Arang is

Apparently I still have some residual inner child in me because I loved everything about the mythical world in Arang.  Whether it's the spooky phantoms who roam at night or the pretty immortals lazing on clouds… I'm pretty much sold.

(so pretty I have no words)
The story is comical and haunting all at once, and not one note is out of place.  This scene below especially spooked me with how well it was shot.  The juxtaposition of the three towngirls in faded clothes walking by an aristocrat in bright garments is just striking.  And then adding to that was the context of what was actually going on.  The girls are crossing the bridge, minding their own idle rumors.  Except it's a ghost tale, whispered on a foggy night, with eerie background music to boot, and it happens to be linked to rich guy over there… you know they're human girls, and yet the whole scene makes it seems like they're in truth spirits who are voicing what is in the man's mind.

Ohhh, and that guy?  He's the 2nd lead.  But he seems to have dirty secrets up his sleeves, so I'm actually very interested to learn more about him.  Has Korea finally done away with nice-guy oppas? Hmm~

I'm still not a Lee Junki fangirl.  But at least I find him less… odd looking now.  His chin less chiseled, the tails of his eyes less drawn.  I can finally look at him and process the fact that he's a man now.  Shin Minah as always is <3.  I liked her in the Gumiho role a lot, but that story just went nowhere for me.  The mythological aspect wasn't anywhere intricate enough for them to drag the show on for 16 episodes.  There, it was just a scheme, not an integral system.  I have a lot more hope for Arang & the Magistrate OTOH.  This whole world is built on mythology and will be here to stay.
I will now attempt to go study without chewing my fingernails off while waiting for ep 2's sub.

6 thoughts on “Arang is

  1. I’ve been oogling at the screen caps, but I’m highly engrossed inside cnovels, that I can’t even start any dramas for the last few months. This one really pulls me, it has Jun Ki (tend to like his pick in projects), and I just love mythology, and it’s so unique from other similar dramas.

    I like Shin Min Ah in here too, she totally pulls the whole ghost thing very well. I liked her inside Gumiho also, but it wasn’t my cup of tea.


    • It’s been such a long time since anybody did mythology right… they need to get on with 3L3W asap! The possibilities for world building is endlessly fascinating.What cnovels r u reading now? I read Xiangmi but really disliked the main girl… as well as the -who’s your daddy- issue.


      • I like Jin mi & find her very cute & funny but not interested in her daddy:P Btw, there is a sequel or can be considered another book on 3L3W. So, are you translating after your exam:P?


        • Yeah, Jinmi was really funny with her greed but I didn’t like her extreme obliviousness because it caused so much problems. Poor Runyu (they made him evil too?!) and Phoenix.Ooh, I just looked up the sequels and yes, there’s one on niece Fangjiu and that upsettingly honorable immortal. I’m really interested in the next one about 3rd uncle Liansong and Shengyu though. That would be hilarious. I’ll see what I can do 😀


      • I’m reading the Pillow Book right now, Sequel to 3W3L10PB. I love it so much more than 3W3L10PB. It’s too cute. Also reading 重紫 Again Purple by 蜀客. Last finished novel was 寡人有疾 by 随宇而安.

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