s annoying to go through the front door. I’d have to alarm the whole courtyard.”

The first time DF’s OTP had sex, Song Yao felt very happy. After waking up, he only saw the bed curtain and didn’t find the other person. Thereafter he made up his mind (about the relationship).

The first time T7’s OTP had sex, Bai Qian felt very happy. After waking up she only saw the bed curtain and didn’t the other person. She made up her mind from then on.

DF’s OTP had sex the second time, Hengwen said, “Give me the best you’ve got.” They went to bed at dawn, lamented spring night is too short.

The second time T7’s OTP had sex, Bai Qian said, “Can you be quicker.” They went to bed at dawn, lamented spring night is too short.

DF’s side character reincarnated into a child prodigy, born to a courtier family, got bullied by jealous classmates, became valedictorian at 16, joined the Imperial Academy and died young.

T7’s YH reincarnated into a child prodigy, born to a courtier family, got bullied by classmates, became valedictorian, joined the Imperial Academy and died young.

When the Snow Lion went mad, Song Yao was kept still by Hengwen’s magic so that he alone would battle the lion. After a loud explosion, Hengwen was nowhere to be found.

When Qingcang broke out of the Donghuang Bell, Bai Qian was kept still by Yehua’s magic so that he alone would battle Qingcang. After a loud explosion, Yehua was gone.

DF’s male lead reminisced that he had written many love letters to the person he liked. When that person later fell in love with someone else, he joked to himself that he had played matchmaker unwittingly for other people.

T7’s female lead reminisced that she had written many love letters to the person she liked. When that person later fell in love with someone else, she joked to herself that she had played matchmaker unwittingly for other people.

After rebirth, DF’s male lead met his love at the market and went to the restaurant for drinks.

T7’s female lead heard the male lead wasn’t dead while listening to opera at a restaurant.

After returning to Heaven, DF’s male lead recalled the past and went to look for his love. When he met Bi Hua, he tells us: I turned around and saw Bi Hua Lingjun, I immediately rushed over, grabbed his arm and asked, “Where’s Hengwen?” Bi Hua said, “… When Hengwen arrived, you could not be saved anymore. You were fast turning to dust. Donghua and I rushed there, each of us giving you a little of our spiritual energy. We also went to Laojun’s place and asked for medicine, then we went to the Far West seeking some relics from the Buddha and thus was able to keep a little fragment of your soul.”

T7’s female lead was told: …when Zhe Yan rushed there, Ye Hua had long stopped breathing… After knowing Yehua didn’t die, she went to look for him and met Moyuan on the way: I turned around and grabbed his wrist, anxiously asking: “Where’s Yehua, Master? Where’s Yehua?” Moyuan said, “Fushen had given him half of his spiritual energy… we had all thought he would be dead, but he is only sleeping…”

The ending for Peach Blossom Debt: he stood under a tree right outside of the manor on the fairy island, gently smiling at me like an eastern wind sweeping by. Three thousand peach blossoms flowered brilliantly.”

The ending for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms: He slowly turned around. A light breeze passed us. The sunlight danced atop the red sea of blossoms. He smiled. He looked exactly like the first day I met him, painted eyebrows and jet black hair. A few of the blossoms fell down from the red waves but there was no longer any color or sound in this world. He called softly, “Qianqian, come here.”

Of course, some of these at first sound like laughable coincidences. “They both write xianxia.” Well so does she, and she, and she. But the growing list, down to word-for-word dialogues, soon does not seem to be mere coincidences anymore. There is also a difference in being inspired by a piece of work and blatantly lifting everything you like from said piece of work to pass it off as your own. DFGG’s Peach Blossom Debt was also not the only book alleged to have been plagiarized. There are scenes and details from other books that apparently had also been used, but I’m too tired to cite them as this is getting 11 pages long already.

This, dear readers, is why 3L3W is not on the menu tab anymore. Since I choose to believe that the series is a product of plagiarism, it is not right to circulate and promote it at the expense of another writer’s hard work.

I haven’t looked up for detailed evidences against her other books but I’m not holding my breath. One is really enough to knock me blindsided.

Sorry if I had ruined anyone’s Thursday night. You’ll have Friday happy hours to recover, I hope >_<

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  1. 0.0 I think it’s plagiarized too (base on that). you can’t have that much coincidence otherwise. i enjoyed the drama of 10 miles of peach blossoms (i don’t read bl so, half of me is grateful that there is a proper pairing). i just feel sorry for the author, her hard work stolen from her. and i think the plagiarizer should suffer severe punishment. as a writer herself she should know how it feels so she should be ashamed of her profession and as a person.

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  2. She is smart- by taking the creative parts of gay-novel that she likes, and turning it into heterosexual romance, she profits from it. Even now I see lots of good gay fanfictions that if I’m good at it, I can take the parts I like a incorporate it into a hetero love story.
    Well, I assume she also took many story parts, plots, and the likes from any resources too. Not just the gay novel she likes- but the gay romace novel must be the main inspiration… Tbh I always think if I’m creating nice creative plots for gay fics, I’ll have tobturn it into hetero novel if I want to publish. And this girl did it.

    Tbh as someone with thinker-style, I always think the “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” feels like a big coat made from many different materials.
    Now I know why.

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    • She actually isn’t. She didn’t just pull creative parts, she took ENTIRE PASSAGES and mimicked multiple scenarios…..most of it FROM THE SAME BOOK. You can’t get much stupider than that. The only thing smart about it was that she was in the right country.

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      • Hehehee, I mean “smart” in a sarcastic way- there’s no doubt that what she did is immoral and unethical- and she seemed to have been accused of plagiarizing several gay-themed original novels? So she’s untalented, uncreative person who can only plagiarize her way to fame- and she’s smart enough to choose plagiarizing gay-themed novels. If she had plagiarized hetero-novels, she can be sued and all is gone. By choosing to benefit from gay-novels, the Chinese general public plus its government turn a blind eye about it.
        I find it laughable that the chinese mainstream media plus all the hetero-loving fans going gagaga over what actually is “hetero-adaptation” of a gay-novel. They can’t go gagaga over gay-novel, so rats like TangQi appear- heterosexualizing the novel and maybe mix some other novels into it as well, and voila– they enjoy the bastardization version of the gay novel. Now that I thought of it, many critics complimented BaiQian’s character as girly girl who is also strong and that there’s something about the Goddess that’s simply made her different from typical Chinese novel heroine. Now we know why- BaiQian is actually the heterozexualized-version of a guy character, maybe mixed in some traits from other gay characters too(I have no doubt TangQi actually read a lot of boys-love fics&novels, and thus she mixed a lot of gay characters into her feminized-version of heroine)…..hahaha. As I said, I always think of the Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms story to be scatter-brained, it’s like a mix of several ideas altogether. Now I know why, the “author” must have took a lot lot of novels to mix in along with the “Peach Blossom debt”.
        BTW, Peach alone is euphemism for buttock in Japan and maybe in China too- because of the fruit’s shape. So even the title, “peach”- something, actually allude to boys-love romance.

        I think she’s a silly boyslove-fangirl who happen to be lucky enough with strong backup(powerful family with strong connections to powerful people).
        That be said, I love DongZhen, and now I love her for being badass enough to wrote the original novel’s last words into her song for the plagiarized-version.
        DongZhen’s song for the drama, “Fan Hua/Blossoming Flower”, has this last sentence:
        “Thee thousands blossoming flowers, recalled fondly only just for you”.
        When I first heard it, I wonder why she didn’t put something like “Ten miles blooming flowers, recalled fondly just for you”, or put different sentence, I thought that sentence about 3,000 blooming flowers is so specific…. why three thousands blooming flowers instead of anything else?
        then I read Hamster428′ translation of the original novel’s ending…..BOOM!
        So that’s why!
        Dongzhen herself is an artist- she writes and composed her own songs. For artists like her, it must be disheartening to read about plagiarism. In a way, if I can write&compose song like her, and somehow get entangled in a project for shady work that actually plagiarizing original creation…… I may write something alluding to the original as dedication too.
        I have no doubt that Dongzhen’s last sentence in her “Fan Hua” song, is a brilliant dedication to the original novel. It took the original novel’s ending sentence, and incorporate it to the song that is made into soundtrack for the plagiarized version.
        Smart DongZhen!

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  3. I just read the Peach Blossom Debt’s first few chapters….. I noticed Song Yao’s love for wine and his nonchalant attitude in…. Bai Qian.
    XD TangQi took his characters and put it into her female heroine. Sooo lame. No wonder Bai Qian seems differeny from stereotypical Goddess heroine in Chinese novels….. Her characters incorporate guys’ characteristic in Peach Blossoms Debt.

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  4. So sad that hard work had to be taken down and what’s even sadder is some fans are defending Tang Qi saying how if it’s adapted to a drama and if their idol agree to be the leads in of it then it can’t be plagiarized. Some even said that if it’s plagiarized the why didn’t Da Feng sue Tang Qi guess they don’t know that China don’t like BL/Yaoi as they think it corrupts people mind. Which, honestly baffles me on how can a country be so biased in a way like they’re literally turning a blind eye to Tang Qi’s plagiarism but punished princess Wei Young’s author. Like is Tang Qi that rich/powerful to the point where they just blatantly ignore her plagiarism. Ik I’m late to the plagiarism news but I never really go online or check forums much until recently where I’ve got hooked onto Asian dramas. I myself have been guilty of watching the drama TMOPB not knowing it was plaagrized until a user posted a comment on MDL, but sadly that user got bashed or insulted by so many TMOPB fans on MDL. Literally i was wondering why throughout the drama it was inconsistent like it made no sense like how in the drama everyone praised Bai Qian for being smart and powerful but we don’t get to see any of that other than her being drunk and running away from her problem or letting someone else solve it for her. But still I just thought the inconsistency was normal since most drama that I’ve watched are very inconsistent/makes no sense, also the romance/chemistry in TMOPB really sucked me in I’m a sucker for romance but good thing I found out. I won’t be rewatching it even though the romance was pretty okay, It’s sucks though to see fans act so blindly to defend their favs to where they would bash the original work peach blossom debt novel, the original author Da Feng, or anyone who mention that TMOPB is derived from a plagarized work that behavior is so toxic, annoying, and aggravating. On MDL i saw so many users get bashed and even cussed out if they mention that TMOPB novel is plagarized, blindly in love fans are the scariest. Like I don’t write but my sis does and ohh if someone plagarized her work that bluntly like tang qi did and is making millions from it I would be flipping mad. Also I noticed this which cracks me up is that TMOPB drama fans are accusing Da Feng and many other XianXia’s author of plagiarizing TMOPB.

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