Forget Ouran HS Host Club

Zenkai Girl is what everyone needs to be watching right now.

I find Ouran really over-the-top and awkwardly so.  Hana Kimi was the better slap-stick school comedy despite what people may feel about the adaptation.

Now, Zenkai Girl on the other hand is a great blend of reality and drama.  It deals with some very legit problems working families are facing today, especially with single parents, but in a light-hearted way while still being very much grounded.

The adults do the "raising," but it's the kids who do all the teaching haha.

And then you know it's an awesome drama when they throw in TWO confessions for my dear Ryo at the end of an episode.  Talk about fast-paced in-your-face plot movement.  This drama is like a whirlwind of all things jolly, even with its more serious moments.

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