Answer Me 1997

Watching Answer Me, 1997 has made me think about what I was doing in 1997. I was only 12, but the 90s was actually what I remember most fondly about. Not the 80s nor the 00s. So I went and dug up all my old relics… sure enough, I was a fangirl too even at the age of 12.

The 1990s was all about Canto pop for me. My CDs were 4 Dai Tin Wong’s. My magazines were HK Idols Monthly.

I can still remember when Tin Lung Bat Bo got released, my best friend at the time would literally run home from school and scream in ecstatic joy to find the new episodes on rental tapes (remember those?!). She was a huge Chan Hao Man fangirl…

Right, she was also a Chan Hiu Tung fangirl which is why one of his pics got into my stash of Koo Tin Lok ones. Ariel Lin, you are not alone 😀

And in case you’re wondering if I’m a Lai Chi fan… not really. I bought those mags for the inside posters:

I’m a certified Yung Mei Ling fangirl, despite the fact that she left this world as I came into it.

I talked to my current best friend and apparently her childhood in China revolved around Xiao Hu Dui. She was pretty distressed when they disbanded. I wasnt as much into TWpop but I think we did go starry eyes over Lin Zhi Ying and Jin Cheng Wu in School Days.

To sum up, not nearly anywhere as crazy as Shiwon in 1997, but I also had posters and mag cutouts pasted in my room and shool lockers. Being in America also meant I probably most definitely carried around pics of Freddie Prinze Jr. in my clear binders. And occasionally, I had to interfere when my friends fought over Backstreet Boys vs Nsync. Ah, the 90s, I miss ya!

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