Back from vacation~

It feels great to be home.  Trip was fun but the actually traveling is tiring, especially with the suddenly anal airport security (they had at least 3 sniffing dogs at the baggage claim area… and it's my first time seeing one of these in real life >_<)

Anyway, I should be boarding the SunMoonRainCloud train already, but I caught the High Kick bug on my trip.  So here I am downloading the whopping 167 ep sitcom.  Whereas season 2 was tepid with annoying characters and season 3 was batty with even more annoying characters, season 1 has the perfect combination of being wacky and charming.  Plus, it features Kim Bum, Jung Ilwoo, and a character named Lee Minho.  Can't beat that ^_^ Sorry Kim Soo Hyun, you might have to wait 'til January is over.

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