Magic caps

I didn't elaborate on Kim Hyojin's character in the last post, but I super adore her.  Danyoung's so unlike the vast majority of leading ladies in Kdramaland that I take to her most immediately.  Here's a girl, who when she meets a guy she likes, asks for his phone number.  Here's a girl, who when her crush says he can't give her happiness, tells him straight back she can take care of her own happiness, thanks much.  Here's a girl, who when her jerk of an OTP yells rubbish at her, calls him out for being a temperamental puppy and loves him doubly more.  But when he has hurt her so much, she's also the one to call BS and puts a stop to things.  So here are some caps from the first half of the drama… when the couple makes me ship them like crazy.  She's just so very lively and spontaneous that she drags along the "playboy" for most of their outings ❤

1st date~

haha… don't we all wish the hot guy would think us cute when we do something stupid and embarrassing.

dunno why they're playing Jenga on a date, but it's super funny to see KDW getting whacked when he topples the tower, over and over.  This last pic is when he finally got one on her hence his smug look haha

Then they go for some street dukbokki… and she does the challenge thing where it's free if you eat a serving before the bell goes off… but she fails her attempts so she makes him do it.  He mumbles and grumbles but of course digs in as soon as the stall owner starts the timer haha.  Yay for happy chipmunk cheeks.

Here's where he barks at her unreasonably and she just drags her misbehaving pup away to give it more love, totally unfazed.

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