Qin’s Moon aka Qin Shi Ming Yue

I'm putting this week's SUFBB episodes on the backlog because I don't think I can handle all the depressing stuff that is going on in that show right now.  I'll just wait 'til next week for the finale >_<

But I've found something else to entertain myself in the meanwhile: Qin's Moon.  It's a Chinese 3D wuxia animation… an old show, but still ongoing.  As the title suggests, the story is set during the Qin dynasty, and I think it might span into the Chu-Han contention period as well, since Qin isn't that long of a dynasty to begin with.  It has a very definite RPG feel to it (underground maze, weapon hunt etc…).  There's also a modern fusion aspect to it that plagues recent wuxia dramas (machineries, "imaginative" costumes).  But it being an anime, I kinda don't mind… think Avatar: Last Airbender cross with Twin of Brothers.

Qin's Moon has an array of characters and already I have two sets of OTP I ship.  The main OTP is Tianming/Yue'er.  But they're like 12 atm so they're off my list for now.  I'm currently invested the two older couples.  First, there's Ge Nie/Duanmo Rong.  She's a physician; he came to her half-dead.  She doesn't treat 1/ citizens of Qin, 2/ people surnamed Ge, 3/ swordmen injured in a sword fight.  He worked for Qin Shi Huang, he's a Ge, and he's called Sword God.  Yeah, great start~ But she, for some reason, treated him anyway despite her policies

And then… *gasp*… the OTP shippy moment came when cold uncaring Duanmo Rong drew breath as Gao Jianli flew a sword at Ge Nie.

And I just about die happy with a few of those glances 😛

Couple #2's first half is Frozen Sword Gao Jianli (historically a Yan citizen who attempted assassination on Qin Shi Huang).  He made a pretty impressive entrance in S2 when he came to take care of the enemy with some wuxia swagger to spare.

And who could his girlfriend be but the equally frosty Snow Lady.  I love how they team up in battle.  And zomg, she plays the flute while he plays the zither.  Could they not be more perfect?

I think even more characters will be introduced in S3 and I cannot wait for Shao'yu to grow up and get his own OTP because he's my favorite among the children casts.

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