Qin’s Moon – S3

Aww man now I have to wait like everyone else for S4 😦  Like I thought, S3 brought us some pretty interesting new individuals.  My favorites are as follow:

Zifang of the Confucians and Gongsun Linglung of the Logicians.

He's the 3rd Master of the Confucian School.  Both knowledgeable and perceptive, he's a natural strategist (Zhang Liang in real life).  To say he's intelligent is an understatement.  I love how nonchalant he is simply because of his confidence.  In other words, he's smart and he's hot.

She's from the renowned Gongsun family of the dwindling Logician School.  A master in the art of verbal fight, she was well on her way to bringing the entire Confucian School down on their knees in a debate competition.  She's hilariously vain and overbearing… and I think it would be a riot if these two were to get together lol.

My other new favorite comes in the form of a wisp of a girl: Shi Lan.  Inn helper by day, ninja by night.

She's a hidden card, with really no background mentioned or even a personality to speak of.  But I love mysterious characters, and it seems she's got a load of history to be mined.

I so so sooooo want them to be an OTP:

I LOVE Shao'yu.  He's wise for his age, strong, responsible, loyal… everything you could want in an OTP, Shi Lan!

But I'm slightly worried I'll get shafted like with my Zutara ship (from Airbender).  See how she's looking at Tianming?  Previously, he's defended her from the Confucian jerks at school and I feel like she might hold him dear instead.

Blah, don't do this to us, show!  I don't need a love polygon.  Tianming already has Yue'er.  At the mention of which, here's a super shippy scene from those two.  I've cared very little about them individually or together so far but again, I'm a complete sucker for faithful love.  They've been separated throughout the entire season and here is when Tianming finally sees her again:

Season 4, where art thou?

2 thoughts on “Qin’s Moon – S3

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