Queen In Hyun’s Man

This show!  Is awesome!  Time travelling IMO is usually an excuse for a fantasy escape.  To go somewhere more exotic, more fascinating.  Not that I don't appreciate such fantasy, because I do (Red River!).  But this drama is actually making the time warping integral to its plot.  They actually show both worlds parallel to each other, one in as much existence as the other.  And the love story that develops from such circumstance is astonishingly exquisite.  Guy on horseback, gal in a sedan.  Can't get more disparate, can it?

The romance is about fate and defying fate.  Meeting was fate but staying together is going to defy some natural order of things.  As much as I am a sucker for the serendipity crap, my rebellious streak loves it when they go against the Grand Plan or die trying.  Just the fact that he can zap in and out means that they've got options.  It's not like he's stuck in the future and they can conveniently stay together.  He's risking his life to warp back and forth.  Everytime he comes back to her, he'd die over and over again.  I mean, dude isn't even going off to war on a different continent.  She's waiting for him while he fights a war in a different temporal plane.  They're not even sharing the 4th dimension! 
But as stirring as they are, they can also be so normal and adorbs together.  Here they are at the library researching on the past.  She's totally in the girlfriend role getting impatient with a boyfriend's endeavour, like, "How much longer are you gonna play that game?"  Except her boyfriend happens to be a dorky nerd instead of a gaming geek.

And thank God for proactive characters!  She's peeved that he was going to leave her, again.  So she grabbed him in for a kiss and told him it's how 21st century people convey goodbyes.  Too bad I can't actually use this line to pick guys up haha.
Then she got busted because her friend offered him a handshake, and he realized this is how people do greetings.
But later he pulled her back for a goodbye kiss:
And coyly tells her he's doing what she says but it's only done between lovers in his time.
As much as I'd like to credit BD for being adaptive, there's just something you don't do against your instinct, such as kissing a stranger (/acquaintance).  He's also too smart to just do everything someone tells him to, unless he likes what he hears >;D So yunno, that was totally not a "see you later."  It's definitely a "goodbye darling, I'll miss you in the 1600's"

2 thoughts on “Queen In Hyun’s Man

    • Well.. he had a wife who passed away so I’m sure he’s practiced the birds and the bees on top of knowing about it ;DAnd yes. I love me a patient good-natured man who treats women and other human beings with respect. I love how he smiles at everything in that easy-going indulgent way.


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